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Brigid, Jesse Jackson Jr. Sarah with Chicago's next Mayor?

Brigid Jesse jackson Jr, Sarah.jpg
Chicago City Workers, have you had enough of Mayor Daley? The lies, blame game, and waiting years for Contract Settlements? Well let me tell you, Jesse Jackson Jr. has a new web site and I hope all of you go and check out what is going on. I also suggest you donate some money to the cause. Any Chicago City Worker that votes for Daley, and the Chicago Mob, must be a village idiot. Unions such as 726 Teamsters will not endorse Daley. I suggest Jesse Jackson Jr. stop the hesitation and get in the race for the next Chicago Mayor. Please get first dibs on this site http://www.runjesserun.org/ Photo by Patrick McDonough.


You go Jesse.I am on yourside.Just leave Coconate at home and we will be fine.