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April 30, 2009

Free Food for Chicago poor now! Dominick's Dumpsters Madison and Halstad

Chicago Poor Dumpster Diving1.jpg Today, I enjoyed a ride around Chicago's "Greektown" until I ran into this scene. A couple of men were taking food out of garbage cans located at a Dominick's Food Store. There was quite a bit of food the men took and loaded into their car. I was surprised by them taking milk and I was concerned for their children. When I see things like this, I hope people tell Mayor Daley what is really going on in the street. People in Chicago are starving right now. People are losing their homes and the suffering is widespread. Mayor Daley might have the residents on a diet for the Olympics. People need work now; public officials need to stop ripping off government in Chicago. Alderman in Chicago need to get their act together. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Continuing education for Department of Water Management Employees.

Water Main Valve.jpg I wish to thank Commissioner John Spatz of the Chicago Department of Water Management. A couple of days ago there were some legal issues that were resolved. I hope everyone understands any classes that are listed on Chicago letterhead are subject to Federal, State, and local laws. I want to make sure every employee of the Department has an equal chance to attend any class to improve their education. The classes were held at Journeyman Plumbers' local 130 apprentice's hall. I was verbally refused entry a couple of days ago by Tom McManus a blowhard for the union. I also wish to thank Mr. Spatz for providing a member of his staff to supervise the class. I also wish to thank the Chicago Inspector General for their involvement. Every employee of the Water Department could use additional tune-up classes to ensure the safety of Chicago's water system. I learned more techniques to make my job more professional. Photo edited by Patrick McDonough

April 29, 2009

City of Chicago installs GPS in Clout Truck after a long, long wait

City of Chicago GPS Several City of Chicago employees were shocked when they learned the brand new Investigator truck did not have GPS installed after all these months. Many other employees were shocked when installation of GPS went in today because clout heavy workers do not have GPS in their vehicles. I guess the workers did not know the hour or more they did nothing was under video surveillance at the beginning of the day. I guess they also did not know they were under video surveillance coming into the yard two of more hours early to sleep and get ready for their other day jobs. I guess they did not take the hint when the boss kept busting them sleeping in the sleeping bag, or resting in some other crew's trucks. Some guys really know how to scam the system for years at a time and forget times are changing. The company installing the GPS is located in Antioch, Illinois. They are subcontractors for a company with the contract. The workers are non-union, do not pay union dues, but are allowed on City property with no background checks. The workers do not need to live in Chicago. Local 134 electricians were just laid off. Maybe Tom McManus can look into this after lunch someday. Photo by Patrick McDonough

April 28, 2009

Chicago Department of Water Management new educational classes

Union Local 130 Workers.jpg Please make sure you read attached memorandum from Commissioner John Spatz below. Today a memo came out from Commissioner John Spatz, Department of Water Management. The Plumber's Union will provide Plumbers and Caulkers a class to learn how to work on valves. According to the memo, the department was notified today at 12:42 p.m. of the class. The Department sent out a memo immediately, and left some of the memos around the offices. This memo was not posted. The classes are tomorrow. I called Tom McManus of the Plumber's Union and he said I am not allowed to attend. Seems these secret classes are only for people Plumber's Local 130 approves. Despite the fact the memo is on Chicago stationary, only Local 130 members can attend. This is the second class Local 130 tried sneaking past workers at Chicago. That last time it was a locating class. These classes are kept quiet because they only want their friends to attend the classes; they want a leg up when the promotions arrive. Members of Local 1092 asked to attend the class and Tom McManus refused them entry. In Chicago, many of the valves are fixed by the Laborers because the Plumbers are too fat or lazy to enter the basin. Mayor Daley should be made aware the Chicago Department of Water Management workers still face discrimination, harassment, and shakman violations. All classes should be made available to all workers during city time. Not allowing non-union plumbers and caulkers this training is against the law. Tom McManus should work on all the employee grievances he has done nothing about for years. City workers know a scam when they see one. Ask Tom McManus why he is not doing his job; ask why you pay dues for nothing. Photo edited by Patrick McDonough. Spatzmemo4-28-2009.pdf

