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September 29, 2007

Mr. Frank and Rachel Avila Wed Today

Mr. Frank and Rachel Avila.jpg
Today I attended a lovely and classy wedding of the new Mr. Frank and Rachel Avila. The wedding was absolutely stunning and was a Latin mass. This has to be one of the most classy affairs I have ever been invited to. I hope Rachel realizes she is going to be married to a famous lawyer. Rachel looked like Lady Di, like a princess. Frank Avila never looked better. Also in attendance was a very proud Commissioner and Sherry Avila, beaming parents. This was a very well attended affair. Good Luck and God Bless. Patrick McDonough

September 28, 2007

Today last day for Shakman exemption forms

the wailing wall.jpg
If you do not wish to participate in the 12 million dollars settlement, make sure you opt out. Today September 28, 2007, you must go to Noel Brennan's office and sign the form. They will be open late. You call also go to Chicago City Hall and get the form on the first floor. You can call Kelly Fox at Shakman Monitor, the number is, 312-422-0001. Why the picture of the wailing wall in Jerusalem? That is because after this "deal" is completed, you will hear wailing from Chicago all the way to Jerusalem. Did your union help you at all? Patrick McDonough.

Daley-run Hiring Objected Thank God

Daley has ruled over hiring for over 20 years. Way to many people have been cheated out of an opportunity to get a job and promotion. The Chicago residency program for Chicago employees are an additional tool Daley uses to keep enough city workers to perform his political desires. Thanks again to Fran Spielman for this article. Patrick McDonough

Shakman monitor objects to Daley-run hiring office
FEDERAL WATCHDOG | Cites 'history of noncompliance'

September 28, 2007
BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter fspielman@suntimes.com
A federal hiring monitor Thursday filed strenuous objections to Mayor Daley's plan to create a new Office of Compliance to police city hiring and pick up where the monitor leaves off.

Noelle Brennan cited the city's "history of noncompliance,'' a series of violations and fears that only Inspector General David Hoffman is independent enough to guarantee compliance.

Brennan cited examples, including the case of a high-ranking employee who dared to report a violation to the monitor and was punished.

• Monitor blasts Daley hiring plan
Individuals in the mayor's office retaliated against the employee by attempting to "exclude her from meetings . . . have her stripped of certain duties and attempting to isolate her from the rest of her working group,'' the report said. The only explanation for the treatment was that the employee "could not be trusted.''
Several other examples were cited.

"Even after the appointment of the monitor, the city continued to violate the Shakman decree by appointing individuals into 'exempt' positions that simply did not exist," the monitor wrote.

"To 'correct' this problem, a former deputy chief of staff violated the decree further by moving open Shakman-exempt slots from one department to another, an action prohibited" by court order.

And despite a requirement that individuals involved in the hiring process verify that it was free from political influence by signing sworn affidavits, an audit revealed that "hundreds of certifications were missing for completed hires and only partial certifications existed for others."

In another case, the monitor told the city that a city department had engaged in "extensive and blatant manipulation of the hiring rules to promote two pre-selected individuals into higher paid positions."

In a settlement reached earlier this year, the city agreed to set up a $12 million fund to compensate applicants bypassed in favor of political favorites. Under that agreement, the city can get out from under the Shakman decree Dec. 31, 2008, if the court agrees that there is substantial compliance.

Brennan filed her objections with U.S. District Judge Wayne Andersen, who will make the final decision.

September 23, 2007

Richard M. Daley's Chicago Bears Lose Again.

Chicago Bears led by Mayor Richard M. Daley lose 34-10. Things are looking bad for Mayor Daley. It is Mayor Daley's fault. We need a new Mayor to take credit when credit is due. Dallas Cowboy's mayor is better than Richard M. Daley anytime.

Chicago Clout salutes Brenden Reilly on Children Museum Fight

young family watches parade.jpg
Chicago has a world famous park at the lakefront. Mr. Montgomery Ward helped make this park what it is today. Mayor Daley and his Administration want to put a Children's Museum on this protected land. We admire Alderman Reilly for standing up to Daley. Daley is a bully and a puppet for the wealthy, (those who coughed up the loot for Millenium Park) See our "Chicago Millennium Park Mausoleum" story. Daley on the other hand uses taxpayer money to pay for his family named smeared all over our parks and buildings. Daley can steal all he wants but he and his family will never be accepted by Chicago's elite. The Chicago elite want nothing to do with the mafia or their front-men. Oprah (sewer job in parking lot, remember that call Daley?) and the likes of the Pritzkers want nothing to do with Daley unless they are using him for their end game. The bottom line is, the Chicago black leadership are not zeroing in on getting this Children's Museum in the west side of Chicago. Northern Island was mentioned, why not get some action on the south side? The children in the poorer sections need jobs and more opportunity Mayor Daley. Let some black enterprises make some real money like your family makes, not just crumbs for lousy dead end jobs. I sick of seeing black companies getting table scraps from Daley's white contractor pals that make billions. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Look at this new Daley Pig at the public trough again Bob Vanecko Oink Oink

