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The very first published anti-Daley Video February 14, 2007


This was the first video showing Daley and his hiring schemes are ruing the city of chicago. Chicago Clout is always on the cutting edge.

Mr. Patrick,
What happened to Bruce Randazzo? We have not heard anything from him in like a lots of months, is he ok? is he running for Alderman in the ward he lives in? I have not seen or heard from him on your web site, Gee, dude, you can not post things like this stuff. You are in Federal court right?

That was too damn funny!

I saw a red "private" tow truck today in Bridgeview driving down Harlem ave. with "City of Chicago, Streets & Sanitation" placards on both sides of the vehicle. Didn't know if that has anything to do with whats going on with the lay-offs.