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September 30, 2006

My first official non-democrat endorsement is Judy Baar Topinka

Judy and me 2.jpg
Many of Chicago City Workers bust their butts every day and give a honest days work for a honest days pay. The state of affairs in Chicago has hit a point where Chicago City Workers need good honest managers of Illinois to make sure the mistakes of Mayor Daley and his lackey Rod Blagojevich is put in check. Rod was sold as the reformer and his bunch cleaned our state out. The birthday gift of $1500.00 to his daughter is not a reflection of democrat values. Rod lies and shows no respect to his father-in-law. Rod is a George Ryan Democrat, I suggest to all Chicago City Workers to vote for the lady that put Whistle-blower laws on the books in Illinois, to vote for my first ever GOP choice, Judy Baar Topinka as next Governor of Illinois. I hope she uses her clout to fix the mess. Patrick McDonough.

Union Chicago City Worker and Judy Baar Topinka Debate

Judy and Me 1.jpg
I gave all hell and back in a private conversation with Judy Baar Topinka regarding my position on many Union and Plumbers Local 130 issues and Chicago City Workers Issues. As we all know Patrick McDonough is not afraid to mix it up with any person that wishes to run for office, Democrat or Republican. After speaking with Judy Baar Topinka, and being the most pro union anti-scab, hard core, catholic, I will support for honest government.... see next posting.. ahhhhh I support for next Governor of Illinois...... Photo by Illinois staff photographer.....

Peraica, Birkett, and Garza

Periaca, Birkett, and Garza.jpg

Illinois Political Stars Melichar, Peraica, Garza, and Birkett

GOP stars.jpg
Today the sun showed it's pretty face after a cold, windy spell. I was happy to take a picture of from left Ann Melichar, U.S. House of Representatives, Forth District Illinois http://melichar4congress.com/ My personal friend and rock star Tony Peraica http://www.votetony06.com Peter Garza and Joe Birkett. There is top Illinois political clout in this picture. The GOP of Illinois are making a great case for political victory. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Joe Birkett for Illinois Lt. Governor Clout and Cash Speech

Joe Birkett.jpg
I was impressed with Joe Birkett's speech today at the Labagh Woods. After a cold breeze and driving rain, the clouds broke through and Joe Birkett showed up with the sunshine. Joe gave a speech that actually made me ask him to restate just what he said. He said, " We want no more Clout and Corruption, we want character and conviction". Two thumbs up on that speech, very powerful and the message got through. Joe might just be the correct person for this office, Illinois Government is a wreck. Click this for the Illinois GOP website http://www.ilgop.org Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough are pictured with Mr. Joe Birkett. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Peter Garza for Cook County Sheriff

Peter Garza for Sheriff.jpg
Today I enjoyed a speech by Peter Garza in which he explained you need a $10,000.00 bribe to be promoted in Cook County Government. Frank Avila was at a slating and spoke about the need for a Hispanic in the office. A Daley lackey was slated with big 11th Ward political Clout. Peter Garza is a great speaker and we need lots of debates to make the right choice for Cook County Sheriff. Peter Garza told me he is a fan of Chicago Clout.com Well with all due respect that gets big points with me. Mr. Garza's wife is Brenda and she is a perfect candidate's mate. For more information click http://www.garzaforsheriff.com Mr. Garza is a real Law Enforcement Professional. Photo with Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Cook County Domestic Relations Division Advocates

Grace, Rose, and Mirriam.jpg
I enjoyed speaking with (from left) Grace, Rose, and Miriam. They are fighting toward "Justice for our Children". Many people do not understand just how difficult it is to get your family out of the Cook County Court System when accusations are made regarding your handling of your children. I am for the defense of our children at all costs, but when you are in this system, it will be a long time before you get out. It is scary. You could make a mistake of judgement and find yourself bankrupt trying to get your kids back from the State. To understand more on this issue go to a rally October 5, 2006 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. James Thompson Center, 100 West Randolph Chicago to learn more. or go to http://www.illinoisfamilycourtadvocates.org While you are at this rally, tell the Daley Administration you are not happy with all the Clout and Corruption. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

J. Myra Bland 9th District State Representative Illinois

J. Myra Bland.jpg
As we all know, I pride myself in my professional approach to political candidates, it is only fair. I will have an exception. Jane Myra Bland is a stone cold fox. Wow! Back to work... Please see this outstanding candidate's website at http://www.myrabland.zoomshare.com or you can E-mail her at landofbland@yahoo.com. This lady is an excellent speaker, well educated, and a high achiever. Her office is at 27 North Wacker Drive #116 Chicago, Illinois 60606 Photo of Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough by Patrick McDonough.

