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Daley's Goons arrested in Suburbs

Read and learn about Daley's politics infiltrating the suburbs. It is all about the Chicago's O'Hare expansion billions, not about obeying the Judge or the law. Click below. Patrick McDonough

O'Hare expansion official arrested in Bensenville
August 24, 2007 - Bensenville Police arrested two people Friday as crews from Chicago tried to board up properties in Bensenville.
The general council on the O'Hare Modernization Project, Jamie Rhee, and a foreman from the board up company face public nuisance charges.
The city purchased properties in Bensenville for the O'Hare expansion project. A judge ruled last month that the city can't do anything to those properties while tests are done to determine the impact demolition would have on the neighborhood.

City officials tell ABC7 they have the right to maintain and board up their properties and they plan on trying again on Monday.


2 cited after trying to board up houses
Tribune staff report
August 26, 2007
BENSENVILLE - Two people were taken into custody Friday in Bensenville as Chicago officials attempted to board up properties, village officials said.

Jamie Rhee, general counsel for the O'Hare Modernization Program, and a foreman for a board-up company were cited for creating a public nuisance and later released, according to Village Manager Jim Johnson.
The city bought properties in Bensenville for the $15 billion O'Hare International Airport expansion project intended to ease runway congestion.

What about securing the buildings for safety?

This is the predictable result of the misuse of the power of Eminent Domain forced 'sale' of privately owned real property.

These properties are within the jurisdiction of the municipality of Bensenville.

The owner of said real properties is subject to the laws of Bensenville.

Any agents of said owner are also subject to the laws of Bensenville.

If the owner of these properties doesn't like the laws of Bensenville, the owner is 'free' to sell said properties.

Any interested buyers?