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Daley 11th Ward and White Sox Fans Support Peraica

Daley 11th Ward and Sox Fans Support Peraica.jpg
I must admit Mayor Daley and John Daley sending their political enforcers out to the Republican Lyons Township Picnic today was a little unusual. Tony Peraica is sending a message out the 11th Democratic Ward Boyz really do not like. The support from the Cook County Workers was very professional and courteous. The GOP picnic was attended with a massive crowd. I have more pictures on the way soon. Tony Peraica played the guitar and sang perfectly. I knew Tony could play a great guitar, but I never could imagine the wonderful quality of his voice. Photo by Patrick McDonough.


Is that my brother John dancing in the picture?

Go Tony,
You Are Now, and always will be The man. Say hello to President Tony Peraica. Have you Had enough?