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August 30, 2006

Chicago Water Employees receive Trench Safety Certifications

Chicago Water Department Safety Trench Improvements.jpg
City of Chicago Department of Water Management Supervisory staff including Foremen, Plumbers, Caulkers, and Brick Layers received much needed training in Trench Safety. After a day of intense study and review all Chicago Employees passed a difficult test. The classes were held at Chicagoland Construction Safety Council 4100 Madison Street Hillside, Illinois 60162. The Staff Instructor was Steve Billings, and his presentation was of the highest professional standard. Many Chicago employees that has a sceptical start were very well rewarded and glad they spent the day in Classes. Just late last week I asked Robert O'Connor for my Competent Class Certification, I was asked to see Mr. Loverde regarding classes and walla!!! I am now certified. I am very thankful to Department of Water Management for a positive response and quick results. That is the positive way to correct, and improve employees relations. Some Water Department employees must change conventional thinking and might start to think, "Yes I can engage in Shoring Safety". Also thank you to Mark Holder, Safety Boss of Water Management. I would also like to thank Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times to get the ball rolling on Chicago Employee Safety. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

August 29, 2006

Commissioner Tony and Nilo Peraica and Family

Tony Peraica Family.jpg
Tony Peraica has a wonderful and very nice family that attended a GOP picnic last weekend. Tony's wife was nice to everyone. My sons called her a "Hottie". Well Tony does have a nice looking family, so call it what it is. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

William "Doc" Walls Dorothy Brown Next Chicago Mayors?

William Walls.jpg
William Walls is in the run for Mayor of the City of Chicago. I can say without a second of hesitation Bill Walls is a very cool, calm, and collective person. Mr. Walls has always been very kind to me and my family. I have some great pictures I will have publish very soon. Mark Brown of the Chicago Sun-Times gave some press to advance his cause. Also some behind the scenes rumbling has been going on with Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown. She is very nice and loyal to her staff that was also running for office not long ago. Some friends of Frank Avila had a fund raiser at Wallace's Catfish Corner and I met Dorothy Brown, she is very nice and classy. I think two black candidates for Chicago Mayor would not be good. Chicago needs unity to clean up Mayor Daley's unbridled corruption and clout hiring.

August 28, 2006

James Oberweis Dairy serves Lemon Sorbet to the McDonough Boys

James Oberweis GOP and McDonough Boys.jpg
At the GOP Picnic last Sunday James Oberwies personally served Patrick, David, Michael McDonough the absolute best Lemon Sorbet I have ever had. He was very nice to all that attended and the line to have his ice cream was very, very long. James was very much a gentleman and I caught him in a long private conversation with Tony Peraica. Maybe the voters messed up with the two candidates for Illinois Governor. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Union Teamsters 726 File against Chicago

Chicago Union Teamster.jpg
Union Chicago teamsters filed a class action Employee Problems Form. It is Grievance No. 08-06-088-0065... Filed on August 27, 2006. This is regarding Chicago Job Opportunity Bid Announcement dated February 8, 2006. Bid 08?060001. The bid process will end up in court because it was handled so poorly by all parties involved. John Zander's handling of the matter also comes into question by the parties involved. I suggest some drivers come forward and sign their name on the forms to protect yourself. This was a great group of new drivers that followed the letter of the law. Maybe the Shakman Monitor might need to double check the lies they might have been fed. Is Clout still king in Chicago? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Commissioner Peraica Picnic GOP in Lyons, Illinois

Picnic Cropped 1.jpg
8/27/2006. Please enjoy this picture of Tony Peraica, Cook County Forest Preserve Acting Superintendent "Tom" Ponticelli, and Dan Svoboda, a FPD Police Officer. I never thought Republicans could have that much fun! Photo by Patrick McDonough