Patrick McDonough and Governor Edgar talk politics

Jim Edgar and Me.jpg
On September 28, 2006, at Tom Roeser's class, I had the honor of having an enjoyable discussion with former Governor Jim Edgar. Jim Edgar was the Illinois Governor from 1990 to 1998. Jim served with honor in Illinois and compared to the current bunch of crooks like Mayor Daley, George Ryan, and Rod Blagojevich, Jim might become the next Roman Catholic Saint. Jim made a great appearance and spoke intelligently. What a change of pace. I did not agree with all the views of this famous Republican, but I respect him. the Republican party wanted him to run for Governor again, but he made a personal decision not to. With the FEDS crawling all over Illinois and Chicago Government, I think he made the right choice. Photo by Tony Joyce with my camera. Patrick McDonough.

Dan Miller of Chicago Sun-Times Speaks out

Dan Miller.jpg
September 28, 2006 at Tom Roeser's class. Dan Miller is a business columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. This picture of Dan is blurred as I have never found a speaker that had so much knowledge to impart, and was determined to get it out in record speed. Dan Miller was jumping around so fast I was very uncomfortable. Dan was also with the Illinois Commerce Commission and Crain's Chicago Business. I enjoyed many of the things Dan had to say, but I disagreed on many points of view he had. Mayor Daley and his Administration's Clout and Corruption Tax is a tax many Chicago businesses accept as a cost of doing business in Chicago. Dan had many conflicting points of view and will see one issue one way, than another issue another. My head was spinning after he was done and I did not get to enjoy a point counter point. Aspirin please. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

September 27, 2006

Chicago Policy on Sexual Harassment

September 27, 2006: I must complement the Chicago Department of Human Resources and the Chicago Department of Water Management for handing out literature that attempts to more clearly explain the policy on Sexual Harassment today. I must say that is a step in the right direction as this policy might not have been enforced based on an actual assault but based on a graduated discipline depending on your clout. I hope Chicago Management gets out of the Caveman mentality and starts to enforce policy across the board, clout not withstanding. Many people have put their job on the line in the past, reporting acts that would disgust any parents expectation of a job-site for his daughter. I expect every Chicago City Employee that signs the Acknowledgment form to remember, treat each other with respect. You are not funny when you talk like a slob to the opposite sex. Patrick McDonough.

Commissioner Avila for Chicago City Clerk?

Sherry Avila, Alderman Burke, and Com. Avila.jpg
Sherry Avila, Alderman Burke, and Commissioner Avila, enjoy a laugh. However, Chicago's former City Clerk is on his way to prison for his involvement in the "Hired Truck Scandal". Daley has been dangling the carrot in front of Hispanic Chicago Alderman which allowed an unwanted veto of "Big Box". Some Alderman have been duped by greed and got a double whammy as Daley wants one of his "Boyz" as Chicago City Clerk. The inside players are making a move to push Commissioner Avila to run for Chicago City Clerk, as he is clean as a whistle, no corruption, no dirty laundry. I agree, that's the smart move for the taxpayers. Daley has the Feds breathing down his back so he wants a lackey like Cerda to keep "Business a usual" in-case Daley spends a long vacation at "Sing Sing". Lets hope Frank Avila Sr. puts his hat in the ring for clean honest Government, we need it now. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

September 25, 2006

Chicago 43rd Ward Wars Peter Zelchenko Candidate for Alderman

One of the things that impresses me most about the Soviet Union is after misery and suffering, they got smart and decided to have a democracy. Chicago citizens after years of dictatorship and strong arm tactics, are starting to cry out for freedom. Vi Daley has a very able challenger by the name of Peter Zelchenko, zelchenko.com and ward43blogspot.com his number is (312) 733-2473. Peter is very intelligent and very concerned about bettering the lives of chicagoans. Peter is a powerful political writer with a pedigree. Vi needs to be removed from office, and some fresh blood needs to serve Chicago City Hall. Please give Peter your support. Rumors are in the works for an even better candidate, Rachel Goodstein. Rachael Goodstein is the President of Meigs Action Coalition. Until this rumor pans out, I suggest you vote for Peter Zelchenko. Let freedom ring Chicago!!! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Patrick McDonough Completed Ethics Training Today