April 27, 2009

Cook County Board President Todd H. Stroger and Chicago Clout Staff

President Stroger and Chicago Clout.jpg (Pictured from left, Julio Luna, President Todd H. Stroger, Ronald Bober, and Patrick McDonough) One of my favorite politicians in Cook County is Cook County Board President Todd H. Stroger. I was very thankful when he took a picture many years ago with my twin boys. As many of you know, I try to be fair with every person that runs for office. I always give extra points for politicians that treat the public with respect and openness. President Todd Stroger has always been very kind to me, my children, and Chicago Clout staffers. I did not mean to interrupt with the Stroger Staff meeting at Mac Arthurs Restaurant, but I was very happy to see a person I admire. I voiced my concerns regarding the unfair manner the Stroger Administration has received press coverage, that is another issue we are on common ground. I think the public should know the Cook County Board President works 24/7. I also think we need to get the word out Todd Stroger is doing a heck of a job despite the difficult economic climate. I know this website is Chicago Clout, but I look forward to get the word out on County activity when things are getting done right. Photo by Le Shawn James and edited by Patrick McDonough

April 25, 2009

Chicago Clout Honors Fran Spielman and Andy Shaw Award Video

April 23, 2009

Chicago Clout takes a stand on the First Amendment Video

City of Chicago 311 Center will need your calls on Sewer Cave-ins

Chicago Sewer Problems.jpg Please look at this picture of a Sewer Frame and Cover. The Chicago Municipal Sanitary Sewer Systems are called combination sewers, we mix storm water and sanitary waste. One of the major problems with the Department of Water Management was the political hacks that ran the system. Please look around when you walk around any curbs; you have a good chance of running into a sunken Sewer Frame and lid. The problems are multiplied when you have a Mayor Daley that feels he should spend money on wasteful things like the Olympics. For many years, Chicago has allowed storm basins to wash out, breaking discharge piping and allowing entire streets to cave-in. Chicago removed needed inspectors and fired Bricklayers. Chicago Union Bricklayers make the needed repairs to make our city safe. The result is sand and backfill needed to keep our streets solid and supported compromised. This is not a problem that will go away soon. This is a major infrastructure issue due to incompetent management. The City of Chicago has decided again to waste millions of dollars on new water main projects while the Sewers fall into disrepair. Mayor Daley's Administration has hired more contactors to handle the projects as he gets ready to remove Chicago City Workers. (Political donations) Chicago is a major embarrassment to well maintained cities in other countries. Remember Chicago Clout fans, I told you a long time ago Chicago is broke and mismanaged. Remember to call 311 and report any broken sewers or any streets that are sinking, you might save a life. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

April 21, 2009

Chicago Clout Host Russ Stewart on the Chicago Council

April 19, 2009

Chicago Department of Water Management Investigators respond to a multi-unit fire today.

Chicago Fire multi-unit 1.jpg Photo by Patrick McDonough.

The Chicago Fire Department salute Chicago Plumbing Investigators

Chicago Fire Investigators at work.jpg April 18, 2009. When City of Chicago Fire Department Engine 56 encountered a defective Fire Hydrant, an emergency situation was at hand. The hose for filling the Fire Truck was stuck on the fire hydrant. When the CFD called the City of Chicago Department of Water Management, Chicago's greatest Investigators were sent out. Due to the skill of the crew a major disaster was avoided. Precious time would have been wasted calling a Hydrant crew out on this emergency. Thanks to the skill of the crew and years of proper training, a major repair was made on the spot. Special thanks to Patrick McDonough, Ronald Bober, and Julio Luna for a job well done. The Hydrant crew took all the overtime selfishly the entire winter and now wants to take the leak crew's overtime. Please call James Sullivan at the Plumber's Union, ask why we pay thousands of dollars a year in dues and fees, and the same bunch of goons still get the overtime. I think if we get the Chicago Mob to provide protection, we will pay less and get a piece of the overtime once in a while. There must be a loophole in the Shakman agreement. Photo by Know Overtime.

April 18, 2009

Russ Stewart Analysis Cook County Elelction Results and Michael McGann Hearing Video