August 27, 2006

Daley 11th Ward and White Sox Fans Support Peraica

Daley 11th Ward and Sox Fans Support Peraica.jpg
I must admit Mayor Daley and John Daley sending their political enforcers out to the Republican Lyons Township Picnic today was a little unusual. Tony Peraica is sending a message out the 11th Democratic Ward Boyz really do not like. The support from the Cook County Workers was very professional and courteous. The GOP picnic was attended with a massive crowd. I have more pictures on the way soon. Tony Peraica played the guitar and sang perfectly. I knew Tony could play a great guitar, but I never could imagine the wonderful quality of his voice. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Inspector General Alexander Vroustouris Cook County Corruption

Alexander Vroustouris.jpg
My "old buddy and pal", Alexander Vroustouris made it in the Chicago Sun-Times today becoming an Assistant States Attorney for Cook County. We thought he was at Dick Divine's Office and made calls to locate him there with no success. I do not think you could sneak a thing past Frank Avila, as Frank knew of this a while ago. When we called Dick Devine's office they did not know Al worked there. I call Al the "Edgebrook Kid", and I also gave him the name, Al " I do not recall" Vroustouris. After wasting millions of Chicago Taxpayer's money year after year investigating low level Chicago employees as the Chicago Inspector General, he can probably pull the same stunts at at Cook County. So remember when told the Inspector Generals office in not political, you better think twice. Does Alexander Vroustouris need to thank John Daley? Photo by ABC Chicago. Patrick McDonough.

August 26, 2006

Tony Peraica Cook County Board President?

Tony Peraica.jpg
In case you are wondering what my political beliefs are, I am a Democrat. I believe in the Union Worker Cause, it is essential to the balance of political power in this county. I asked Tony Peraica on the Radio about his beliefs regarding the possible layoffs policies he would have regarding Cook County Workers. He agreed he would look at consultants and all Hiring across the board. That is fair as the Cook County Board has bloated Management. We discussed this on the Tom Roesner show on WLS Radio, months ago. Cook County Government is a train wreck and needs to be rebuilt. I like Tony Peraica and he is a very nice person. He just beamed when he played his guitar.
Remember to meet Tony at the GOP of Lyons Township Picnic. Aug 27, 2006 at Cermak Woods 10:00-5:00. Tons of free goodies, games for the kids and it is free. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Trump Towers Residential Clout

Trump Towers in Chicago.jpg
In Chicago, Trump is putting up a high rise for the Chicago Gentry. I thought in the old days the wealth would prefer to have a Lake Forest Mansion to keep things quiet. Today's Chicago elite prefer to have "bling" and show their clout in an expensive high rise. Many of these residences cost millions of dollars and if you can afford it, God Bless You. But would you really want to share a building with a bunch of sour pusses that worry who has the most money? "Pass the crumpets James, I have a Union Rally for the help". This palace is not home to the 11th Ward Boyz, not by a long shot. Photo by Patrick McDonough from the Chicago River in my Mega Yacht.

Labor Day at Navy Pier

Navy Pier 2.jpg
Please enjoy this photo from Lake Michigan of Navy Pier. Chicago Unions are sponsoring a Labor Day Celebration at Navy Pier Monday, September 4, 2006. The Unions also have coupon books so you can receive discounts on rides and other activities. You can also enjoy family entertainment. Enjoy a free lunch. The parties in the past have been a good time. Laborers Union 1092 Members call 1-312-663-1092 and Plumber's Local 130 call 1-312-421-1010 to get the coupons. I hope some of the speakers have the guts to talk up about the lousy mayor we have in Chicago. Also send a message to Chicago City Hall Chicago Labor supports Big Box and a reasonable wage for Chicago Poor and Needy Workers. Photo By Patrick McDonough.

