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March 31, 2009

Des Plaines Candidate Forum 2009 All City Clerk and Alderman Candidates

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March 30, 2009

Des Plaines, Niles, Park Ridge, Morton Grove, Franklin Park Mayoral Races Video

Russ Stewart covers the Northwest Mayoral Races. Many of the Chicago Northwest suburbs are electing new Mayors. Listen and watch this video as Russ Stewart gives the play by play. Who will you vote for? Des Plaines City Clerk candidate Patrice McDonough also plays a part in the races. Good luck to everyone. Russ Stewart, Host Patrick McDonough, Producer.

March 28, 2009

No Games Chicago Rally April 2, 2009 Federal Plaza Downtown Chicago 5p.m. 50 West Adams

No Games Chicago Clout.jpg If you are a Chicago Police Officer show up and demand your raise also

Mark Thompson Des Plaines Mayoral Candidate

Mark Thompson Des Plaines.jpg When I went to the Des Plaines Mayoral Debates hosted by the Des Plaines Journal and Topic Newspapers, I was hoping to hear some fireworks from Mark Thompson. Mark has been in the local newspapers for decades. He has a clean record and I was surprised at some of the comments lobbed to him by candidates that were also Republicans. Mark should have put Marty Moylan in check for the many issues Des Plaines residents are questioning. Mark, as a lawyer, and a leader in the Republican Party, should have light the way to troubling ethical issues. Mark did not dial in Moylan who is lacking experience to remove the City of Chicago out of Des Plaines future. My sources are telling me Daley is preparing to muscle into this town and property around the airport might be acquired. Mark was difficult to get a hold of today, which is not good. Mark should have his own pot of gold for this campaign to wage war. I like Mark Thompson and always will, he is a great party line guy. But Mark, take out the guns and start shooting, protect your party. Photo by Patrick McDonough

March 27, 2009

Chicago Clout got this one wrong; Chicago Rental Problems need Inspectors

Renee McManus.jpg Renee McManus was posting me about her situation for so long I had to block her, I just could not take it anymore. Her e-mails were well written, intelligent, thoughtful and researched. At first I would read them, set them aside, and then she got the best of me, I told her I would stop over with a camera and listen to her story. She balked, made excuses, and the old defense mechanism kicked in, I was done. I am sorry if I offend anyone but, I figured she is a 400 pound crazy woman with an apartment full of newspapers to the ceiling. Lately, she was back on the site and e-mailing me so today I got around to see what was going on. I stopped by the apartment and was very surprised, she was quite the opposite. She is a attractive women and lives in a sparse clean and neat apartment. The apartment is located at 227-231 West Menomonee in Chicago's near northside. The area is big money, neat, and classy. I walked around the building and I was approached by Bill Barry the owner, he demanded to know why I was inspecting the building; he told me Renee is suing him, ect. I saw exactly what Renee was talking about and she was correct in almost every aspect. I tried explaining the way you go about things can give you a more positive resolution. Renee has also clogged up the e-mail in every Chicago Department including the Chicago Inspector General. I hope the City of Chicago can go out and address her issues. I hope Bill Barry has enough common sense to "fish and cut bait". I think those two should part company. Make sure if you have rental issues in Chicago to get the Municipal Code of Chicago Title 5, chapter 12, Residential Landlords and tenants pamphlet. I am going to ask some of my friends in the building department to investigate this building in depth. The City of Chicago should resolve these issues in a timely manner. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Michael Lake at Des Plaines Mayoral Journal Topic Debate March 25, 2009

Michael Lake.jpg Michael Lake is running for Mayor of Des Plaines. He is running for Mayor of Des Plaines so he can be the next Alderman of Des Plaines 2nd ward held by Marty Moylan of the 2nd Ward who is running for Mayor of Des Plaines. (Crazy?) After watching the Des Plaines Mayoral Debate and watching Michael an ex-military man slopping all over Marty Moylan, I almost choked. So based on the information provided, if I lived in the Des Plaines 2nd ward, I would vote for Michael Lake, Dick Sayad, and/or Mark Thompson so I would not have Michael Lake as my 2nd ward Alderman. Free advice. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Clout salutes Peggy Figiel of Save Grant Park