April 16, 2009

Chicago Plumbing Inspector clears his name thanks to Fran Spielman

Inspector Michael McGann.jpg I hope all Chicago City Workers know we are there to help you. Michael McGann and his family were put through hell. Thanks to Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Clout for making this important story public. Photo by Patrick McDonough. Inspector who revealed plumbing woes at Jose de Diego Community Academy gets suspension overturned Michael McGann says 15-day punishment was 'vendetta' for being a whistleblower April 16, 2009 BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter/fspielman@suntimes.com Chicago's Human Resources Board has overturned a 15-day suspension against a city plumbing inspector who uncovered "two pages worth" of building code violations that left 1,100 children at Jose de Diego Community Academy without water for weeks. Michael McGann has maintained that the suspension was in retaliation for his decision to fax his inspection report to the school's principal and talk to the Chicago Sun-Times about the violations. In overturning the 15-day suspension McGann has already served, the Human Resources Board apparently agreed. The Mayor Daley-appointed board ruled that there was "insufficient evidence" to justify the punishment. The $85,068-a-year plumbing inspector is now in line for back pay. "It was a vendetta. They tried to cover up the fact that there were health and safety issues at the school. They quashed my report and the two pages of violations that I found. Then, the supervisor lied and said I created mass hysteria at the school," McGann said Wednesday. "Because I blew the whistle, they opened a can of worms against me. They were trying to shut me up. I've been vindicated now. The moral of the story is, you shouldn't be afraid to be a whistleblower." McGann noted that the former supervisor who initiated the punishment, Mario Olivella, was subsequently indicted for accepting cash bribes and lucrative gifts from developers and contractors in exchange for ignoring building code violations and speeding up paperwork. "He was the person who started it all," McGann said. Buildings Department spokesman Bill McCaffrey had no immediate comment on the board's decision. Last year, McCaffrey said the punishment stemmed from the fact that McGann violated internal rules that prohibit preliminary inspection reports from being shared with outsiders until approved by higher-ups. "Inspection reports are subject to review by immediate supervisors and chiefs. Until the report is approved, it is still a draft document," he said then. McGann said he gave the October 2007 report to the de Diego principal, Alice Vera, so she could use the information to try to expedite repairs that had languished for weeks, endangering students at the 116-year-old school at 1313 N. Claremont. The embarrassing story of his bosses' bureaucratic bungling --causing the school's 14 water fountains to be taped shut for weeks -- ended up in the Sun-Times, with a copy of the inspection report posted on the newspaper's Web site. The report contained two pages of code violations with "dead-ends everywhere . . . uncirculated distribution lines that connected to and endangered" the integrity of the drinking water system, McGann said.

April 14, 2009

Chicago Department of Water Management Hero Sgt. Greg Ortiz

Greg Ortiz Chicago Clout.jpg The City of Chicago has many employees that serve in the Armed Forces putting their lives on the line for us every day. I think Mayor Daley should give certificates of appreciation to show Chicago honors these men and women. Today I got a big surprise when a strong set of hands grabbed me, it was Greg Ortiz. Greg Ortiz is a MTD Truck Driver Foreman for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. The 726 teamsters were overjoyed when Greg made the rounds to his troops at home, Greg is wildly popular. I was very happy to see Greg and know he is fine, he is currently serving our country in Afghanistan. Greg is serving the United States Army as an Infantry Platoon Sergeant. A Platoon Sergeant is the senior NCO and second in command ready to assist the officer at anytime. Currently Greg is serving in the Hindu Kush Mountain Range in eastern and central Afghanistan. This mountain range also extends to into Pakistan. I hope everyone in Chicago and especially all the City of Chicago employees has a prayer in their hearts for Greg. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

April 12, 2009

Thanks again to the Chicago Progressive Examiner No Games

No Games.jpg http://www.examiner.com/Chicago-Politics.html Read and learn Extended below on No Games Chicago. Thanks again Patrick McDonough and Rachel Goodstein. Thanks to Sergio Barreto for the photo. Photo edited by Patrick McDonough http://www.examiner.com/x-2929-Chicago-Progressive-Examiner~y2009m4d3-Chicagoans-say-no-the-Olympics Nice Pictures of Patrick McDonough speaking to No Games Protesters.

April 11, 2009

Two Chicago Employees Fight for Water Department Employees

U.S.equal employment .jpg Enjoy this picture Bruce Randazzo at the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Chicago District Office on April 9, 2009. A complex set of complaints were made to ensure the fair practice of bidding for trucks, locations, and assignments as agreed by the Local 726 union bargaining agreement. Some knucklehead at the water department wants to change things. Another complaint was also made at the Illinois Labor Relations Board at 180 North LaSalle Street, Suites-400 Chicago, Illinois 60601. I met with Hans DE Kok an Investigator for the Department, Bruce laid out the complaint. I admit I exchange words with Hans when he said, "If it not fair, it does not make it illegal". I am very proud of every member of the Teamsters that signed a demand for the Union and the Department of Water Management to sit down and enforce worker's rights. Remember, you are paid by the taxpayers of the City of Chicago and Taxpayers want work rules enforced, not lawsuits. The ability for Management to send you to any part of the city or change your truck bid to anytime slot they wish will start a fresh round of Shakman violations. If you live on the North side of Chicago and refuse to do politics, you could end up on the south side of Chicago as a retaliatory act. I am also thankful for our friends at ABC channel 7 News for taping our side of the story. Bruce also picked up a box of street guides for all the North District Teamsters. To all the guys that do not understand the real Bruce; he is on your side to enforce work rules and rights. I spoke with Michael Shakman later in the day and this issue is not going to disappear. The Municipal Advocate General is going to bat for the guys now! Photo by Patrick McDonough

April 7, 2009

Hired Truck Scandal Whistleblowers Video: Just the start!