August 24, 2006

Mayor Daley Hiring Scandal Update Teamsters Union 726

Chicago Central District.jpg
Today, many Chicago Department of Water Management Union Teamsters Members received a letter stating they are fired or back in a temporary position all over again. After clearing a hurdle to become full time legit union workers at the Department of Water Management, some workers might be fired or returned to a lessor status. Many workers were asking for Frank Avila's number to sue the Union, the City of Chicago, and the Shakman compliance officer. I guess this last list of hiring was not on the level. Until Chicago fires all involved, millions will be paid in lawsuits. Big Slick screwed the Shakman compliance officers again, they have no idea just how corrupt the City of Chicago under Daley is. Where is the Chicago Water Department Lawyers that sign off on illegal deals? I gave the phone numbers to Chicago Newspapers Reporters to the men and ladies that need to explain to their families Mayor Daley's Corruption means no food on the table soon. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

August 23, 2006

City of Chicago Homeland Security

Do not take pictures of the Chicago Jardine Water Plant as part of our "HOMELAND SECURITY PLAN". It is o.k. if you are part of the.... Do not take cameras or take pictures so the "terrorists do not know Jardine Water Plant is located next to Navy Pier, a large tourist destination. Navy Pier brings in lots of taxpayer money, said Daley. Secret photo on Internet by Water Department sub-contractor, shhhhhhh. Don't ask don't tell. Hey McDonough, hide the camera.

Chicago Police visit Department of Water Management

Chicago Police visit Department of Water Management.jpg
Today the Chicago Police visited a North District Water Department job site to calm things down. Some alleged rough talking was exchanged between two Chicago Employees. Just a day after a big meeting to explain what needs to be done to report work place verbal fights. After meeting with different departments, I came to a conclusion, you can say anything you wish, until you say it to someone with clout. I asked various officials what can be said, I gave samples, even rude insulting ones, and the response was, "Establish a pattern". So if you have clout keep acting the same because no pattern will be established, or if you do not have clout, "Shut up and take the abuse". Nothing ever changes in the North District. When is the Shakman Decree going to be enforced? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

August 22, 2006

Shakman Decree Implication Seminar for Management

Today the Chicago Department of Water Management followed other departments such as CDOT to get some much needed training on what should be done to get in compliance with the Shakman Decree. The meeting was at 35th and Michigan. City of Chicago Police Headquarters. In attendance was Mara Georges whom took questions, Ron Huberman, John Spatz and Brian Murphy. Tom Talley was in attendance but not allowed to talk, per those in watching closely. Most in attendance were those who received favourable treatment under the old rules under investigation by the Federal Government. John D'Amico asked about Union recommended hiring, and Mara said Unions are a Political Organization. Acting Commissioner Spatz said " He does not care who the Union recommends". The bottom line is you cannot violate hiring, firing, discipline, or not disciplining, based on politics. Murphy said, "you have a good job, a good pension, so do not lose your job or pension". Is that a threat? The City of Chicago wants to keep "Shakman Compliance". On a positive note, Acting Commissioner Spatz seems to want a "Open Door Policy". That is a good start, but does he really mean it? Only time will tell. Please note, nobody was writing down notes to make this a legal meeting of record. A very sad state of affairs. The meeting was 1:00 p.m. to 1:35 p.m. a very short time by my standards. Channel 2 News was on the site. Patrick McDonough.

August 21, 2006

Michael Tierney Chicago Water Superintendent Retires

Michael Tierney Caulker.jpg
Today Michael Tierney was working on the 4600 block of Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. The Contractor is Reliable a favored contractor for Mayor Daley and the City of Chicago. I can see that Tierney is working for a Clout based company but as a Caulker/Plumber? Tierney was a High ranking Chicago Water Department Employee under Donald Tomczak. City workers thought he would get a Plumber's Local 130 Business Agent job from his father-in-law, Thomas J. McManus. At least other high ranking retired workers got some sweet spots. Like Rottman and William Chambers. If Mike did you a favor or two, show some class and say "Hello". Do not forget your friends.

