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Maine Township Republican Club and Patrice McDonough of Des Plaines 6th Ward

Maine Township Republican Club.jpg
The Maine Township Republican Club and Patrice McDonough, a Des Plaines 6th Ward Candidate for Alderman was invited to join this Suburban Political Powerhouse. Many of Des Plaines top candidates were invited to attend this event at the Heritage in Des Plaines. A question period followed. During the event a fire alarm went off and I still have a headache from the noise. The event was a great success. Patrice McDonough was invited to become a member. Remember you can become a member if you call, 1-847-296-1474. From the left pictured is Carolyn Simmons, Beth-Su Anderson, Andrei Nankervis, Kathernie Gans, Patrice McDonough, Cora Thompson, Mary Childers, and Irene Ruckoldt. The Maine Township Womens Republican Club was founded in 1944. Photo By Patrick McDonough.


Thanks for attending our Maine Twp. Republican Womans' Club Forum for the April 17, 2007 elections. Having great publicity like your site really gives us a boost of energy to do more.