This is the start of a series you will enjoy. The Chicago Department of Water Management employees speak up. Amazing Video. Patrick McDonough

April 5, 2009

Dick Sayad for Mayor of Des Plaines

Dick Sayad Des Plaines.jpg I am covering candidates in the Des Plaines race for Mayor, Aldermanic, and City Clerk races. Dick Sayad is very difficult to photograph because he is very passionate. I caught up with him in his ward, he has a loyal following. This photo seems to show what he is all about, inclusion. Dick Sayad was one candidate that spoke from the heart, not prewritten notes. Good luck to everyone in races. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Candidate for Des Plaines Fifth Ward Alderman Daniel P. Winiecki

Margie and Daniel P. Winiecki.jpg Margie and Daniel P. Winiecki are spending another weekend together on the campaign trail. Daniel would be an excellent Alderman. Daniel is a good family man and a great leader in the community.

April 4, 2009

Jennifer Brookman Tsalapatanis Des Plaines City Clerk? Never

Jennifer Brookman Tsalapatanis.jpg Des Plaines City Clerk Candidate Jennifer Tsalapatanis promised lots of honesty and transparency for Des Plaines City Residents wanting to pick the best Clerk Candidate. I always said Patrice McDonough would be the best candidate and Gloria Ludwig seems like a nice lady. I have a video so you can prove these accusations for yourself, and I will give phone numbers so you can call these people for yourself, fair? Jennifer is the daughter of James and Carla Brookman. Carla Brookman is a slick politician that votes against the tough issues when she knows enough of the other Alderman are going to pass legislation. I have pictures with her and Dave "Mad Dog" Madlener a republican consultant. Carla also swings with Todd Wessell and Brian Burkross a political gadfly. Jennifer's father James Brookman is running for 5th Ward Alderman and is suing the City of Des Plaines for Workman Compensation. He is lucky to be able to walk for miles and miles when running for office, but I guess he cannot do any kind of honest labor, as far as I read into this. Jim and Carla Brookman live in a beautiful mansion on 702 Howard Avenue, in Des Plaines. Call James Brookman at 847-635-9375. Jame's former Des Plaines firefighter co-workers are helping his competition, Aldermanic candidate Daniel Winiecki. Daniel Winiecki is recommended by me for honesty. Jennifer listed all her legal documents and certified she lived at 653 Jarlath. Her house was listed for $759,000.00 and then listed for $569,000.00, and then sold for $450,000.00. She sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. Pathak. Most times houses are dumped like this is because of impending foreclosure. Call Jennifer and ask her, 847-612-1419. Enjoy the video. Carla Brookman was accused of not living in her ward before, so this is the way they run. I heard the lawyers are lined up. Time to run the Brookmans out of Des Plaines. Watch the video. Thank you, Patrick McDonough. Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly144hTtrjo Where does she live?