August 20, 2006

Chicago Department of Water Management Scams Continue

Chicago Department of Water Management Scams.jpg
Peek-a-boo I see you....Just when you thought it was safe and Chicago Department of Water Management had "Homeland Security under control", I found a Chicago Water Truck hidden behind two dumpsters and a parked car. Left Center Left documented Chicago residency laws are a joke. Also, if we care about our drinking water not poisoned by the enemies of the state, lets make sure these trucks are not hidden behind dumpsters in the suburbs by non-union companies that might hire non-documented workers. Call O'Connor and he can show a badge and act like a tough guy. Call the F.B.I. call the C.I.A. Call the Commissioner, what are our trucks doing in the suburbs? Stop putting Chicago lives on the line. Why are they hiding the truck (WSD 788) License Plate (M 89 195) and from whom? What Union Teamster dropped the truck off into the suburbs? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

August 19, 2006

Chicago Edison Park Fest 2006 August 19, 2006

Edison Park Fest Chicago 2006.jpg
After a nice Chicago Air and Water Show, I went to the Edison Park Fest. I really enjoyed the bands and considering this is Chicago's North West Side, the people are really nice. I met with several Chicago City Workers just relaxing and having a nice time. Edison Park is no Andersonville, but the neighborhood is very friendly. I lived above the Emerald Isle in Edison Park years, years, and years ago. Pictured is Sarah, Brigid, Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough. Also a very nice Irish Bear. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Water Management Picnic Air and Water Show

Chicago Water Management Picnic Cropped.jpg
Chicago Department of Water Management had a Picnic today at the Chicago Jardine Water Plant. Since it was overcast the Air Show got off to a slow start. I think the new Commissioner seems more relaxed than the last batch. When I arrived, I had to pull to the side because my I.D. was not ready. Thanks for making my kids I.D. Luci. I registered for this event prior to May 25, 2006. I also donated my services as a photographer since I am published. When I arrived at the plant we were having a nice time and than decided to get pictures with two helicopters in the front of the plant. When we arrived some lady was talking pictures and I asked if I could also. No sooner than I reached for my camera than two people in orange shirts were screaming for me not to take pictures. My son, an eight year old showed the lady other people taking pictures. I put the camera away in a polite manner. Of course I never received any notice from security not to take pictures. I went back with my family to the North side of the plant and upon returning to my picnic area a moron came out of a blue truck screaming at me. He ordered my son to leave and I told my son to stay. This clown did not wish to hear my side of the story, showed me his I.D. and said he let me in the plant. He also said he knew I donated my services to take pictures. I asked why did he not let me know if I was taking pictures or not. I think the lack of professionalism this person showed was a disgrace. The non-union security force on hand was S.P.I. Do they have the background checks I went through? The paranoia the Chicago Water Management showed towards me was in poor taste. This happened at 1:20 p.m. today. I think this dude was Rob O'Connor a brother of a Chicago Alderman. Keep your clout at home, a family picnic should be fun with family pictures to cherish. If anyone thinks the bad guys do not know the layout of the jardine plant, your sadly mistaken. Chicago Union Employees would never disclose information to terrorists, so do not sell that garbage. If you are worried about the "Enemy", investigate the contractors and contracts, does security not apply with Clout Companies? The 39th and Iron Water Plant is visited by contractors with no I.D. or clearance. Fake non-union cops at Jardine? Photo outside plant by Patrick McDonough. P.S. all public can take pictures there.

