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Dorothy Brown wants to sleep at your house!!!

Dorothy Brown BE.jpg
Chicago Citizens please contact me for a chance of having Chicago Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown sleep over at your home. I am hoping for a Chicago Department of Water Management employee, so we can let Dorothy Brown know how we live and our concerns. Most Chicago city employees do not live in a multi-million dollar condos at the Millenium Park. Dorothy Brown understands that. Please put you best foot forward, clean your house up and contact me. If you wish, I will make a show about this event. Please remember, Dorothy Brown will have a security officer also. I will also call the Chicago media. We can make our city better and you can have a once in a lifetime opportunity. Dorothy Brown was welcomed with open arms by all the North Side citizens at the Blue Angel. Photo by Patrick McDonough


Would Dorothy Brown sleep at my house? We have no water. Chicago Water Department does nothing, nothing, I babysit young children all day and no bathroom.

That's because you didn't pay your bill.

I wouldn't let Dorothy Brown sleep in the trunk of my car.

Of course I would let her sleep at my house,The only problem is I amm homless and broke and begging for money.So once again I jumped on the band wagon for Dorthy Brown.Hey Dorthy you can come and sleep next to me anytime any where!Also if you win I want my job back.Deal or No Deal?

I heard she's making her concession speech at the Wilson Red Line stop.