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Ricardo Munoz Alderman 22 Ward Chicago, Dennis Gannon Chicago Federation of Labor President Alderman Joe Moore 49th Ward

Big Box Rally 4.jpg
On July 25, 2006, Union Labor made their voice heard at Chicago City Hall. I cannot believe Mayor Daley fires Chicago City Workers for living outside the city lines when he has a suburban company pressure washing the City Hall Sidewalks. While I cannot understand for the life of me, people oppose a living wage increase in Chicago. No benefits means the Chicago Taxpayer pays for heath insurance when someone gets ill. Walmart lies are making me sick. You cannot live in Chicago with Mayor Daley's Sky high Taxes on the sub-human pay Walmart gives it's employees. Ask Daley's family law firm how much they charge Walmart to sell the companies lies. Daley is a disgrace on this issue. Photos by Patrick McDonough. Thanks Channel 5 news for pictures of my kids on the 10:00 p.m. news tonight.


I'm with you regarding the corruption that is happening in city gov. There is as much corruption in the sheriff's office. I am the rep candidate for sheriff and would like to talk with you....Peter

Thanks to Chicago's most loyal union plumber for donating the countless hours towards this project. Also thank you for the photographs. Patrick McDonough is a credit to Chicago Union Organizing Campaign. Dennis.

Thank you for all your hard work Patrick McDonough. Your effort has been a powerful improvement for labor rights in Chicago.