August 18, 2006

Chicago Fire Hydrant Update Open Hydrants

Laborer Training 2.jpg
The City of Chicago has gang bangers opening up Fire Hydrants. In fact, there are so many left open, millions of gallons of water are wasted. The first response crew is the Hydrant Trucks. Department of Water Management lack of material put Chicago Citizens lives in peril. On the "Day Hydrant Truck" is Caulker-in-Charge Ralph Cortes. In the picture Ralph is showing new Chicago Water Department Laborers the proper procedure repairing a Fire Hydrant. Also in the picture instructing is Patrick McDonough the former Plumber-in-Charge of the Night Hydrant Truck. The Hydrant trucks are short of material making the job almost impossible. Yesterday Ralph was met on the jobsite by Chicago Management to shut off a Hydrant at 2854 West 21st Place. Water shot out of the Hydrant and into basements across the street. Also the Chicago Water Hydrant Program is in shambles due to the lack of manpower. I also blame Management for downing two Night Hydrant Trucks, a political move that is investigated by the State of Illinois. Patrick McDonough testified at a State of Illinois hearing as a expert. Lets get the ball rolling now and protect our Chicago Citizens!

Chicago Water Department Safety Update

Laborer Training 1.jpg
I am happy to report more training for the Chicago Department of Water Management New Laborers. On August 8, 2006 at 3901 South Ashland at the Central Water District, procedures were shown to the Laborers on how we shut down a Fire Hydrant. Also a demonstration was given by the Valve Truck. Two new Laborers turned valves and watched a Fire Hydrant shut down. I am hoping for Shoring Safety for these new Chicago City Employees. These new recruits consisted of 10 workers, one white male, one white female, and eight black employees. I hope they spread these new workers to the North District to balance the race card.

Water Department Hiring Scandal Update

Lucious jones cropped.jpg
On August 18, 2006, Fran Speilman wrote an explosive article about the continuing Hiring Scandal plaguing Mayor Daley and the Chicago Department of Water Management. Speaking from experience, I have always noted transfers in the Water Department, to be a disciplinary action. What Fran Speilman did not write, was some insider information. The hiring of the last batch of laborers was business as usual. Many Chicago workers were cheated out of a chance of a promotion because of the "Lotto System". The posting of these jobs were directed to blacks in particular. Many workers complained to the Federal Hiring Monitor Noelle Brennen. The Chicago Water Departments monitor is Susan E. Cox a West Suburban Democratic Club President. In interviews a monitor is present but politically connected bosses conducted the interviews. You know the ones that received promotions under the Mayor Daley Clout System. Some workers complained the new laborers were not tested to see if they could lift the weights required to complete the tasks of construction laborer. One new laborer sits on the job site and does not do the work because she is pregnant, alleged one upset laborer. One laborer was sexually harassed by a supervisor and after refusal of favors was told to "dress for work cause you are going to dig". Also Tom LaPorte must be kidding when he told the Sun-Times the laborers rotation is policy. Most laborers expect to stay in their district for a lifetime. I think the corruption is so ingrained in Chicago, the only way the end it is to terminate all Management.

August 16, 2006

Chicago Transfer Stations Fran Spielman Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago transfer Stations.jpg
August 16, 2006, Fran Spielman wrote an explosive article. "Clout-heavy firm lands huge garbage deal". To the average person it might be a same ole, "Hired Truck Scandal", same ole, "Clout on Wheels", or "Same ole Mayor Daley Corruption". To many people that are on the inside, Fran Spielman opened a massive can of worms. The transfer stations are where Union employees of the City of Chicago drop off many toxic wastes. Large Vactors, orange peels, and Department of Water Management trucks dump massive amounts of some of the most dangerous waste materials known to man. What Fran Spielman might not know is the medical histories of laborers that deal with the waste on an everyday basis. This needs to be reviewed. The "Safety Precautions" are a joke. Teflon suits? Chicago is a "Tree Hugger Green Bike Riding City"? The smell from this site is not describable- it is the smell of death. This site is at 3901 South Ashland in Chicago, the 11th ward. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Water Department Transfer Policies

Angel Gonzelas.jpg
As we all know the transfer of Chicago Personnel from District to District has in the past been based on various policies. Transfers has been used to discipline people that do not have clout. It is a powerful sword to send a message to get with Chicago Mayor Daley's Political System, or else. Some of the worst abuses have been Chicago City Workers living on the South Side and Sent to work on the North Side. The Chicago Plumber's Union has been lacking in this, and need to step forward with Laborers 1092, and the Teamsters to address this plague. Rumor has it Angel Gonzales from the Central District is going to be sent to the Crime ridden North District Water Department. I think this great leader and well respected boss of Chicago is being sent to the North District to straighten out the political workers that run the "Wild West". This North District has been called the "White Boyz Political Club". This is not fair to Angel a South Sider.

