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Carina Sanchez 12th Ward Aldermanic Candidate Video

Please enjoy this video of Aldermanic Candidate Carina Sanchez, she has that backing of The Illinois Committee for Honest Government. Please click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1424164802206791622 This show was hosted by Frank Avila, a famous Chicago Trial Lawyer and political expert. Chicago's top unions are backing this lady, and as a member of Journeyman's Plumbers Local 130, so am I. This is Issue Forum Chicago Clout 22 video. Patrick McDonough


She is the #1 priority of organized labor.

A shame that I do not live in the 12th ward. I would have definitely voted for Carina. Pretty impressive background and ideas. Wish her the best. The incumbent has to be shaking in his boots.