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Chicago Department of Water Management Serves the Public

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Archie High shows respect for our Chicago elderly citizens. I am glad to see such compassion still exists. Do you think Archie will ever get an award or a thank you for such a honorable act? Archie has worked for the City of Chicago for over thirty years and was never promoted. On another note: three of Mayor Daley's HDO members, that got city jobs, are suing Chicago. Those HDO guys sure catch on quick, don't they? Photo by Patrick McDonough.


One of his best remembered presentations came in February 1953, when he forcefully denounced the Soviet regime of Joseph Stalin. Sheen gave a dramatic reading of the burial scene from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, substituting the names of Caesar, Cassius, Marc Antony, and Brutus with those of prominent Soviet leaders: Stalin, Beria, Malenkov, and Vishinsky. From the bishop's lips came the pronouncement, "Stalin must one day meet his judgment." On March 5, 1953, Stalin died



In the 'private sector',(ie. everyone OTHER THAN the bloodsuckers
feeding at the taxpayer-financed, self-defined/manipulated trough of
tax-generated revenues),if a business fails to provide satisfactory services and/or goods to their customers and,if an employee fails to
perform their assigned duties,the business fails to earn profits and
the employee,sooner or later,gets fired.

In the so-called 'public-sector',this natural solution to the problem
of failure to satisfy is,for all practical/effective purposes,absent.

Why this is so is obvious; the voters don't bother to even register
to vote,let alone show up on election day to cast their votes,let
alone invest anything remotely resembling intelligent thought into
deciding who to vote for,and why.

There are several main reasons/excuses commonly used by the voter to
explain/excuse themselves of actively and sincerely participating in
their own governance. Many of these reasons/excuses are accurate and,
without suggesting approval of them,valid and true results of the
very successful strategies employed by those individuals whose
interests are well served by the results of same.

Here are a few of the more common ones:

1) All the candidates competing for a given public office are crap,
so why should I bother even voting at all?

2) I'm getting what I want from my 'elected representative',at least
as much of what I want as I can expect to get,so,unless I've been
told that my vote is needed,(as in an incumbent being challenged
by a strong contender),there's no need for me to vote.

3) Every time I bothered to vote,the candidates I voted for always
lose so why bother, it's a waste of my time.

4) Vote? Why? Is there an election coming up?

5) There is never any understandable information available on what
the candidates for office are saying they'll do,if they're elected
and, anyway, politicians are always going to say what they think
the voters want to hear BEFORE the election,and the do whatever
they want to, AFTER they are elected, so what's the use?

6) The media are bought and paid for by the 'powers that be', so you
can't believe anything,about anyone,anymore.

7) I don't have the time to get involved in the political process,
and/or I've got better things to do with my time.

8) All anyone can do is determine how to get what they want by
dealing with things as they are, so you just gotta make the best
of a bad bargain. The more things change,the more they stay the
same. Just deal with it.

9) It's just human nature to look-out for number one,so you can't
blame the politicians for being human!

As long as the majority of the voting public accepts the definition
of politics as being a variety of competing interests vying for
power and influence, instead of said definition being the striving
to determine what is fair and best for ALL citizens, we will continue
to see ourselves,our children and our children's children living in a world of lies,hypocrisies,manipulations and deceptions.

It is commonly accepted that we, the human species, are the end
result of a process called 'evolution'.

I suspect that the truth is precisely the opposite,that we are
actually no more 'evolved' than the so-called 'lower species' and,
in fact,are devolving as each successive generation is conditioned
to comply with the dictates of the few,all the while being told we
are somehow in control of those small minority of manipulators who
direct the social and economic policies imposed upon us,create the
laws they force us to obey and,thus,gain wealth and more power to
continue and expand their control every day.

There are only two viable forces that the common citizen possesses:

1) Economic (the power of BOYCOTT)

2) Political (the power to VOTE OUT/FIRE)

Should enough citizens choose to selectively refuse to purchase a
product/service from a business,(ie. BOYCOTT),that business will eventually strive to determine why they have been boycotted and make
the necessary adjustments to their business practices,albeit quite
reluctantly,or they will be replaced by a business more responsive
to the needs of the citizens.

Should enough citizens choose to fire/vote out all incumbents
presently holding the powers of public offices,those seeking to have
political power will,eventually,have to convince the voting public
that they are honestly and sincerely dedicated to act in only the
best interests of all citizens, not merely in the best interests of
themselves and their chosen few associates.

All problems inherent in determining which specific businesses to
boycott and the purposes of said selections require the citizen to
engage and participate.

All problems inherent in determining which politicians to fire/vote
out of office are easily solved by firing all current incumbents,
continueing to do so,until authentically honest candidates begin to
run for office.

All problems inherent in determining whether a political candidate
for office is,in fact,honest and sincere about truly serving the
best interests of all citizens require the citizen to engage and

Thus,it may seem to be difficult at best,and impossible at worst,to
reverse the process of devolution.

A depressing thought. But likely true.

Any comments?