August 11, 2006

Andre Watson, Inez Ellis, Chicago Residency Law Victims

Andre Watson.jpg
Andre Watson was a District Supervisor in the Chicago Streets and Sanitation Graffiti Removal Program. Andre is a survivor of throat cancer with multiple surgeries to his neck. I have been talking to Andre over a long period of time to get an understanding of his tragic situation. Andre was terminated for violating Chicago Residency Laws. I am on the record that Chicago Inspector General's investigations are political hatchet jobs. Politics and discipline? After meeting him for the first time today, I realized some higher powers must get involved right away. In fact, Andre is on the road to getting his job back, he has hired Frank Avila, a "Top Gun" Lawyer. I recommended Frank Avila as he understands the unbridled corruption in the Daley Administration. Andre has helped support his sick mother and girlfriend with his city job, he cannot anymore, so multiple people suffer for his termination. The treatment of Andre needs the attention of the United States Attorney General for review, names such as Al Sanchez, Streets and Sanitation Management Officials, and the Inspector Generals Office Investigators. I do not get paid to write stories so I hope a Chicago Journalist will take interest. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chief of Chicago Water Management

Chief of Chicago.jpg
During lunch I asked one of the best Laborers in Chicago a couple of questions. Chief is the laborer on the Day Hydrant truck. Not many people are a qualified to assist on a Hydrant Truck like Chief, in fact he is so good the Chicago Department of Water Management sent him out with a driver to do the job reserved for Plumbers and Caulkers. Many people were upset by this and Tom Durkin of the Plumber's Union Local 130 is looking into this. I really like Chief and look forward to his sense of humor. Chief is a great asset to the Chicago Water Department. Photo by Patrick McDonough

City of Chicago Payroll Scandal Update August 11, 2006

Chicago Payroll Update.jpg
Archie High a City of Chicago Department of Water Management Laborer and member of Laborers Union 1092 took some needed precautions with Safety gloves when swiping out from a hard day of work. Archie uses rubber gloves when swiping out. Makes sense, Archie is after all, a newlywed. Did you notice where your hand goes looks like nuclear waste? Photo by Patrick McDonough

Michael Evan's Treatment a Chicago Public Discrace

The treatment in the life of Michael Evans is an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment reflecting the Culture of Corruption embraced by the Daley Administration. It is the duty of all Chicago Alderman to review the findings of the Jury and start to do what they are paid to do, legislate. Where is the outrage? Where is Dorothy Tillman? While Michael Evans might make a lesson on how things should never be done in a civilized society, I hope we learn from the lesson, and make things right. I saw Michael Evans after the jury decision came out, I was in the Offices of Loevy & Loevy. I shook the mans hand and offered some condolences and hope. Michael never blamed anyone, was kind, and thankful. I do not know but he must have been in shock. I think I would have acted in a far different manner. But maybe the penal system does work, it takes the life and spirit out of a man, guilty or innocent. I guess with a Mayor in Chicago like Daley, we will just worry about "Big Box", and other Pro-business issues. Patrick McDonough

August 10, 2006

Chicago "Water Department Update -Transfer Policy

The City of Chicago a clout political haven to political criminals is again up under close scrutiny. Some transfers from district to district are being closely watched to make sure they are based on seniority. Any employee that is Union should expect the many years of service should account for reasonable accomodations. Chicago Department of Water Management seems to have no respect for the years of service a person has dedicated to the Department. Unions should oversee the transfer of staff based on years served not political votes received. If you live on the South side of Chicago and are transferred to a North District it might be revenge for a slight. Let us involve the Unions to do their jobs and enforce fair work rules. Call Plumber's Local 130 at 1-312-421-1010 and lets get this straightened out legally. Patrick McDonough.