Download file
Please enjoy a copy of my Certificate of Completion on Ethics Training. Today I went through a grueling examination to prepare me for every nuance of Ethics. I am happy to report the City of Chicago and the Department of Water Management provided a professionally produced computer program that walked you through the process. The program walked you through 5 important areas of ethics, conflict Law Personnel Rule XX, outside employment, Gifts, employment of relatives or domestic partners, political activity, and post employment restrictions. Whew! Some areas such as post employment are grey as expected. However, this is much needed progress to make Chicago employees more professional. As you would expect, I got every question correct the first time. I hope everyone takes full advantage of this step in the right direction.. Patrick McDonough.

September 24, 2006

Commissioner Frank Avila Political Elite

Avila, McDonough,and Gadzinski.jpg
I think we all know Commissioner Frank Avila is a very well respected leader at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. Mr. Avila is pictured with Patrice McDonough a slated candidate for political office. Also pictured is Michael J. Gadzinski, Committeeman for the Norwood Park Township serving Park Ridge and out lying areas. Commissioner Avila is a very well educated man and a former member of Plumber's Local 130. Did you know Mr. Avila has a son that is one of the best lawyers in Chicago?

Chicagoland's Best Martial Arts School

McDonough Boys a Martial Arts Academy.jpg
Please enjoy this picture of the McDonough Boys with Master Dong Jin Kim, a 8th Degree Grand Master Instructor. Also in the photo is Instructor Rosemary. This Martial Arts Academy is located at 682 Roosevelt Road Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137, Phone is (630) 790-0097. If your children have behavioral problems, do not drug them up, this school has a track record for teaching self-defense, confidence, respect, and self-discipline. Sounds like some Chicago politicians should attend some classes...eh? contact them at www.usmage.com Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Inspector General Nabs City Worker

Please read an article by Janet Rausa Fuller in the Sunday September 24, 2006 Chicago Sun-Times. The link is here: http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-bribe24.html I guess the Inspector General is still chasing after another small fry. Bribery is widespread in Mayor Daley's Administration and this might be par for the course. I hope that Tony Carter uses his head and calls the money a Christmas gift or a Birthday Gift. Just remember Chicago City Workers, if your stupid enough to take money, steal large amounts, it will help you move up the ladder. You know the saying F-up, Move up. Also remember, Tony Carter is innocent until proven guilty.

September 23, 2006

Chicago Inspector General at the Dog Pound

The Chicago Inspector General showed up at the Chicago Commission on Animal Care and Control. A dog was put to sleep by accident and Chicago City Workers involved misplaced the records. One person that witnessed the event said," A whole bunch of plump guys and gals, huffing and puffing after the fifty foot walk from the curb stormed the joint". Most investigators were "pissed off" and told my informant," F-this shit, we usually just sit in cars all day spying on residency violations", and "Man this is work!". One other witness told me, "They went over the top, guns were drawn, they all had "Men in Black" uniforms. I saw one hillbilly tease the I.G. and call them "bunch of wanna be coppers", the hillbilly walked off after the rude comment and the I.G. could not catch up with him. Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman had nothing to say on this mess. The conditions of the Dog Pound is a mess, said several people. The dogs would eat their own feces, as the food was missing. Please see Fran Spielman's account of events in the Chicago Sun-Times, Saturday September 23, 2006. I think the I.G. should be disbanded and real police and investigators should investigate crimes. Story by Big Al.

Alderman Bernie Stone at Tom Roeser's Class drinking Costco Water

Alderman Stone.jpg
Alderman Bernie Stone is long time Chicago Alderman, and as a result has got clout. Prior to meeting Bernie Stone, I was not impressed with his views regarding Mayor Daley. I do not think Bernie comprehends the power Daley took away from Chicago Alderman. Alderman have too little power to interfere on behalf of a city worker. Bernie and I agree on this. Also although Bernie is against "Big Box", I was happy to see him drinking "Kirkland Brand" bottled water. Kirkland is a Costco brand name. Costco is more worker friendly than Walmart or Target. Costco pays a fair wage and is pro-union. During the class Tom Roeser and I had a good verbal assault with Bernie, Tom gave me a great lead-in shot with his "Hired Truck Scandal" question, but I did not bite, sorry Tom. My main impression with Bernie is he just want to get along with Daley and after 30 years as Alderman he is just tired. But, Bernie is as sharp as a whip, I just do not agree with his views on many issues such as TIF's and Daley's performance as mayor. I think term limits are needed in Chicago because we need fresh blood in Chicago Council. Photo by Patrick McDonough with Tony Joyce's camera.