Marry a Daley become a instant millionaire. Remember when Mayor Daley set up Mariam Santos, click here: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4155/is_20060104/ai_n15973785 to get control of the Chicago Fireman's Pension? Victor Crown saw right through the lies years ago. Bob Vanecko should make sure he coughs up the "Daley Cut", for this lucrative "can't loose" contract. In the ghetto, Bob and his pals can shortchange the quality because they know the west side of Chicago is easy pickings for Daley's operations. Low grade work, "Blame the Minority Contractors" ect., shady insurance deals, and clever financing. I hope all the Chicago Building Inspector's know to look the other way also. Read this article by Tim Novak, http://www.suntimes.com/news/politics/570056,CST-NWS-vanecko23.article to learn more about Bob Vanecko. Chicago area's poor blacks never seem to figure out there is a gold mine in the ghetto, all you need is the right connections and keys to the public trough. As a Chicago City Worker, I know if Daley and his family steal every penny in our pensions, I know the Taxpayers will need to replace the money. Remember one thing that is a fact, the posting of the pension board is a corrupt as the postings for promotions in the past. Some old crap, same old lies, same old corruption, same old lies, and same old Mayor. Mayor Daley is a disgrace. Patrick McDonough.

September 21, 2007

Chicago Blacks Support Jena 6

Chicago Supports Jena 6.jpg
Chicago supports the Jena 6. Read more by Mary Mitchell, click here: http://blogs.suntimes.com/mitchell/2007/08/who_are_the_jena_6.html If you keep voting for Obama and Daley, you will see more of this poor treatment of blacks in the world. This photo was taken at Kedzie and Ogden near the Chicago Police station. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

This is what happens when Clout runs Chicago Government

Enjoy this City of Chicago Chicago soap opera. Taxpayers vote for Daley, Daley hires fools and misfits, people go on paid leave for months, more pending lawsuits, Chicago Law Department drags the fight on for years, Taxpayers pay millions in settlements, Chicago goes broke, taxes go up, and Taxpayers vote for Daley. Enjoy the story below. I got some details wrong a couple of weeks ago, this happened next to the Chicago Department of Water Management on Pershing near Ashland. Patrick McDonough

Do-nothing worker or racist boss?
DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION | Former alderman's girlfriend, nephew of late congressman in flap

September 21, 2007
The nephew of a former Northwest Side congressman on Thursday emphatically denied making racist and sexist comments to co-workers at the city's Department of Transportation and said he was falsely accused -- and fired -- for cracking the whip against unproductive city inspectors.

Joseph Annunzio, a nephew of the late Rep. Frank Annunzio (D-Ill.), said the woman who filed the bogus complaint is the girlfriend of Cook County Commissioner William Beavers, a former alderman.

Joseph Annunzio, a nephew of the late Rep. Frank Annunzio (D-Ill.), said the woman who filed the bogus complaint is the girlfriend of Cook County Commissioner William Beavers, a former alderman.

Annunzio charged that Patty Young "never wrote any citations, hardly did any work and spent most of her time in the office just walking around." Annunzio said when he "called her on it numerous times," Beavers sent county board liaison Frank D'Amato to deliver a message to Annunzio's father, an aide to Ald. Tom Allen (38th): "Tell your son to leave Beavers' girlfriend Patty Young and her friends alone."

Former Assistant Project Director Joe Annunzio has been charged with racism by another city employee, and he has since been fired.
(Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times)

Annunzio charged that Patty Young "never wrote any citations, hardly did any work and spent most of her time in the office just walking around." Annunzio said when he "called her on it numerous times," Beavers sent county board liaison Frank D'Amato to deliver a message to Annunzio's father, an aide to Ald. Tom Allen (38th): "Tell your son to leave Beavers' girlfriend Patty Young and her friends alone."

"I am a white supervisor in a position of authority who's holding people accountable to do their jobs and stories are being made up so they don't have to do their jobs," Annunzio said.

"I made people work eight hours a day. They were held accountable for writing citations, inspecting road construction, working with utility companies on street openings and meeting with aldermen to resolve complaints. Everybody was charted on a graph. Most of those with allegations against me were either at the bottom of the chart or have been suspended by me."

