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Chicago's Frozen Water Pipe Problems Continue

Drinking Water.jpg
Many people have no water in Chicago. The Chicago Department of Water Management has three zones, North, Central, and South. The Central District is very well run under Jame Stroden and James LoVerde. I was surprised to find our top boss making wellness checks on workers Sunday, February 11, 2007. The Central District makes sure residents have free bottled water until their water pipes are thawed out. If your pipes are still frozen call 311. I must admit the Central District is much more professional than the North District ever was. Central District Workers are better trained. Lets hope for warm weather soon. Photo by Patrick McDonough.


Hey Mr.McDonough,

With all the waste you are pointing out are you working overtime? Are you getting your check on time?

Didn't Stroden build his house on city time. And not get fired.
11th ward goofs and criminals