Cynthia Canary speaker at Tom Roeser Classes

Canary cropped.jpg
September 21, 2006. The second half of the Tom Roeser classes at Roosevelt College in Chicago was excellent. Cynthia of the Illinois Campaign of Political Reform was the speaker. http://www.ilcampaign.org/ Cynthia was very informative and was very interactive with many of the class members. Many of the class members are high profile political players, so the back and forth was great. Cynthia is a wonderful person that challenges the "Status Quo". I enjoyed the exchange. Photo by Patrick McDonough with Tony Joyce's camera.

September 19, 2006

Jaime Hernandez Hired Truck Owner Speaks Up

Jaime Hernandez Aztec Trucking, Inc.jpg
From all gossip, we can conclude, Chicago's Sun-times article exposing the Corruption and Clout in Mayor Daley's Hired Truck Program was brought a screeching halt, the "Hired Truck Program" was terminated on Friday September 15, 2006. Many contractors are out of the scandal plagued programs that made some insiders millions of dollars. I think the program will morph into something else to keep the insiders rich. One Chicago Hired Truck Contractor was squeaky clean and made it to the end of the program. He and his books were examined by the Chicago Inspector General, the F.B.I., and the Internal Revenue Service. Jaime Hernandez owned Aztec Trucking, Inc. Please use this company that is MBE and DBE certified. His company phone number is 312-215-5990. We completed a long video tonight and look forward to some things this man had to say. After talking to Jaime I came to the conclusion, the less business you got from the Chicago Hired Truck Program, the more legit your business was. Jaime is backing William "Dock" Walls for Mayor of Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Union Workers Shop Costco Daley's Big Box Veto

Costco Sign.jpg
I know Mayor Daley's face has a southern slack jaw inbred look to it, but when I saw the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times on September 14, 2006, I confess I almost vomited. Daley has some teeth growing in all sorts of directions. Well let us look at the issue of the big box ordinance. Chicago's City Council started doing their job after letting the Mayor's Administration run wild with taxpayer's money for years. An ordinance passed which the majority of Chicago aldermen wanted and the majority of Chicago citizens demanded. Big box is not a big deal per se, because I feel the unions have an obligation to organize. They have blown years of organizing and have been in bed with Mayor Daley far too long. Chicago Unions could make a good start by requiring all labor laws on the books are enforced. Some unions do a poor job protecting the rights of Chicago city workers. Phony minority companies are non-union and receive millions of taxpayer's money but pay their workers a sub-standard wage. Why is Tadin of Marina Cartage given 1.1 million dollar insider deal in the 11th Ward? Tadin is non-union, but I was told by one of his workers he has some union guys. I saw Tadin's Water Tank Trucks on the Dan Ryan construction project. Tadin is one of Daley's buddies, was the unions told to back off organizing Tadin's trucking empire? Daley is in lots of trouble with the FEDS, was a deal made with George W. Bush to veto the Big Box Ordinance for leniency on the Criminal and the illegal use of Clout? Mayor Daley is a "George Ryan" Democrat and a disgrace to all working families. We call the Daley's "Lace Curtain Irish", because they forgot their roots are in Ireland. As for Daley using the race card by having a bunch of poor blacks on stage with him, what would you expect from people that are the product of his failed school system? Would you expect the poorly educated to expect a fair wage, look at the poorest areas of the United States, they are anti-union and live in squalor. Thanks to the sky high taxes in Chicago expect to have both parents working, expect poor schools, and more families with no electricity. Daley is a "RAT" on his non-union veto. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

What? Even more videos?

Tom Roeser is a famous radio and newspaper columnist in the United States. Tom and Terrence Brunner team up to expose more of Chicago shady contract scams and deals. O'Hare 20 billion dollar expansion is Chicago corruption at it's "finest." Please click here to enjoy this important video. Thank you. Patrick McDonough

New Video

James Ylisela Jr. and Terrence Brunner team up to expose more corruption at Chicago City Hall, Chicago O'Hare expansion, and Mayor Daley's Corrupt Contact deals. Please enjoy this video by clicking here.