Beavers could not be reached for comment. Young acknowledged she's dating Beavers but denied her boyfriend stuck up for her -- or sent an emissary to order Annunzio to back off.

"Nothing is going to explain why he called us n------. . . I did not run around calling people n------, bitches and hos. He doesn't understand what he did wrong," said Young, who said she has been on leave for stress since June because of the abuse she took from Annunzio and other supervisors.

Annunzio, 42, is now awaiting final word from the Human Resources Board on the firing sought by Inspector General David Hoffman and affirmed by former Transportation Commissioner Cheri Heramb.

Annunzio was placed on paid administrative leave from his $77,148-a-year job in April after being accused of calling female co-workers "bitches," using the n-word, "mambo" and "Magilla the Gorilla" to address African Americans and for referring to immigrants as "f---ing foreigners."

He was further accused of parading around at an office holiday party with a red tablecloth over his head while calling himself the "grand wizard," a title used by leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

On Thursday, Annunzio flatly denied those charges.

He acknowledged using vulgarity to get his points across to underlings. He admitted that his use of the word "foreigners" to describe immigrants may have been insensitive.

But he said he never once made racist, sexist or other demeaning remarks to co-workers. And he said the infamous tablecloth incident was made up out of whole cloth to get rid of him for cracking the whip.

Annunzio said he's willing to take a lie detector test to prove he never made racist or sexist comments.

"They accused me of jumping up and down like a monkey and wearing red hoods. They said it happened in one office, then in another office, then down the hall. It never happened," he said. "It's crazy. That's why the stories are totally inconsistent."

September 20, 2007

Must See T.V. on Channel 2 Tonight Fire Hydrants

I will have a link on this story after it is on the air tonight. I am happy to report Channel 2 News in Chicago is doing more reports on the condition of Fire Hydrants. Make sure you see the 10:00 p.m. News. The story is an ongoing series, I have mentioned on this site before. The Investigative Reporter is Dave Savini. I have harped again and again about the problems with fire hydrants.(Update) click here for video: http://cbs2chicago.com/local/local_story_263215709.html Thank you Channel 2 Chicago. Patrick McDonough.

September 17, 2007

Press Release: Daley Solves CTA Budget Shortfall

Chicago CTA Buses.jpg
Mayor Daley was a proud passenger on these new "Green" CTA buses. Daley said they are very roomy and solves all the looming problems Daley has caused by spending Chicago Mass Transportation money on consulting and phony contracts. Do not worry about pollution on these new fancy buses. If you spit, hang your head over the bus and spit on the street. If you like eating nuts, throw the shells over the side. The new CTA buses will be easy to clean. It is very cold on these buses during winter, but they are very fuel efficient. Mayor Daley is very short and told everyone this is as roomy as his big gas guzzling Lincoln. Are you glad you voted for Mayor "Lil Richard" and John Daley? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

September 15, 2007

Alderman Anthony Beale's 9th Annual Back to School Parade

Chicago Alderman Anthony Beale.jpg
Please enjoy a picture of 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale. Today's Parade was very classy. I thought the walk would never end. The 9th Ward Back to School Parade was from 125th & Michigan to 111th & King in the Chicago's South Side. The entertainment was excellent and the event was fun. I think this young man pictured with Alderman Beale is his son. Please visit the 9th Ward website, click here: http://www.ward09.com/site/epage/5093_292.htm Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Constance A. "Connie" Howard 34th Illinois State Representative

Constance A. Howard Illinois State Representative 34th District.jpg
I enjoyed taking this picture of Constance A. Howard. She is the Illinois State Representative of the 34th District. Quite a classy lady. Please visit her website click here: http://www.ilga.gov/house/Rep.asp?MemberID=925 She is with Commissioner Frank Avila. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Cook County Commissioner Deborah Sims

Commissioner Deborah Sims.jpg
Today, David, Patrick, and Michael met a very classy lady, Commissioner Deborah Sims. Please see her website, click here: http://www.co.cook.il.us/district05.htm Photo by Patrick McDonough

The Chicago Fire Department Survive Alive House

Chicago Fire Department Survive Alive House.jpg
Thank you to Chicago Firefighters for showing my kids the proper way to handle a fire in your home. My sons learned important tips to get out alive. They also received a "10 steps to Fire Safety Booklet". Thank you to all my City of Chicago Firemen and women. This mobile home was given by an Insurance company to help save lives. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Representative William Davis

