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Please enjoy a blog by Top Chicago Political Writers

Please have another glass of wine after enjoying Chicago Clout and make sure you check up on two great Chicago writers and legends, Mike Dumke and Ben Joravsky. Their blog is smart, well written. Both class acts I know well. Both of these writers are columnists for the "Reader". Click here: http://blogs.chicagoreader.com/politics/ Patrick McDonough.


Ben Joravsky is one of the best writers in Chicago.

These people are sick in the way they attack Frank Coconate. Digusting sexual nonsense.

A bit of exaggeration calling these men legends.

Dear Patrick McDonough, Ben Joravsky did an article about you in the Reader. I read it and he wrote you were still paid to sit at home doing nothing. Good Article, but is that why you are using your web site to promote him? That is Mayor Daley payoff politics with out the money.