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Chicago City Workers Busted at a Side Job Today

In a conflict of interest, two Chicago City Workers, were installing plumbing and carpentry at 5969 West Superior today. Work was in progress at 3:45 p.m. Chicago's best and only Inspector General asked the Plumber and the Laborer employed by the Department of Water Management Central District, why were they doing a side job? The Inspector looked for the permit and could not find one. I am concerned when the Plumber said to me, "What are you doing here?". "You must live in Oak Park, right over there", said the Plumber. Just when you thought the North District boyz did all the side jobs, this pops up. What was I doing in Oak Park today? Patrick McDonough.


What about City of Chicago workers that have side jobs setting up shows at McCormick Place and are given preference to work over licensed carpenters, for those set ups. I guess it is a win win for the union, as they pay dues, but don't use/tap into the benefits, as they have insurance coverage from their city job--ie. CFD.

Do you ever report this stuff to proper authorities or just blog about it.

(Response) My inside people have informed me the Inspector General is swamped to the gills with investigations.

"(Response) My inside people have informed me the Inspector General is swamped to the gills with investigations."

I suppose, at this point in time, it would be futile to also pass this information on the the Crook County State's Attorney?

Or the proverbial 'Feds'?


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