Rep. William Davis 30th District Illinois.jpg
Today, my sons and I listened to William Davis, Illinois State Representative of Illinois's 30th District. He was speaking at the 9th annual Back to School Parade, Health Fair & Picnic. I enjoyed his speech, he is a well respected leader. Click here to know more about William Davis: http://www.ilga.gov/house/Rep.asp?MemberID=1024 Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Get in your Chicago St. Patrick's Day Application Here

Chicago St. Patrick's Day Queen.jpg
Chicago has approved some mighty ugly St. Patrick's Day Queens lately. In fact many have been as pretty as the above captioned picture. At Chicago Clout, we are accepting applications for any Irish Girl that wants to be the first St. Paddy Day's Queen. Rules: 1. Must be Irish, or have a Irish name. 2. Must be 18, in college or accepted to attend a four year college. 3. You cannot be over college age. Old Italian Doctors need not apply. 4. You must have a reasonable figure and a pleasant personality. 5. Must agree to be on Television for an on air interview. 6. You must look like a Irish (Fox) lass. 7. You must prove excellent grades in High School and involvement in extracurricular activities.

Awards will include $1,000.00 scholarship (Check made to your school in your name) Four chances to co-host in a professionally produced program. There will be additional awards. All accepted applicants will be treated fairly.
Click here to send your resume and picture: captpaddy@msn.com
Good luck, prizes awarded on the air this St. Patrick's Day. Patrick McDonough

September 14, 2007

Over Seven Political Pigs commit suicide

Daley's Chinatown Boyz.jpg
The Chicago Police have a nasty habit of not figuring out the corruption and vice that fuels the political scene in our town. Please enjoy some little political pigs that decided to commit suicide rather than give up the details of Hired Truck Scandals, contract scandals, Hiring Scandals, and massage parlors. I must say, most political piggies would never think of shooting themselves in the head, but as the Feds get closer to the Political Mob, more piggies will keep committing "Suicide". Maybe we will figure out who is killing after Daley is out of office. If your wife is treating you bad, you can get a back massage in the 11th Ward that will make you forget your vows. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

September 13, 2007

Check out this new Blog Chicago City Workers

We have a new entry in the world of Blogs. Click here: http://chicagoworker.blogspot.com/ Some person named Garbageman is trying to get something going. Please help. Patrick McDonough.

September 12, 2007

Mayor Daley rides a bike in Gay Paree

Daley in Gay Paree.jpg
Mayor Daley likes riding bikes. In fact he got hurt riding a bicycle a while ago. I hope Mayor Daley remembered to put the bike seat on for this bumpy ride. My goodness, this Bridgeport native has a funny face, doesn't he? Photo by A.P. Enjoy Patrick McDonough.

September 11, 2007

Chicago Remembers 9/11 in 2007 Mayor Daley in Paris

Today I took my family to church to remember September 11, 2001. Mayor Daley is in Paris France having a good time. I am sorry and apologize to every Chicago Area soldier that serves America. All Chicagoans, except maybe, Mayor Daley, supports our troops. Patrick McDonough.

John "Kickin Ass" Kass on Hired Truck and Mob.

Please read about more mystery deaths. Lots more soon. Read below.

5 mobsters down, but more work ahead
John Kass
September 11, 2007
Joseph "The Clown" Lombardo wasn't pleased with Monday's verdict in the Family Secrets Outfit conspiracy trial in federal court.

He was found guilty, along with the other street bosses and soldiers. Well after the verdict, as court was ending, Lombardo jabbed his cane into the courtroom floor, making angry, frustrated gestures at his veteran criminal defense lawyer Rick Halprin.

Why he was angry with Halprin was anyone's guess, but I'll speculate that Lombardo expected some kind of a miracle. But this was federal court, not Cook County Circuit Court, and so there were no friendly ward organizations to sprinkle magic fairy dust over some local judge.

Now, about those 18 killings ...
It wasn't Halprin who put Lombardo's fingerprint on the title application for a car used in the 1974 murder of federal witness Danny Seifert. It was Lombardo who pressed his finger there. Now he's paying for it: The 78-year-old Outfit boss won't be free until the demons come for him at the end of his days.

While Lombardo was animated, Jimmy Marcello, 65, kept his face as smooth as egg whites on a plate, cheeks pale against his black polo shirt and gray sports jacket, in that west suburban let's-go-to-Rosebud look. He gave his lawyer Marc Martin a kiss on the cheek.