September 17, 2006

Wayne A. Strnad Citizens for Community Action

Wayne Strnad.jpg
At most community events concerning the betterment of government you can count on Wayne Strnad's participation and involvement. When my "since than reversed" termination with the City of Chicago Department of Water Management, Wayne stood by my family's side to let people know the firing was a retaliation for my whistleblowing activities. Wayne was at the TRAC meeting September 14, 2006 to protest the massive tax increases in Chicago. Wayne uncovered massive vote fraud and claims Daley's buddy Dick Devine (Cook County State's Attorney) did nothing about it. Gee... you mean the same guy that hired Alexander Vroustouris runs a clout and corruption free office? Visit Wayne at.. http://www.citizensforcommunityaction.org/ Photo by Patrick McDonough

TRAC Tax Reform Action Coalition and Rep. John Fritchey

Trac Event.jpg
On September 14, 2006, a large group of citizens gathered at the Humboldt Park Boat House in Chicago. Speaker after speaker demanded something be done about the sky high taxes in Chicago. These folks had nothing good to say about Mike Madigan or Rich Daley. They feel they are forced out of their homes and much of the cause is government waste. Also the group is concerned about the expensive new homes and condos invading the neighborhoods. One of the people at the front of the picture is John Fritchey. John Fritchey is the State Rep. of the 11th District and is very honest and ethical. John as usual had a superb appearance, I sure he could go into the gigalo business if politics did not work out. His blog is: http://www.johnfritchey.blogspot.com/ I am really surprised the event was not covered by more of Chicago Media, I guess they are busy with all the corruption and clout in Mayor Daley's Administration. Was that Wyane Strnad in the background? Photo by Patrick McDonough

J. Terrence Brunner and Michael "Mike" Quigley

Mike Quigley and Terrence Brunner.jpg
On September 14, 2006, I was again looking forward to my school night at Roosevelt College in downtown Chicago. I could not wait to attend class because one of the most famous Chicago Good Guys was taking over for Tom Roeser, the regular teacher. J. Terrence Brunner is the former head of the Chicago Better Government Association. Terry is a true crime fighter and now running the Aviation Integrity Project. Since birds of a feather flock together.... Please enjoy this picture of Terry with Mike Quigley, the Cook County Commissioner of the 10th District. Mike Quigley always fights for the taxpayer. Photo by Patrick McDonough

September 10, 2006

Chicago Reader Ben Joravsky TIF articles

Please put the remote down and read the following link. http://www.chicagoreader.com/features/stories/theworks/060908/ Ben Joravsky has been beating the drum about the TIFs in Chicago for a long as I have known him. TIFs are spreading to the suburban areas like wildfire. Ben writes for the Chicago Reader under The Works. Ben is a very sharp writer on top of the TIFs better than anyone. We have brought up on this site about Mayor Daley & Company's miss use of the "borrow from Peter, to Pay Paul" for a while. This is the history of Ben's good work .... http://www.chicagoreader.com/tifarchive/ Please see Illinoize. Patrick McDonough

September 9, 2006

Chicago Plumber's 130 Business Manager James Sullivan and Dan Kotowski

Sullivan Cropped 2.jpg
In Chicago, politicians want to get on the right side of the Number One Boss of Plumber's Local 130. Mr. James Sullivan is well respected for providing the political troops to advance the union agenda. He has run the Union is a honest and lawful manner at all times. Still Mr. Sullivan has the clout to help candidates with the correct commitment to union ideals. In this picture with James Sullivan is Dan Kotowski Democrat- Illinois State Senate, 33rd District. Dan is a classy guy and seems committed to do the right thing. I have asked Dan to write a few sentences soon so we get to know him better. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Plumber's Local 130 Political Picnic Commissioner Joan Murphy

Murphy and McDonough.jpg
Today, September 9, 2006, Plumber's Local 130 Political Picnic, despite a chilling wind, was a success. Many politicians all over the State made sure to make a very important event. The Plumbers Picnic is a must attend event, the Plumbers of Chicago are a very powerful force when they step to the political plate. Please enjoy a picture of Commissioner Joan Patrica Murphy of the 6th District of Cook County. Joan is a very kind and wonderful lady and is pictured with Patrice McDonough a slated candidate for office. I also enjoyed a conversation with Gerald Sullivan the past driving force of the Chicago Plumber's Union. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

