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Mayor Daley and James Sullivan Talk at the 2008 Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Mayor Daley and James Sullivan.jpg I was happy to see Mayor Daley talking to James Sullivan, Business Manager of Plumber's Local 130 in Chicago. It is good for a Union Boss to have the Mayor's ear. Mayor Daley's motorcade came screaming up in his fancy gas guzzling Lincoln, lights flashing, and sirens wailing. I was hoping Daley would ride a bike to save gas. I hope everyone enjoyed their Saint Patrick's Day in Chicagoland. It is a shame Daley will not shake hands anymore. Photo by Patrick McDonough.


Hey look!!!! tricky Dickey has his hand in Jimmy Wimmys pocket, SHOCKING

That's not his pocket.

Pockets don't usually have zippers.

Wow thats a big one

Oh, hell no!