Anthony "Twan" (Passafiume) Doyle -- the 62-year-old Chicago cop and Chinatown crew bone crusher and debt collector who found himself on federal tape talking about cattle prods for Outfit informants -- closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

He might have been wondering why he didn't plead guilty and take 5 years, rather than face up to 20 on the racketeering charge. Or he might have merely closed his eyes to avoid the jury that stood, individually, bravely affirming their convictions of Doyle and the others.

We couldn't see Frank Calabrese Sr., 70, too well. His lawyer Joe Lopez had him hunker down behind file folders. So I couldn't see if he looked like a benign cheese salesman from Wisconsin, the way I'd seen him at the beginning of all of this, or the kind of man who'd put his heel against your neck as he pulled the rope.

But there was one more. Paul "The Indian" Schiro, 69, a jewelry thief who previously was convicted in an unrelated case and worked in the gang led by former Chicago Police Chief of Detectives William Hanhardt.

Schiro stood behind the visibly upset Lombardo, but Schiro, ever the servant, kept still. He hasn't made a face throughout this long trial and kept his flat again on Monday. Lombardo waved his arms, a spindly primate, and Schiro just stood there, like a butler, the loyal domestic ready to clean up again after his boss if something got spilled.

They're all guilty now, with more arguments set for Tuesday about which of the men should be held responsible for 18 previously unsolved murders in this case.

And I wonder -- and I'm sure the Outfit is wondering -- where the feds go from here? Do they keep pushing on the old murders? Or do they begin to finally focus on the connection between local politics and the Outfit?

I don't know. But I do know there are other unsolved slayings of recent vintage.

Though 18 are on their way to being resolved, here are a few unsolved deaths.

One of these isn't even called a murder. It's called an accident. A Chinatown accident in Will County.

Nick LoCoco, 64, an Outfit bookie and retired City Hall hack -- also indicted in the City Hall Hired Truck scandal -- died in November 2004.

LoCoco died of a crushed skull while taking a horseback ride during football season. How odd. I'm not a gambler, but I've never heard of a bookie deciding to take a horsey-back ride on a Sunday afternoon between NFL games. But LoCoco apparently did, and he died for it.

If you believe that bookies take horseback rides during NFL games, you might be what Twan Doyle calls a "chumbolone," Chinatown slang for someone lacking the necessary wits.

But you're reading this, so you're no chumbolone.

Another strange case was last year's disappearance of mobster Anthony Zizzo, 71, involved in Family Secrets, who left his Jeep at a Melrose Park restaurant and has never been found.

The 2001 killing of Anthony "The Hatch" Chiaramonti at a Brown's Chicken and Pasta place in Lyons remains unsolved, as is the December 1999 slaying of Bridgeport neighborhood burglar and hitman Ronnie Jarrett.

Jarrett, the friend of Outfit turncoat Nicholas Calabrese, was gunned down outside his home. Witnesses said they saw two African-American men running, which is about as believable as Nick LoCoco on a horse with a game on TV.

In 1999, Chicago water taxi service owner Donald Schemel, 48, received two bullets behind his ear at 1900 S. Lumber St., after his business was being harassed by City Hall inspectors.

And Michael Cutler, 19, was killed in 1998 in an apparent robbery on the West Side. Cutler was a witness in the savage beating of Lenard Clark, a young black teenager who was assaulted by the son of Frank "Toots" Caruso. Frank Jr. was convicted of the sensational crime. And Cutler got one in the chest.

What does this tell us?

That the FBI and the U.S. attorney's office still have much work to do.

September 10, 2007

Mayor Daley's Spanish No Parking Signs

Chicago's No Parking Sign.jpg
Chicago Taxpayers are paying for No Parking signs printed in the Spanish Language. Mayor Daley knows these fine people are fined for any minor infraction they commit. Daley targets these people for votes and taxes. I am suggesting Stupido Daley print signs in every language. If you notice, Daley "forgets" to print his name on any Revenue trucks or signs. Classy, right Amigo? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

September 9, 2007

Mayor Daley's Chicago Bears Lose 14-3

Mayor Daley hires suburban tow truck companies

Towing Companies Chicago.jpg
Did you have you car towed in Chicago? Do you live in Chicago and pay Mayor Daley's high taxes because of waste and poor management? Did you ever park your car for just a minute to long and your car was gone? Mayor Daley gave a nice juicy contract to E & R Towing. E & R Towing is located in Markham Illinois. Look at the picture, a Chicago resident's auto with a Chicago city sticker is losing their car to a company located in the suburbs, Shame, Shame, Shame, Mayor Daley. Why does this company have a contract? Why does this company hire minority tow truck sub-contractors? The $275, 325 contact since 2004 shows only a few thousand paid on Chicago's web-site. This company is cleaning up Mayor Daley. Lets hire Chicago companies to tow our cars, not Daley's pals in the suburbs, what an insult. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