PeggyFigiel.jpg I was happy to hear from Peggy Figiel of Save Grant Park today. I have fallen behind on new posts lately because many of my friends have had some legal issues with the City of Chicago. I am happy when people are passionate about their children's future, and are willing to fight for what they believe in. Old Mayor Daley has been messing with everything he can get his hands on; I think he wants to build his legacy. Some outspoken moms are getting ready to go into court soon. Make sure you google the Lincoln Park and Grant Park issues. Please keep these dates in mind, no shopping Neiman Marcus ladies, there is have work to do! Two lawsuits are in progress against the Chicago Children's Museum plans to mess up Grant Park. There is an Administrative Review to inspect the Chicago Plan Commissions decisions. The hearing is Tuesday, March 31st with Judge Martin Agran. The second lawsuit a Denovo Review, will review the entire application. That Hearing is on April 9th with Judge Sophia Hall. Help defray the legal expenses by contacting these people at http://www.savegrantpark.org/index.htm I am asking Peggy to comment more at a later time. We sent one of our legal scholars from the Municipal Advocate General to assist. Photo edited by Patrick McDonough.

On the fast track with James Laski and Tom Roeser

This week, I was in Park Ridge enjoying some good old fashion politics. Park Ridge has a mayoral race that is full steam ahead. I enjoy this kind of a race because many of the outlying suburbs were mainly Republican and is now infiltrated by the liberal wing of the Democrat party. If you have time, drive up Prospect Avenue, from Touhy Avenue to Oakton Street, the change is dramatic. Many of these homes had dyed in the wool Republicans, their houses now torn down and rebuilt, occupied by rich Democrats. I crack up because many of these suburbs pretend the run Independent, it is not true. I saw Tom Roeser, a famous radio personality at the Panera Bread Store, I was enjoying a French onion soup, I said hello. Tom told me about the Sneed column I was just in and he invited me on his radio show. I accepted, but I called him later about James Laski, a former Chicago City Clerk. James got a call from me because I was happy to see him on ABC 7 News. Blagojevich was just on the radio busting a move on double dippers like John D'Amico. (on WLS-Radio Don Wade and Roma show). John D'Amico works for the Chicago Department of Water Management sometimes. I have not talked to James Laski for a while and I knew he wanted to do some radio. James Laski is working a deal to get a regular talk show, sure to be successful. I know I offered James to do some commentary on Chicago Clout but it never happened. I am working with Attorney and Columnist Russ Stewart on a new studio in Park Ridge as we speak. There are some problems with CAN-TV funding and also the Press passes with the City of Chicago. Daley is clamping down on the first amendment is the rumor. Michael McGann and I said our goodbyes to my former teacher Tom Roeser and made on our merry way. I guess that is show biz. Tom Roeser looks real good and he lost some weight, I bet his wife put the clamps down. Patrick McDonough

March 26, 2009

The Evidence that can indict Mayor Richard Daley Now!