August 9, 2006

Alderman Support Non-Union Daley?

Big Box Rally 1.jpg
I hope someone can explain this to me. On August 9, 2006, the second wave of "Hired Truck Scandal" starts anew. I was at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management at 1801 West Pershing working and on the way out to leave, I spotted a company pressure washing the Sewer Trucks in the rear of the building. I asked the first of two men what Union he is a member of, He did not understand me, (did a bell ring?) He got his boss that said he is not a member of the Union. I called the company and they said they are members of Local 52. If you Google local 52, the number is disconnected. Carol of this company provided the me the information. This is the same company I featured washing Chicago City Hall Sidewalks. This is Hired Truck Scandal version Number Two. What is going on with Mayor Daley and his Clear Vision of Chicago Government? Same old tricks, different package. This company based in Cicero, you know the suburbs. That is where the Chicago Taxpayers money goes. Photo by patrick McDonough.

August 8, 2006

Fighting with Richard Pacheco is Exhausting in Chicago Water Department

Sleepy Cropped 2.jpg
Richard Pacheco was in a verbal disagreement with an Operating Engineer last Friday. On August 7, 2006, Richard was removed from his crew because he had a different idea on work ethics than the Chicago Department of Water Management in the North District. On August 8, 2006, this picture was taken of the Operating Engineer that convinced the bosses Richard Pacheco is a trouble maker. Is that Phil Sandberg? I can testify that Richard Pacheco worked very hard for Chicago every day. Hey North District, I am still down in the Central District, man those guys are hard workers. Patrick McDonough.

Department of Water Management Sore Neck Update

Sleepy Cropped 1.jpg
Please remember, if you need a Chiropractor get one. Fighting with fellow workers will put a kink in your neck. Richard Pacheco wants to get back to his old crew but he will need to wait a couple of weeks due to an argument with an Operating Engineer. Photo taken August 8, 2006.

August 7, 2006

City of Chicago Payroll Scandal Update August 7, 2006

Hand Punch.gif
The City of Chicago Office of the Comptroller started a new system to monitor the attendance of City of Chicago personnel at the Central District. The new model is a Recognition Systems Handpunch 3000. This should reduce the amount of time sheet fraud that the City of Chicago Department of Water Management has experienced in the Chicago Newspapers. Tom Bailey from the Chicago Department of Finance helped get the system hooked up. Tom is a 11th ward guy watching the City's money. (Daley covers his bases!!!). Biometric technology is used. Some Chicago city workers were upset as they are worried about the system taking away their freedoms. Well, I suggest you do not vote for Daley again. I saw a large film or residue on the machine where people's hands are placed. We were also issued a paper that explained the safety of the scanners, which is all bullshit. We city workers work in Human Waste on a daily basis. Not every Chicago City workers cleans their hand properly, and the paperwork stated the city policies detailing the cleaning the cleaning of door knobs will be enforced on the machine. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE DOORKNOBS OF CHICAGO CLEANED?

August 6, 2006

Carla Brookman Alderman Fifth Ward Des Plaines Illinois. Clout.

