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Illinois Committee For Honest Government Awards

Make sure you attend Illinois Committee For Honest Government annual Award Event. Meet some of Illinois's top political leaders. Take the wife on Sunday, February 11, 2007, to Plush at 1104 West Madison Avenue from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Who is showing up and receiving awards? OBama, DeLeo, Flores, and other major political players. There is a door charge, but not much for a very nice event. P.S. all you Chicago City Workers that keep asking me to get you in touch with Frank Avila will be happy. Frank Avila will be on hand, pin him down for some free legal advice, if you can. Ask Avila about the 12 million dollar Shakman settlement and what you are entitled to. Never know. Patrick McDonough.


Why are you giving that crook DiLeo an award?

The committee for honest government

FBI arrests N.J. public officials 9/6/2007
Mayor, lawmakers, others accused of taking bribes to influence contracts

Calif. charter school leader indicted 9/5/2007
Prosecutors say he, city councilman siphoned millions in public school funds

I guess being a public official – politician is a license to abuse the public confidence and take bribes and kickbacks. I think any public official who abuses his power and takes bribes, kickbacks and influence should get the full punishment the law can give and in an expedited manner.
It is time public officials should abide by the law do their job honestly and build the public trust and confidence.
Public officials should know that public office is not for sale under no circumstances.
The committee for honest government.