Click underlined for Mayor Daley smoking gun (is a PDF) RichardMDaleyethics20012008.pdf Chicago City Workers need to file many different documents to keep in compliance with court orders and decrees. The only way, the press and the public can make determinations regarding an employee is to make FOIA requests. The City of Chicago under Mayor Daley's Administration has fought for the release of information they consider damaging. I am currently in a lawsuit against Mayor Daley and several of his City of Chicago Departments. I was very upset because much information that could be interpreted by me was "for lawyer's eyes only". Tim Novak did a great investigative piece that is adding up many of Mayor Daley's flights and gifts. Every Chicago Clout fan knows I have suspected fraud and certified the very proof. As a City of Chicago Department of Water Management employee, I must sign ethic statements and try my best to make sure they are done correctly. This must be done once a year. Tim Novak with Steve Warmbir put together the "Hired Truck Scandal" and made journalist history. I have enclosed the smoking gun that will prove Daley committed fraud and failed to disclose everything he had to, according to the law. These statements are for the record, I had them certified by Chicago about one year ago. They are in my lawsuit. Fran Spielman is closing in on this evidence and looks like a major part of this story. Enjoy the proof. Patrick McDonough Gifts to Mayor Daley Recommend Comments March 23, 2009 GIFTS TO DALEYA sampling of the gifts Mayor Daley got between 2005 and 2008, and who gave them, according to gift logs the mayor's office released to the Better Government Association: CHRISTMAS PRESENTS Then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich -- a poinsettia (2008). Dr. Roger Herrin, a Downstate podiatrist -- a chocolate foot (2005-08). Bill Wrigley, the chewing-gum magnate -- a gift pack of gum (2008). Kenny Construction Co. -- a tin of popcorn (2007). Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd) -- Frango mints (2007). Ald. Walter Burnett (27th) -- a bottle of wine, fudge and chocolate bars (2007). Former city Treasurer Judy Rice -- bottle of whiskey (2006). Chicagoland Plumbing Council executive director Robert E. Ryan Sr. -- four steaks (2006). Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas -- panic button (2006). Ald. Billy Ocasio (26th) -- basket of Puerto Rican products (2006). John Harris, former Blagojevich chief of staff who previously served as Daley's budget director -- a tin of cookies (2005). George Bay, of Bay's English Muffins -- English muffins (2005). OTHER GIFTS John Meister, president, Chicago Machine lacrosse team -- a Chicago Machine baseball cap and lacrosse stick (2008). Saul Caisman, president, British American Business Council of Chicago -- a Chicago flag cake, for Daley's 66th birthday (2008). Lucille Falco of Darien -- a videotape of the "What's My Line'' episode featuring the mayor's late father, Mayor Richard J. Daley (2008). Scott Swanson, Charter One Bank president -- a "Lunar New Year'' rat statue (2008). Restaurateur Billy Dec -- Rockit Bar and Grill jacket and cap (2007). Patrick O'Connell of Minooka -- a Chicago flag that was flown in Baghdad (2007). Various gifts from Daley's trip to Italy (2007). Key West Mayor Morgan McPherson -- a box of seashells (2006). Marie Manna -- record titled "Recordings of Mayor Richard J. Daley" (2006). Tiffany Watkins of Westcott Elementary School -- handcrafted framed birthday card (2006). Carol A. Lee of Linacare Cosmetherapy Inc. -- moisturizing cream, on Daley's 64th birthday (2006). Various gifts from Daley's trips to China, Greece, London and Jordan (2006). Robert Grant, head of FBI's Chicago office -- commemorative coin (2006). Claudia Dunne, widow of former Cook County Board President George Dunne -- one of George Dunne's ties (2006). Blagojevich -- basket of Illinois products and statue of White Sox legend Minnie Minoso (2005). White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf and manager Ozzie Guillen -- a World Series baseball signed by Reinsdorf and Guillen (2005). Former Bears coach Mike Ditka and Sun-Times sportswriter Rick Telander -- their book, In Life, First You Kick Ass (2005). Daley's office casts doubt on travel report Recommend (6) Comments March 4, 2009 BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter Mayor Daley and his wife, Maggie, traveled to Singapore in September 2006, aboard a $31 million jet owned by a non-profit company under investigation by the IRS and Congress, City Hall acknowledged Wednesday. But the mayor's office denied a CBS News report that the Daleys took 58 flights over a five-year period ending in 2007 courtesy of Educap, a multibillion dollar student loan charity under the microscope for allegedly abusing its tax-exempt status because of the high interest it charges on charitable student loans and the perks it provides to its CEO. The Educap jet, reportedly sold after the IRS launched its investigation, was also used to transport CIA Director Leon Panetta, former FBI Director William Sessions, former U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle (D-South Dakota) and convicted former Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), the network said. On Wednesday, mayoral press secretary Jacquelyn Heard pored over travel records and found that Daley had flown commercial on numerous dates when CBS had him flying on the Educap jet. She found only one trip where the Daleys actually flew on the non-profit's dime. It happened Sept. 15 through Sept. 19 in 2006, when Daley, accompanied by his wife, flew to Singapore to attend a World Bank conference. "They're claiming it was 10 trips with different legs. We've gone through the mayor's official schedules and compared it to the list of trips laid out in the news report. Out of all these trips, this was the only one we were able to find when he was on their plane," Heard said. Daley has piled up frequent-flier miles in recent years as he seeks to promote business, tourism, the Sisters Cities program and, more recently, Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. But Heard said, "As a rule, the mayor travels commercial. Which is not to say he's never flown on a private plane. But that's certainly the exception and not the rule." A mayoral confidante, who asked to remain anonymous, acknowledged that the Daleys have traveled with Educap chairman and CEO Catherine Reynolds and her husband, Wayne, calling them, "big Washington players in the social and political world." But the source said, "My gut is, if he did it one or two trips with those people, it would be a lot." Wayne Reynolds serves as chairman and CEO of the Academy of Achievement, an organization that unites current and future world leaders for a weekend of seminars that once employed the mayor's wife. In 2006, Maggie Daley reported earning $100,000 from the Academy of Achievement to sift through applications from Truman, Rhodes and Fulbright scholars and identify worthy students. In fiscal 2007, Maggie Daley was listed as the Academy of Achievement's second-highest paid contract employee at $90,000. She no longer works there, Heard said. Five years ago, the Academy of Achievement's annual summit was held in Chicago. Daley has been a guest speaker and a periodic attendee. In July 2007, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Daley had taken 67 out-of-town trips since January 2004 -- nearly half of them entirely or partly funded by Chicago taxpayers. At the time, the mayor's office said it did not maintain records on trips "not funded by the city."