September 8, 2007

Commissioner Frank Avila at the Von Steuben Parade in Chicago

Commissioner Avila at Von Steuben Parade 2007.jpg
On September 8, 2007, I had the honor to walk in the Chicago Von Steuben Parade with Commissioner Frank Avila and the Water Reclamation Parade Float. A new law was passed and no one was allowed to ride on the float. This rule will be broken at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Patrick, David, and Micheal helped carry Commissioner Frank Avila's banner. My sons were adopted by the 47th Ward bosses for the Day. God bless all my German friends that made America Great. Nice parade. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Pretty German Girls at 2007 Von Steuben Parade Chicago

Chicago German Girls Von Steuben Parade.jpg
David and Michael met some classy ladies at Chicago's Von Steuben Parade. This parade celebrates German Heritage. This parade route was on Lincoln Avenue, from Irving Park to Laurence. September 8, 2007. See you next year. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago's Von Steuben Parade 2007

Von Steuben Parade.jpg
Enjoy a picture of Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough, with the Cook County Sheriff Pastor Stein. Priests with badges? Photo by Patrick McDonough

Must see T.V. CAN-TV Chicago

Saturday September 8, 2007 4:45 pm TV 21 Chicago Clout
Wednesday September 12, 2007 10:00 p.m. TV 21 Chicago Clout City worker fired unfairly
Wednesday September 19, 2007 10:45 p.m. TV 21 Chicago Clout
Thursday September 20, 2007 6:30 p.m. TV 19 Chicago Clout
Friday September 21, 2007 1:30 p.m. TV 19 Chicago Clout
Saturday September 29, 2007 5:30 p.m. TV 21 Chicago Clout City worker fired unfairly
Watch smart T.V. learn Host Frank Avila Producer Patrick McDonough

Dr. John P. Kenney DDS. MS "TOT DOC"

Dr. Kenney Park Ridge.jpg
Dr. John P. Kenney is a famous dentist specialising in care for children and adolescents. Dr. Kenney is pictured with his office manager Kim Arnone. I have known Dr. Kenney for many years and became his friend. Dr. Kenney is a first responder on the Special Presidential Team that has the gruesome task of identifying victims of major tragedy. Dr. Kenney is also a famous speaker to F.B.I. and local police meetings. Dental plumbing requires the highest technical expertise and Dr. Kenney uses McDonough Plumbing. You can contact Dr. Kenney at 847-698-2088. He practice is located at 101 S. Washington Street Park Ridge, Illinois 60068. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Good Luck Lester Cioch in your retirement.

It looks as though Ted Matlack former Alderman of the Chicago 32nd Ward, spelled trouble for Lester Cioch. The new Alderman, Scott Waguespack, did not use his clout to override the Chicago Inspector General's ruling to remove Lester Cioch. Also the Commissioner of the Department of Water Management, did not use his powers to reinstate Lester. This story was followed closely by Tribune star reporter Todd Lighty. Insiders told me Lester would have been reinstated if the heat had died down. Lester was on full pay for many months. This is another loss for Daley, as he ducks all the bad news in Paris, as usual. Do you think Lester was treated fair? Patrick McDonough

Acquitted city supervisor resigns
Tribune staff report
September 8, 2007

CHICAGO - A city supervisor accused of working for Mayor Richard Daley's re-election campaign on city time resigned last month from his $85,176-a-year job.

Lester Cioch, an assistant foreman of sewer cleaning and a precinct captain for the 32nd Ward Democratic Organization, had faced both criminal charges and internal personnel charges for passing Daley's nominating petitions on city time shortly before the February municipal election.

A Cook County judge in April found Cioch not guilty of misdemeanor charges of violating state and city ethics laws that prohibit public employees from doing political work while on the clock.

The judge questioned whether state law applied to city workers and the case was hurt because prosecutors could not produce as evidence the petitions circulated by Cioch. Daley's campaign had thrown out the petitions and said they were never submitted to election officials. Still, city Inspector General David Hoffman recommended Cioch be fired for violating city policy forbidding campaigning on city time.

September 7, 2007

Chicago Inspector General Under attack by Daley's Sheep

David Hoffman must be doing something correct, because Daley is doing everything he can to undermine the office of the Chicago Inspector General. Daley, do you want ole Alex back again to attack your political enemies? The Alderman need to crack down on the corruption. Patrick McDonough.

