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Mob "Mechanic" Robert Cooley Video Interview

F.B.I. informant Robert Cooley exposed many of Chicago's Top Mob leaders including the D'Amico Family. Make sure to visit his web site, click here: http://whencorruptionwasking.com/ Robert was interviewed by Frank Avila, a top Chicago Attorney and Mick Dumke a columnist. Mick will be a featured writer at the web site soon.
This is must see video to understand the "Chicago Mob". To see this educational video, click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3890685002249706561 Patrick McDonough.


I heard that Bob Cooley has some real good stuff on the State's Attorney.

and that phony baloney Ed Burke

Cooley could send Ficaro and Ed Burke to jail.

He is a great hero and did a lot.

good show
good work