March 24, 2009

Marty Moylan for Des Plaines City Mayor? Union and Mob Ties?

Marty Moylan Des Plaines.jpg Marty Moylan is running for Des Plaines City Mayor. Powerful Union money is backing this Union Electrical enforcer for Chicago Electrical Local 134. Many times Union Local 134 Representatives such as Marty Moylan need to deal with Chicago City Hall to get their workers out of jams. Mayor Daley relies on Local 134 for political work and the Hispanic Democratic Organization to enforce his agenda. Marty Moylan has been a Alderman in Des Plaines for about the last year and one/half. I like Marty; he is a friendly sort of fellow that will tell you anything to get elected. His son has been to Wisconsin skiing on my boat with my daughter's best friends. His son is a nice young man with great manners. He was lucky enough to get into the Electrical Union apprentice program. Marty was also an Electrical Inspector in Des Plaines which is a different Union and a second pension. Marty can be thankful to Union workers and the lives they lost to make his life better. I do not know how Marty will be a full time Mayor and Union Business Representative at the same time. I hope he does not double dip again. Many union electricians are out of work in Chicago and Des Plaines so I am sure Marty can fire Des Plaines workers and hire union electricians at $43.00 dollars instead. Marty is having a big fundraiser at a swank restaurant in Des Plaines soon. I am going to video tape the cars coming in for my outfit records. I heard many people interested in the Casino and the cash generated will attend. Marty has been a scab buster for a long time but is hooking up with a family known for dirty politics and non-union construction. Marty Moylan will need to overcome the rumors of a scheme to solicit money for the Unified Social Club that was in Federal Court. No. 99 c 0400 when I was an apprentice in the old days many Unions had Social Clubs that provided sex for the members in the bathroom by prostitutes. The Plumbers has a "Pleasure Club", thanks to AIDs most of this has stopped or been reduced greatly. I am not saying union brother Marty had any part of this. I just hope Marty Moylan is aware people with anti-union sediments and political backgrounds are misusing our Union money for Republican Party agendas. Remember Gary Skoien a Republican politician from Illinois? I called for Dennis Gannon of the Chicago Federation of Labor and spoke to his secretary, I hope to hear back soon. Marty should never sell out his Union or the Democrat Party no matter what. I do not want Des Plaines turned into Cicero Dirty Politics. I also hope and pray Marty Moylan is more forward on the alleged addenda of the former 6th Ward Alderman and the Casino deals. DO NOT TURN DES PLAINES INTO CICERO. . Marty stop talking about Jobs and Casinos. Next I cover Park Ridge Politics