The Chicago City Sheep
September 7, 2007
Remember that newly emboldened, courageous and independent Chicago City Council? The one that emerged from the municipal election earlier this year, ready to show Mayor Richard Daley who's boss? Well, forget it. The sheep -- some old ewes and rams, some fledgling lambs -- are bleating in near-perfect harmony with the mayor.

If you listened Wednesday, you could hear Daley above the barnyard stampede in which aldermen voted 43-6 to give him what he desires: an Office of Compliance that is separate from the city inspector general he can't control.

Daley said his newly approved office "demonstrates the commitment to better manage government." He said this with a straight face.
In truth, the 43-6 vote demonstrates the City Council's commitment to (a) giving the mayor what he wants, lest he start punishing aldermen who don't play along, and (b) having someone other than Inspector General David Hoffman police the illicit exercise of clout at City Hall.

Context is everything: Team Daley wants U.S. District Judge Wayne Andersen to name anyone but Hoffman to monitor city adherence to a court settlement that prohibits most political hiring and promotions.

City attorneys spent years telling Andersen that City Hall was a clout-free zone -- until the conviction of former Daley patronage chief Robert Sorich and three other former officials made all those years of attorneys' claims look like poorly crafted lies.

Any reasonable person would conclude from that tawdry history that whoever monitors City Hall in the future shouldn't be from City Hall. But this Office of Compliance is from City Hall. "I don't believe the federal judge is going to approve this," Ald. Robert Fioretti (2nd) said Wednesday, and we all can hope he's correct.

If and when Andersen assigns the monitoring job to the inspector general, he could use as his reasoning the statement of Ald. Joe Moore (49th) that Daley's new Office of Compliance "undermines whatever public confidence is left in the ability of this city government to police itself in respect to hiring."

Fioretti, Moore and four other aldermen -- Toni Preckwinkle (4th), Leslie Hairston (5th), Sandi Jackson (7th) and Ricardo Munoz (22nd) -- stood alone against Daley's 43 timid sheep. Good for them.

Aldermen, of course, share Daley's interest in having City Hall monitor itself. Think about all those departments, all those offices, all those sinecures that for eons have asked "How high?" when an alderman says "Jump." Why would the sheep want someone as independent as Hoffman asking questions about how all those official conduits of clout hire and promote workers?

Sure, some aldermen will buck the mayor on an occasional safe issue. (Think "big-box" ordinance, with unions threatening to unseat aldermen who supported the mayor.)

But when there's no outside pressure and the mayor needs something -- something as crucial as a fig leaf over City Hall's frantic desire to keep the inspector general's office at bay -- that's when the sheep paw the line and say "Baaa."
Copyright © 2007, Chicago Tribune

September 6, 2007

Mayor Daley's Administration Photo

Daley and Friends.jpg
Please enjoy this photo of Mayor Daley and his Staff as the Sun-Times continues to expose his cheerleaders setting up scam deals and getting promoted for outrageous behavior and inside deals. We provided videos in the past that exposed the O'Hare expansion deals, and now enjoy this story about Rosemary Andolino. Does she have a husband with another name at the Department of Water Management? During 2003, Mayor Daley's staff was out of control and pigged on Taxpayers money for personal gain. I am disgusted. How many Chicago employees had scams like this noted below going on, and they get to keep their job. Read the story below. Patrick McDonough

Daley aide hoped to cash in on Rezko deal
Planner agreed to buy home as Rezko sought city's OK to expand

September 6, 2007
One of Chicago's top city planners agreed to buy a town home from politically connected developer Tony Rezko, even as her agency was deciding whether Rezko would be allowed to expand the project.

Rosemarie Andolino -- who was the second-ranking official in Mayor Daley's planning department -- said she hoped to make a buck by flipping the town house she bought from Rezko, the former high-flying developer now under indictment for fraud and corruption. But the housing market slumped, and, for now, she's stuck with the town house and leasing it out.

Rosemarie Andolino -- who was the second-ranking official in Mayor Daley's planning department -- said she hoped to make a buck by flipping the town house she bought from Rezko, the former high-flying developer now under indictment for fraud and corruption. But the housing market slumped, and, for now, she's stuck with the town house and leasing it out.

Andolino said she and her father agreed to buy the not-yet-built town house in 2003 only after leaving the planning department.
Rosemarie Andolino has been trying to sell this townhouse, left, ever since she and her father bought it from Tony Rezko.
Andolino said she and her father agreed to buy the not-yet-built town house in 2003 only after leaving the planning department.

"I was already gone when I made a purchase like every other citizen," Andolino said.

