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It is nice to see Alderman Robert "Bob" Fioretti with Clout Meister Emery Joe Yost

Chicago Alderman Robert "Bob" Fioretti of the 2nd ward and Emery Joe Yost One of the Alderman I like is Robert "Bob" Fioretti of the Chicago's 2nd Ward. Robert is a big good looking man and a well known Chicago Attorney. There is much diversity in Chicago's second ward so you must keep on top of your political game at all times. Today I saw Alderman Fioretti at the Cook County Slating for Democratic candidates. ABC 7 did a great job of covering the event; Charles Thomas is on top of his reporting. I was going to ask Alderman Fioretti to join Emery Joe Yost and join one of Chicago's most famous political music groups, The Clout Meisters. I got the impression he is much too busy. I am happy to see Chicago Alderman out and about downtown. I am interested in the judicial races this year. Photo by Patrick McDonough.



Hi Pat,

I heard the news about Mrs. Obama stepping in for President Obama at the big decision night for the Olympic Games,do you think Barack made the move to cancel his appearance because Chicago is not getting the games?

those two in the photo look like they just walked out of the door to the Backdoor Inn in Wrigleyville