March 23, 2009

Al Sanchez found guilty as expected

Today Al Sanchez was found guilty as expected. Many do not even comprehend the importance of this jury decision. This is the step to Mayor Daley finally being charged. People are starting to understand just how insane it is at the City of Chicago. Mayor Daley should be congratulated as he finds one idiot after another to lie down for him. I think these people must know another side of Daley that makes them keep quiet, is it the mafia? Sanchez was guilty of four of the seven charges made by the Federal Government. Aaron Delvalle, Sanchez's former assistant, is guilty of a perjury charge for lying to a grand jury about the rigged hiring. In my case, McDonough vs. City of Chicago, expect more perjury charges from City of Chicago employees still gaming the system. I was surprised Sanchez did not take a plea and give up Mayor Daley, his military training made him an idiot. Sanchez is also guilty of covering up crimes for several employees and bypassing the Inspector General when it was run by Alexander Vroustouris. Alexander Vroustouris made it into the Chicago Sun-Times becoming an Assistant State's Attorney for Cook County. Our research uncovered Al stopping criminal activity numerous times. Al Sanchez got off easy. I work for the City of Chicago and many employees are starting to understand they must change. Many City of Chicago employees were visibly upset and one cried. The HDO, run by the Daley family suffered a terrible blow today. Some employees realized they will not get promised promotions. Did you know many white people working at the Department of Water Management were part of HDO. Thanks to many Chicago City employees in Federal court, we will get the last of these goons. Thanks to Loevy and Loevy, we will have our day in court. I hope the crooks understand the Jury system in this country works. Patrick McDonough.

March 20, 2009

Chicago Clout owner purchases famous political baseball from Bleacher Sports in Winnetka

Chicago Clout McDonough .jpg On March 12, 2009, Patrick McDonough of Chicago purchased a ball I was reading about on the Winnetka Talk. The Winnetka Talk is a great publication to keep me informed. I liked the ball because I admire Peter Fitzgerald, a former State Senator that brought Patrick Fitzgerald to Chicago. Chicago has not been the same since Patrick Fitzgerald began serving as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois on September 1, 2001. In fact, Chicago with Mayor Daley wait with bated breath as Al Sanchez fate rests on a jury. The signatures on the ball also include Rod Blagojevich, Jesse White, and Mayor Richard Daley. When I read the article about the ball, I saw the name of Keith McDonough, the owner of Bleacher's Sports Inc. Bleacher's is located at 557 Chestnut Winnetka, Illinois 60093. I e-mailed him and we struck a deal. Keith also sold me a water color by Henry Hill a former American mobster, Lucchese crime family associate, and FBI informant. Henry Hill now makes watercolors of scenes from "Goodfellas". I love the drawing and hope Henry could make drawings of Mayor Daley's crime friends and mobbed up businesses in Chicago. We could start in the 11th ward but I'm afraid there is not enough watercolors to expose these goons. I hope if you are truly serious about your sports cards and sports memorabilia you give Bleacher's Sports a call at 847-441-7767. I again wish to thank Keith McDonough for his kindness professionalism and the Michael Sneed Column bringing this historic ball to the attention of Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough. Read Sneed column below Michael Sneed Blago ball is whistleblower's treasure Baseball autographed by ex-gov, Peter Fitzgerald is 'Holy Grail' Recommend (5) Comments March 18, 2009 BY MICHAEL SNEED Sun-Times Columnist Dugout dirt ... A politically charged baseball -- once signed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich and former U.S. Sen. Peter Fitzgerald -- has been bought by a whistleblower, who calls it his "Holy Grail." • • Translation: The baseball was sold for an undisclosed sum to the "Hired Truck" whistleblower Patrick McDonough, who sued the city after claiming he was fired for speaking out. • • The upshot: McDonough, who now works in the city's Water Management Department, tells Sneed: "Peter Fitzgerald, when he was a U.S. senator, brought in U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald -- both men I greatly admire for their crime fighting." • • The kicker: McDonough's 12-year-old son is named Peter. • • The backshot: The ball was sold by Keith McDonough, owner of Bleacher Sports in Winnetka. Link to Sneed's Column http://www.suntimes.com/news/sneed/1482605,CST-NWS-SNEED18.article

