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Mayor Daley snubs Black Folk in Chicago Jon Burge Hearings

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On November 21, 2006, Mayor Daley was a no show at Chicago City Council. Many white alderman were also missing from the meeting, a show and tell of Chicago Police's new laws to protect rights of it's accused citizens. Superintendent Cline was less than forthright and was grilled by Chicago's Black Alderman. A possible violation of the open meetings act was uncovered. Alderman Burke said a quorum was not present. The City of Chicago did not post an agenda for the meeting. "The public needs 10 to 14 days notice and the Daley Administration broke the law again", declares Wayne Strnad, a 30th Ward Aldermanic Candidate. A City lawyer also testified on how they cannot stop Burges pension payments since he was on duty when the crime occurred. The meeting was full of upset black men. The security personnel earned their money. Everyone knows Patrick McDonough loves his Chicago Police, but we need to straighten out some old criminal actions a few Policemen administered to it's black citizens. Photo by Patrick McDonough


Alderman Tillman lit up Cline for not answering questions and she made fun of chubby Cline when he went to the bathroom during the middle of the meeting. Cline needs to lose weight, he is beyond obese. D.W.

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First, I guess that I should give the correct spelling of my name and the office that I seek in the Feb. 27, 2007 election. They are Wayne A. Strnad and 30th Ward Aldermanic Candidate, respectively.

To all those that are interested, here is the information on the Open Meetings Act, as it appears in the Illinois Compiled Statutes. This is not the complete act but only portions that apply to the violation thereof.

(5 ILCS 120/2.02) (from Ch. 102, par. 42.02)
Sec. 2.02. Public notice of all meetings, whether open or closed to the public, shall be given as follows:
(a) Every public body shall give public notice of the schedule of regular meetings at the beginning of each calendar or fiscal year and shall state the regular dates, times, and places of such meetings. An agenda for each regular meeting shall be posted at the principal office of the public body and at the location where the meeting is to be held at least 48 hours in advance of the holding of the meeting. The requirement of a regular meeting agenda shall not preclude the consideration of items not specifically set forth in the agenda. Public notice of any special meeting except a meeting held in the event of a bona fide emergency, or of any rescheduled regular meeting, or of any reconvened meeting, shall be given at least 48 hours before such meeting, which notice shall also include the agenda for the special, rescheduled, or reconvened meeting, but the validity of any action taken by the public body which is germane to a subject on the agenda shall not be affected by other errors or omissions in the agenda. The requirement of public notice of reconvened meetings does not apply to any case where the meeting was open to the public and (1) it is to be reconvened within 24 hours, or (2) an announcement of the time and place of the reconvened meeting was made at the original meeting and there is no change in the agenda. Notice of an emergency meeting shall be given as soon as practicable, but in any event prior to the holding of such meeting, to any news medium which has filed an annual request for notice under subsection (b) of this Section.
(b) Public notice shall be given by posting a copy of the notice at the principal office of the body holding the meeting or, if no such office exists, at the building in which the meeting is to be held. The body shall supply copies of the notice of its regular meetings, and of the notice of any special, emergency, rescheduled or reconvened meeting, to any news medium that has filed an annual request for such notice. Any such news medium shall also be given the same notice of all special, emergency, rescheduled or reconvened meetings in the same manner as is given to members of the body provided such news medium has given the public body an address or telephone number within the territorial jurisdiction of the public body at which such notice may be given.
(Source: P.A. 88‑621, eff. 1‑1‑95; 89‑86, eff. 6‑30‑95.)

NOTE: When one visited the city clerks office the only information that was found was the time and place of the meeting. No agenda was available for viewing, printing or downloading. Also, nowhere is it posted in a visible place, the yearly calendar for all meetings of the committees.

(5 ILCS 120/2.03) (from Ch. 102, par. 42.03)
Sec. 2.03. In addition to the notice required by Section 2.02, each body subject to this Act must, at the beginning of each calendar or fiscal year, prepare and make available a schedule of all its regular meetings for such calendar or fiscal year, listing the times and places of such meetings.
If a change is made in regular meeting dates, at least 10 days' notice of such change shall be given by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the area in which such body functions. However, in the case of bodies of local governmental units with a population of less than 500 in which no newspaper is published, such 10 days' notice may be given by posting a notice of such change in at least 3 prominent places within the governmental unit. Notice of such change shall also be posted at the principal office of the public body or, if no such office exists, at the building in which the meeting is to be held. Notice of such change shall also be supplied to those news media which have filed an annual request for notice as provided in paragraph (b) of Section 2.02.
(Source: Laws 1967, p. 1960.)

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Finally, I hope some of this information helps clarify what's going on in city hall. Some of the aldermen do not know the law, sad to say, and let the Committee of Police and Fire, headed by Carothers, give away taxpayer property. The problem was that there were not enough aldermen who sit on the committee even present to have the meeting. Thus, the giving away of taxpayer property was illegal. This was reported to the appropriate authority, Lisa Madigan who, to date, has done absolutely nothing.

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