April 3, 2009

Dick Sayad for Des Plaines Mayor and John Geils for Bensenville Mayor

Dear Chicago Clout Fans, I hope you understand I have taken an interest in the Des Plaines election for 2009. I was involved in the Bensenville Election and also in the Park Ridge Election. I was involved in Bensenville because of the O'Hare Airport Expansion Project and then I got involved in Des Plaines Politics because Mayor Daley and his lieutenants are moving into Des Plaines. Two years ago, the Des Plaines Sixth Ward turned into a fight that became a boil in Des Plaines Politics no one wanted to talk about. The contracts and the Casino deals were in full swing and contracts were debated. Des Plaines Politics is interesting because you cannot trust anyone, you cannot trust the local newspaper, and they are sellouts and corrupt. Russ Stewart also got me interested in this game and I should make up my mind whether I should thank him or not. I will tell you about the crazy local politicians soon, but I made up my mind on the best of the best. Enjoy my opinion, I base my choice on insider information. Bensenville: Mayor JOHN GEILS: keep John, smart and not for sale. Park Ridge: Tie, same but different. Town was screwed by Daley operatives' two elections ago. Enjoy loud planes and pollution, problems from Des Plaines Casino, with little benefits. Des Plaines : DICK SAYAD: elect this man, period. He needs to put various political factions in order. Des Plaines needs a strong advocate, too much at stake. I got calls about his last mailing, many union members took it the wrong way. Sayad is not anti-union. I am a member of a Union, remember, putting a Union man like Marty Moylan in charge of Des Plaines will be an error. We need Unions to provide checks and balances. Marty Moylan will get eaten alive in this position, he is a full time Union Representative, and despite his assurance of "Flexible work schedule", he sounds like a John D'Amico clone. Dick Sayad has two terms of experience and was an independent Alderman. He did fight for his residents. Dick Sayad did give time and money to his ward. Marty has less than two years as Alderman and aligned with some bad local political blood. I also like Mark Thompson, the Burkross and Todd Wessell relationship is very unhealthy in this town, far too much hate. Mark Thompson would be a great Mayor, but a full time lawyer downtown would make the job a challenge, Mark would be a close second. Marty Moylan would be choice three, he still shook my hand and said hello despite my poundings. Michael Lake would be called "Dusty Knees" where I work and is a disgrace to everyman wearing the uniform. I think Lake ran for office to see his name in the paper or to be a spoiler. I spent more time on Des Plaines because the Casino invites many problems, vote for Dick Sayad.

April 2, 2009

The Mayor Daley "Chicago Clout Mayor Daley Doll" No Games Chicago Rally

Mayor Daley Olympic Bid.jpg Expect to see more of the Chicago Clout Mayor Daley indictment figurine this summer.

No Games Chicago Rally a Great Sucess! Charles Walker Chris Shaw

No Games Chicago.jpg It was a great protest today as expected. A massive rally against the Mayor Daley Chicago Olympic bid went well with-out a hitch. I am very happy for the event organizers including Charles Walker, Bob Quellos of No Game Chicago. Charles Walker went to the site last night and found a large truckload of snow dumped on the speaker's podium site. Charles Walker believes making lemonade out of lemons. Charles Walker, Rachel Goodstein, and Patrick McDonough stuffed a convict uniform with sticks and newspapers and put a mask of Mayor Daley on top. The Media went nuts and the image was sent everywhere. Only two of the costumes exist. That was funny. The first speaker was Chris Shaw a expert on the costs of Olympic hosting. The next speaker was me, Patrick McDonough, I dragged up Rachel Goodstein, president of the Friends of Meigs Field. I was asked to speak about the corruption in Chicago. My speech started, "Chicago has a history of corruption maintained like a well tunes sports car. It hums along perfectly; it provides money, jobs, and contracts and great rewards for a chosen few. The Chief mechanic is Mayor Richard M. Daley." I spoke about the Department of Water Management, Hired Trucks, and the retaliation Daley has for Whistleblowers. I got freaked out a little because the young kids were very quiet and listened closely. I wrapped up my speech with Rachel, it was great. I was glad I talked all about the old Inspector General, Alexander Vroustouris. I also enjoyed seeing my friend and fellow protester Patricia Hill. Patricia was always there when I needed her! Bob Quellos did an outstanding job, he and all his staff did a great job. I could not believe all the police, they were videotaping the event and they had a full battalion if horse mounted police. They were ready for my speech. Some protesters felt intimidated by all the cops. I am going to give more press to this group, they did a great job. Nice job Charles Walker. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Exclusive: Governor Rod Blagojevich will be indicted in a few minutes

Please note, we are still working on Mayor Richard M. Daley's indictment. It might take a little while longer. Chicago Clout is very happy.

April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day for all Des Plaines Taxpayers Read Des Plaines Journal

I have to make a major speech tomorrow in downtown Chicago. I am following the Des Plaines Mayoral races with great interest and was hoping to make a recommendation today but I am on another emergency. I am truly disgusted by radical activists and the local Republicans under the control of promised money and jobs. I am exposing the b.s. train controlled by Mayor Daley and the boys. These pimps have dogged out the public trust because some of your Des Plaines leaders have no work. The Chicago Tribune has a great article on O'Hare Airport Expansion. Bensenville and Des Plaines are in big trouble. I am going to endorse Mark Thompson or Dick Sayad. I hope Mayor Arredia gets a check from Park Ridge when he leaves office. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-ohare-suburbs-01apr01,0,7701235.story Expect a great article soon.