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Frank Avila Jr. just before marriage

Frank Avila Jr. Wedding Day.jpg
This is a picture of a young man showing the Groom the directions to his wedding. Frank Avila looked great that day and did not seem nervous. I guess that is because of his military training as Captain of the U.S. Army. Frank is the son of Commissioner Frank Avila Sr. of the Water Reclamation District. Frank overcame health issues just prior to the wedding. Photo by Patrick McDonough.


I haven't seen an Ascott tie in a long time.

Frank looked a little lost--the boy helped him find his way. I am glad Frank didn't get too lost and he is married now.

(Response) Lord have Mercy.

He looks good for just having a operation.

Avila does deserve a lot of credit for fighting HDO and police misconduct early

and for being the attorney to McDonough deepwater and McDonough and the vortex rain-blocker

That is a nice white vest. Good haircut. We are glad he is out of the hospital and got married and is OK.

Frank Avila is a handsome man. The best catch in Chicago. Good Luck.