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Mayor Daley's 11th Ward Subcontractor Sleeping on Job 12/20/2007

Mayor Daley's Subcontractors sleeping.jpg On a prior post dated January 25, 2007, I outlined some inside contract deals at the Chicago Department of Water Management. I showed how Chicago, under the Daley Machine allows companies to change hands as the heat approaches. The post was "Chicago Water Management Contractor Update". Today, I passed a company van with a juicy contract with the Chicago Department of Water Management, a contract that takes work away from Chicago Citizens with Union benefits. The man in the van had no idea I was taking pictures of him. I notified 311 and they told me someone from the Chicago Department of Water Management will contact me, they never did. I called the Chicago Inspector General and reported this incident. I bet this will be covered up. This is part of an 11th Ward Tire Company. (Should be "Tired Company") Good Night Taxpayers, Photo by Patrick McDonough.


Mayor Daley. I am sick of the lies, Peter.