But, according to an attorney for Rezko's Rezmar Corp., the Andolinos' purchase contract was accepted on June 16, 2003. Andolino didn't leave the planning department until two weeks later, city records show -- on June 30, 2003. She left to run the mayor's O'Hare Modernization Program.

When Andolino signed the purchase papers, city planners were evaluating Rezko's request to build two additional town houses at the 54-unit development on Irving Park Road along the Chicago River, a request that was approved months later, after Andolino had left the agency.

Andolino and her father, Steven Andolino, were among the Rezko development's first buyers and paid one of the lowest prices -- about $434,000. Their home has two bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths, though no view of the river.

Andolino said she never met Rezko. And she said she doesn't recall if she was ever involved with any deal Rezko did with the planning department -- including his failed plans for a blockbuster development on 62 acres in the South Loop, for which Rezko was seeking $140 million in tax subsidies from the city.

The Andolinos closed on the town house in August 2005 and immediately began trying to resell it.

Other public officials have made money buying homes in other Rezko developments and reselling them. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) made a $175,000 profit last year when he sold a home he'd bought from Rezko two years earlier. And Jack Lavin made $50,000 when he resold a home in 2000 he'd bought from Rezko five months earlier. At the time, Lavin was a Rezko employee. He's now the state's economic development director.

Tim Novak
Gerald Wesolowski -- the convicted bagman who collected bribes from Hired Truck companies for former city water honcho Donald Tomczak -- is back home. Wesolowski, who was an administrator in the city water department, was released Aug. 24 from a halfway house after serving most of his two-year prison sentence for pocketing $4,000 of the nearly $200,000 in kickbacks he collected for Tomczak, who's still locked up.
Tim Novak

September 3, 2007

Chicago Clout's Kosher Pork Loin Back Ribs

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I hope some day you try my World famous Kosher* Pork Loin Back Ribs. Kosher and pork is not possible? I ascended the highest hill in Chicago and went into deep prayer. God returned me to Costco and I bought a $30.00 batch of the best ribs I know of. First, I use season rub and wrap them tight in aluminum foil and bake for three hours at 300 degrees. Next they hit the grill for a half an hour of low heat, I make sure they did not dry out. I than spread them with Kosher* salt and Roadhouse B-B-Q sauce. God appeared from the smoke of my grill and approved these pork ribs as Rabbi approved. Thank you God. If you want a detailed recipe, please e-mail me. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Clout Salutes "Ole John Daley"

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This is one of my best pals, his name is "Ole John Daley". Just like the real 11th Ward Commissioner John Daley, this little fellow is the rut of the bunch. I like him very much and he is nice to children, but acts pretty stupid unless it is time to eat. The other tall and handsome horses protect this fellow if any danger is present, just like real life, right John? Still, we would not appreciate just how lucky we are with-out a character like this in the group. Happy Labor Day to All of Chicago's Union Writers, I am going to join the Writers Union soon. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend Chicago

Chicago Clout Horses.jpg
These guys make me very happy and I am glad to report they are happy to see me. I wish to salute all the Union Workers that have been assaulted for so long by business in Chicago. The Union skilled tradesman and women made this city what it is. Many people like to take credit for the sweat of another persons brow, but we know many Chicago Politicians are not dedicated like Chicago's Workforce. I hope people make a goal this year to make sure the Alderman job becomes a full time position. I hope Chicago Unions are not asleep again and continue to move forward on Union issues. I know Patrick McDonough and Chicago Clout will never rest. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

September 1, 2007

Mayor Daley gives wrecked up Bridges for Yuppies

Chicago's Dangerous Bridges 2.jpg
Chicago has a major infrastructure problem that is increasing by the day. Yuppies pass by this major structural beam that holds up the bridge at 15th and Halstad. At the base of the beam you can see major parts of the steel is rusted through and the rust is chipping everywhere. I do not care if you think Daley is a great guy or not, but call Chicago's 311 Center and lets get this problem straighted out before people die. We need money for the streets, the maintenance, and the safety of Chicago. Chicago does not need any more money wasted on the Olympic bid. Enough is Enough Chicago. If you look on the east side of the Dan Ryan across from Sox's Park, Daley is currently having those bridges gussied up. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley blames the FEDS for Bad Bridges

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Enjoy a picture of a Chicago bridge at 15th street and Halstad. Should Mayor Daley keep blaming the George Bush Administration for bad bridges, or get some Union painters to remove rust and apply some paint once in a while? This is a disgrace. Metra train roll over this bridge every day. An old boss of mine once said sarcasticly, "There is never enough time to do the job right the first time, but always enough time to repair it again and again"? Photo by Patrick McDonough.