September 8, 2006

Chicago Sewer Rainblocker Update

Rain Blocker update.jpg
For the second time contact has been made regarding the City of Chicago Department of Water Management "Rain Blocker Program". As I have said before years and years ago, the program which was piloted in Edgebrook has opened a major liability for the City of Chicago. From day one, I said the reduction of an entrance to a engineered drainage system is not code. The greatest problem areas include schools, and congested areas which garbage accumulates. Edgebrook is normally well maintained, (exceptions noted here before), so maybe the designed was flawed from the outset. Also the city failed to report honestly, city employees bust the device out when flooding occurs. Please note the contents of this "Chicago Orange Peel", If you have had flooding contact Quinlan & Carrol ltd. 30 North LaSalle 29th Floor Chicago, Illinois 60602 Phone 1-312-263-0900. The lawyers on this case are James Niewiara and William R. Quinlan. The current lawsuit is Costello v. City of Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

September 7, 2006

Back to School with Tom Roeser Rep. Jack and Debby Franks

Jack D. Franks.jpg
Tonight I went back to school at Roosevelt University. The Instructor is Thomas F. Roeser a well known conservative commentator on WLS News Talk Radio. Tom was amazing and the stories he told made the night fly bye. Tonight's special guest was State Representative Jack D. Franks of Illinois 63rd District. I see how this Democrat won multiple times in a heavy Republican area. Rep. Franks is a breath of fresh air in Illinois's Corrupt Government. He really seems to fight tooth and nail for the people that elected him. Mrs. Franks was also in attendance. I give Rep. Franks a high clout rating and I hope more serve like him. Contact him at jack@jackfranks.org
Awesome Political Class, lots of high profile people attended. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

September 2, 2006

Millenium Park Security and Union Concerns

Millennium Park Security.jpg
For over two years I have tried to unravel the mysteries concerning the Chicago Millenium Park Security team. Chicago which prides itself as a Union Town should unravel this nightmare- Is Millenium Park Security union or non-union? I have sent certified letters and they have not been responded by the City of Chicago. I asked Chicago Park Police what the deal is and they said the workers are non-union. When I ask the guards they say they pay about thirty dollars a month for union dues to SEIU. They complained they make less than $10:00 a hour, although some say more. about $13.00. One guard said the Union sucks and they have only received $.25 cents an hour raise in two years. Two guards say they are non-union. I know Titan Security in Chicago is non-union. (The parent company). Also the use of Cameras in this Park is still not resolved. I hope you have a nice "Union Laborer's Day" and why is Chicago Management getting the Day off? Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Former Inspector General's Pig Pen?

Alex's House.jpg
The City of Chicago has neighborhoods that take quite a bit of pride in the appearance of their homes. One such area is Edgebrook, a cozy area that is clean and well maintained. There is always an exception to the rule and this is it. Do these homeowners know what a lawn mower is? What landscapers are? How to clean a messy garage? How to organise a home and show respect to the folks next door building an expensive home? This home is on Lightfoot just off of Caldwell Avenue. Is this Alexander Vroustouris's Home? if it is, spend some money and clean up. If you spend taxpayer's money on residency violations, look in you own back yard for this residency violation. Enough is enough. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Millennium Park Mausoleum

Millennium Park Monument.jpg
When Chicago gentry die they usually spend a fortune on their final "Resting Place". To get money from these Wealthy Families you need to stroke their egos. Chicago Millennium park gave a "Gravestone" to these people with heavy duty money and clout. It is hard to believe Oprah has her name in stone but not her "Life Partner". Make sure to visit the Millennium Park Mausoleum for Chicago Clout Heavy. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Millennium Park Entertainment

New Orleans Cool Cats.jpg
Today, on September 2, 2006, I went to Millennium Park in Chicago Illinois, to check out the Park. Many people showed up today and one of the most entertaining people was Valentino. He has a Jazz Puppet act that was very entertaining. He also had kids from the crowd join his act. Michael and David McDonough played with the band and the crowd had a blast. Valentino's New Orleans Cool Cats are available for parties and events. Valentino can be reached at 1-773-368-0223 or neworleanscoolcats@yahoo.com. Photo by Patrick McDonough