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Chicago Clout Salutes Plumber's Local 93

Plumber's Local 93.jpg
One of the best unions in Illinois is a no-nonsense local located in Lake County. According to a source that wants to remain unknown, answered a few questions. I asked, "If I had a friend that was a laborer and I wanted to get a Journeyman's Plumbers Card for this person, who would I pay off"? I also asked, "If I know a powerful politician, who would I have him (her) call to get a Journeyman Plumbers Card"? I also asked, "If I work the precincts real hard for the politicians, could I get a Plumber's Licence"? He answered, "The Plumber protects the heath of the Nation, you must serve a formal five year apprenticeship and learn the honorable toil, no exceptions, period" Well, I respect that and was going to ask if they employ "Caulkers (D-Tomczak)", but I know a great Union Local when I see one. Photo by AP. Patrick McDonough.


I would like to thank Local 93 for the check they sent to help me beat Alderman Levar in the 45th. I will not forget you when I am elected.

Journeyman's Local 130 is the laugh of the plumbers union. just a bunch of political f-ups. when they going to help the members?

Boyke, get a hold of yourself!
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BAs are backstabbers and liars