March 15, 2009

U.S. War Hero and Chicago City Employee Carmen Hernandez Video

March 12, 2009

Bill Maher welcome in Chicago anytime photo taken March 11, 2009

Bill Maher ChicagoClout.com.jpg Thank you for the nice time Bill Maher, Ann Coulter, and Mark Halerin. Special thanks to the Chicago Theatre, Madison Square Garden Entertainment, and Carol Fox and Associates. Photo of Bill Maher by Patrick McDonough.

March 11, 2009 review of "Speakers Series: the minds that move the world" at the Chicago Theatre

Mark Halperin, Ann Coulter,Bill Maher.jpg Chicago Clout reviews Bill Maher and Ann Coulter's performance at the Chicago Theatre, March 11, 2009. Chicago Clout is a premier political website dedicated to many things but not theater review. Many of my fans know I have a deep background of classical training in the arts. Fixing broken water mains and investigating plumbing issues for the city of Chicago has left me out of the arts scene for quite a while. I am the type of person that has spent a long time attempting to correct injustice when possible, that has left little time for the Chicago theater scene. However as an expert in the Political Arena my choice was mandatory. I was asked to make the review as honest as possible and give harsh criticism if deserved. After an introduction by two speakers Ann Coulter was allowed 15 minutes to give a speech all alone at the podium. She was slow to warm up and the audience. The audience waited on edge for every word that came out of her mouth. The audience was chilled at times, rough and insulting. I think she felt the tension and was a little reserved. Chicago theater patrons are Democrats for sure. I listened to what she had to say and it was fine. Bill Maher was next and the theater erupted into wild applause. Bill was on home turf in Chicago and the audience made sure he knew it. His next 15 minutes were memorable and absolutely brilliant. He even said, "sucks being loved, like real shit". One of his comments was not well received and he reminded the audience that he and Ann have a show because they have different opinions, the audience responded and it lightened the rest of the evening. One of the comments by Bill Maher hit home, he made it clear his concern, people becoming conformists. One joker in the audience challenged one of Bill's opinion and bill said, I understand you do not agree with me, (slight pause) asshole"! The place went nuts. After Bill gave his 15 minute speech Mark Halperin of ABC news hosted Ann Coulter and Bill Maher in what seemed a time warp of one and a half hours. Some of the things I like best was both of the guests took the 'company line" on almost every issue. They did their best to complement their own political party and downplay the other. In fact at times it became absurd, Bill Maher said Hillary was not so bad, she reminded everyone of a real estate saleslady, and said, "who doesn't like a real estate lady"? Ann Coulter said she does not want to write bad about people. (Boos and disbelief) Many issues were covered, Joe the Plumber, Hillary, Obama, gays, gay marriage, the stock market, Bill Clinton, Bush family, and gun control to name a few. As the night went on Ann Coulter became stronger and statistical as Bill became more ready to cop a joint. (joking) When talking about Chicago, Bill Maher remembered he and a friend were driving through Chicago during college and gave a cop a $10.00 bill to get off a ticket. They both agreed, "China is our bookie". They had different opinions on Rahm Emanuel; one said Rahm, is not a pussy, but a barracuda, the other said he is a ballerina! I strongly recommend all political junkies to attend this series, well worth every penny. The show was well produced, and promoted. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Clout review Bill Maher and Ann Coulter March 11, 2009 at the Chicago Theatre

Chicago Theatre.jpg The Chicago Theatre 2009 "Speaker Series" Schedule **All show times for the schedule below are 7:30PM MARCH 11 Bill Maher and Ann Coulter APRIL 1 Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore APRIL 22 Chris Matthews interviewing Tucker Carlson, Arianna Huffington And Paul Begala MAY 28 Charlie Rose interviewing James Carville and former Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove Please make sure you attend these Speaking Events. MSG entertainment and Carol Fox associates worked behind the scenes to provide an excellent entertainment value you will not want to miss! I really enjoyed the evening. Photo by Patrick McDonough. More on this event read the next post.