GOP 4.jpg
I have not seen many politicians that have ever impressed me to the extent of Carla Brookman. When I asked my friends in the suburbs who they think is the most honest and forthright politician in Illinois, one name came up, time and time again. Carla Brookman has more clout and political muscle in the suburbs than any other politician hands down. Carla exposed some corruption in Des Plaines which led to some of Chicago's Inspector General tactics of Residency Violations. Residency Violations are a grab bag last ditch effort to ruin peoples lives when you have no ethical or moral violations. Alderman Brookman stood up against privatization of Des Plaines Municipal Services, a problem with Mayor Daley's Administration. Carla's husband is a well respected and honored Des Plaines Fireman. Photo with Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough and David Madlener. Carla gets a Clout rating, highest moral and ethical governmental Clout Rating. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Candidate Tim Schneider for Cook County Commissioner August 6, 2006

GOP 3.jpg
David Madlener asked me to take a picture of of some very loyal supporters of Tim Schneider. Tim is a very nice person, he was very warm and kind to everyone. I never had the time to ask the tough questions, but I think he is a class act. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Cook County Commissioner Carl R. Hansen August 6, 2006

GOP 2.jpg
One gentleman of Republican Politics is Cook County Commissioner Carl R. Hansen. He gave a very nice speech today and due to his honesty was asked to pick the winners of a raffle. He is pictured with Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough. Commissioner Hansen is known for his service to country and Cook County, he is a honest public servant. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Jerry Sadler and Gary Skoien Chicago Clout G.O.P. Family Picnic August 6, 2006

GOP 1.jpg
I was invited to check out some Republicans at the Family Picnic at Busse Woods in the Suburbs. One of the persons that really cracked me up is Gary Skoien. He put reward money up to any Whistleblower that would rat out Mayor Daley or John Daley. The Daley family was very offended at the reward money. It was an insult. Oh well, the Fed's are cleaning out that rat nest, saving Gary $10,000.00 dollars. Photo by Patrick McDonough

August 4, 2006

Caulker Position Update

I am happy to report I got a phone call from a diligent worker in the Chicago Department of Human Resources at 6:16 p.m. today... informing me the Bid Submission date will be a full 14 days from the posting date of August 4, 2006. I hope and pray every laborer takes the time to make a complete and thorough application. Also please remember to attach a RESUME. A RESUME is different from the application. Go to your local Chicago library to get samples of a professional looking resume. The Caulker position will help your family live a better life. Also if you get this position you will be eligible for night school classes at Plumber's Local 130 so you can get a formal education on Water Safety. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Hiring and Promotion Scandals Update

Department of Human Resources.jpg
Here we go again. One of the most political positions in the Chicago Department of Water Management is a Caulker. This position pays the same amount of money as a Licensed Plumber. However, the position does not require a Plumber's Licence. This is a coveted promotion that moves laborers on to bigger and better opportunities. Chicago Water Bid number 088060065 dated July 27, 2006 was issued to Chicago Department of Human Resources on August 3, 2006 per Diane Angeletti. (312-744-4976) The bid was not issued to Chicago Department of Water Management Employees until August 4, 2006 in the afternoon. Which means Chicago City workers have about two working days to decide if, they want the job, can prepare the documentation, and file by the deadline of August 9, 2006. This late notice is the oldest trick in the book that allows the favored a heads up to prepare. This is a violation of Shakman Decree and business as usual at the Chicago Department of Water Management. Marilyn Fitzpatrick at the Chicago Department Department of Human Resources and Ron Huberman's secretary, Lajuana Green, (744-6246) of Mayor Daley's Office is looking into this. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

August 2, 2006

Lauderdale Lakes Ski Team Update July 29, 2006

Please look at our prior posts and try to help this ski team that is family oriented. Most of the fathers on this team are with their children and show class values. If you have a couple of extra dollars to spare, use your money wisely and help this group pay the sky high gas bills. many people on the lake have made signs to support the Lauderdale Lakes Wisconsin Ski Team, and so should you. An by the way, one of the families starting trouble with the ski team are a pain in the ass back in Illinois also. They want to start marches to Lake Michigan so we live in the "Eco" friendly way they want. I guess "Eco Friendly" is fine if the rules apply to others. Tell the trouble makers to sell their gas guzzling boats, SUV's, Cars and Summer Homes, and just leave people alone.

Lauderdale Lakes Aqua Skiers Update July 29, 2006