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Richard Daley Video on the Olympics by Matt Farmer "No Games Chicago"

GOOD KING RICH (Matt Farmer) (Spoken Intro) This is an open letter to the International Olympic Committee: As you travel the world these next few months Being wined and dined in five-star restaurants In Madrid, Tokyo, and Rio De Janeiro, remember this: You're upholding the proud tradition of your predecessors, Many of whom allegedly accepted bribes In exchange for awarding the 2002 Winter Games To that paragon of urban virtue - Salt Lake City, Utah (Chorus) Well, you can scrap that bid from old Madrid Say adios to Spain And just say no to Tokyo With its fancy bullet train And if you're ill at ease speakin' Portugese Then Rio ain't your town Oh, but Good King Rich, he'll scratch your itch When he throws that cash around (Verse) Well, some folks say that it don't make sense To hold the Games in the 312 They say our city's broke; schools are a joke Well, friends, that just might be true Oh, but Good King Rich, he'd rather fight than switch You know how the story's gonna end With all the King's family and all the King's friends Lining their pockets again and again (Repeat Chorus) (Verse w/ tag) From the two-flats and the bungalows We applaud his every scheme From a tax increase to a parking meter lease He's helping us live the dream Now with a wave of his hand and a line in the sand He's gonna bring the Olympics home So damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead He's gonna get us a velodrome We can't pay for salt when there's ice on the streets But at least we'll have a velodrome (Repeat Chorus (w/ tag)) Yeah, Good King Rich, he's gonna scratch your itch When you bring those games to town