March 9, 2009

Russ Stewart analysis on Mike Quigley's 5th District Victory Video 3/9/2009

Chicago Public School Principal Busted on a Residency Rule Violation

Rito Martinez is a City of Chicago Principal busted with property outside the City of Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times gave him star status; he must have been a cut above the typical City of Chicago Public School teacher or principal. The comment section on the Sun-Time article evoked strong emotion on the issue. This could also be a Black, White, Hispanic issue. The Daley family started the residency rule in Chicago because of white flight to the suburbs. The Daley family realized the blacks could become a majority. The blacks would have decent jobs, build their financial strength and prosper. The blacks could have leadership roles in the Unions, businesses, and get a piece of the proverbial pie. Anyone from the Bridgeport neighborhood in Chicago knows segregation continues same as the slave days of old. Interrelations between blacks and whites were not permitted, by restrictive covenants (nothing has changed). I admit I was always for the Residency rule in Chicago, but my mind has changed. Why? Mayor Daley bypassed blacks a fair and equal piece of the financial pie by allowing Hispanics to live in the City of Chicago without proper immigration status. Millions of illegal aliens are allowed to work and live in Chicago. Daley ordered the Chicago Police not to arrest or ask for a person's legal right to be in the country. I guess just like Jody Weis, Daley's administration feel they can bypass federal law. The laws in Chicago give more protection to illegal Hispanics than a Hispanic American principal of a Chicago school. In Chicago you can cross the American border and make a living without paying taxes in Chicago, but a legal Hispanic like Rito Martinez allegedly crossing a neighboring city border is going to be fired. I think we need to look closer into the Daley, Hitler, third Reich residency requirements. Anytime you allow a crazy despot bent on controlling were people go and what activities are done on a person's own time you take away all the freedoms America promises its citizens. I thought someone like Barack Obama would get in office and stop this madness. I guess he is too busy finding way to appease his lordship Mayor Ricardo Daley. If you read the CPS Inspector General report, residency laws are not equally enforced, exceptions are made. Someday Rito will find out why he was fired, Daley has the job for some else. I hope Rito figures out Daley wants him in Chicago to help with politics. Think about the whole picture this article presents, we are just touching on the subject. Patrick McDonough

March 5, 2009

Mark Brown weighs in on James Laski's new book finally

mark_brown.jpg Mark Brown is a famous columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Mark Brown on several occasions. I thank God for Mark Brown because the famous "Hired Truck Scandal" would have sat on the backburner of someone's desk. I cannot go in depth about this story due to a pending lawsuit, but it made two Chicago investigative reporters very famous. The work by the Sun-Times is historically significant. I still think it led to every major scandal you read about in the newspapers now. Corruption will sooner or later lead to Mayor Daley's demise. Mayor Daley will always have an asterisk next to his name for corruption thanks to Mark Brown. (Please do not think I forgot about Meigs Field but the owners of the planes never did enough and they were too arrogant to fight back) Fighting Mayor Daley and his band of 11th Ward goons is full time work. I am glad Mark Brown put the guns back in the holster, when he gets in the saddle he is better than John Kass. Mark Brown writing about the Hired Truck Scandal proved he is at the top of his game when he wants. I am biased because I love corruption busting. I also think the Sun-Times moving a gem like Mark Brown back a few pages was a mistake. I respect Mark Brown as he knows how to keep his distance and write the truth. Maybe he will have a world famous website like me someday. Mark Brown's spin on James Laski is great and it is irony. Mark Brown was my first post on Chicago Clout but some posts got twisted a while ago. Please read more about James Laski as he prepares for his second book. Chicago Clout did a video on Mr. Laski and we hope to have another when his second book is ready. See the video here again http://www.chicagoclout.com/weblog/archives/2008/03/new_chicago_clout_commenator_j.html enjoy Mark Brown on James Laski below. Patrick McDonough Laski's advice to Blagojevich: Look in the mirror At least former city clerk took some of the blame in his book March 3, 2009 BY MARK BROWN Sun-Times Columnist Former City Clerk Jim Laski beat Rod Blagojevich to the punch last year with his own convicted-Chicago-politician-tells-all book, and even with a second one in the works, he wishes the former governor the best of luck, sort of. "Good for him. He'll need it," said Laski, adding that "it's not a matter of if" Blagojevich is going to prison but "whether he'll get out in time" to attend his young daughters' college graduation. If you sense some resentment from Laski in that remark, it has surprisingly less to do with the former governor's purported six-figure book deal than with the same irritation many in Illinois have these days with the limelight-craving Blagojevich. Like a lot of us, Laski is tired of listening to the impeached governor's self-serving denials. "The bottom line is: Don't keep blaming people," Laski said. Obviously, there's a much bigger market for a Blagojevich book than there was for Laski's self-published My Fall from Grace: City Hall to Prison Walls, but I doubt that the greater demand will result in any greater proportion of truths being told. When I spoke to him by phone Monday, Laski put his finger directly on the biggest problem with a Blagojevich book promising to tell us about the "dark side of politics." "He is a major part of the dark side," said Laski, who adds that until Blagojevich is ready to "look in the mirror," he won't have much worthwhile to say. Blago baloney: Truths vs. untruths Say what you will about Laski, he has come farther than most convicted politicians around here in admitting his own failures -- failures that led to a 21-month prison sentence for taking bribes in the Hired Truck scandal. "I'm the one who had to make decisions. I'm the one who decided to take the money," says Laski, showing a self-awareness Blagojevich may never reach. "I wasn't saying I'm the poor persecuted one." Rather than expose the drinking problems and infidelities of state legislators, as Blagojevich has threatened, Laski notes that he used his book to explore his own substance abuse. Laski's book was illuminating mainly from the standpoint of showing a federal investigation from the viewpoint of the target -- what was going through his mind as the walls closed in around him. While Laski tells some stories out of school, though, the book isn't really a tell-all. I keep hoping we can coax more stories out of him as he goes, which is one reason I called him Monday, initially looking for his thoughts on Eddie Vrdolyak walking out of federal court with a sentence of probation. The good thing about a Rod Blagojevich book will be that there's usually a grain of truth in what the governor has to say. The bad thing about a Blagojevich book is how difficult it will be to find that grain amid the self-aggrandizing untruths. There's apparently some rumbling in the state Legislature to pass a law that would try to prevent the governor or other public officials from capitalizing on their crimes by writing about them. But I'm not sure we should discourage them. Feds welcome tell-all If it were up to me, every convicted politician in Illinois would be required to write a tell-all book as a condition of sentencing. After it was finished, a federal judge could reopen their sentence and adjust it accordingly, depending on how truthful they had been. Federal prosecutors no doubt welcome the prospect of Blagojevich's promise to write in detail about the circumstances surrounding his efforts to fill Barack Obama's Senate seat. From their standpoint, the more he does to lock himself into a story the better. That's one reason defense lawyers usually prefer their clients keep their mouths shut before trial -- and another reason not to discourage Blagojevich. Laski said his own book was pretty much a break-even proposition money-wise. "It was therapeutic for me," said Laski, who is paying himself a small salary from what remains of his political campaign fund (a practice I do not endorse) while looking for opportunities in radio or teaching. He says his next book will try to answer the question of "what's in the water here" that results in systemic political corruption. He hopes to include the thoughts of other elected officials who've been to prison -- and of the prosecutors who sent them there. "I'm really interested in how everybody gets down that road," he said. When Blagojevich is ready to explain how he got down that road, I hope he finds a good ghost writer. Until then, he should concentrate on getting a good lawyer.