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Northeast Ward Democrats emergency meeting "Bob Fioretti for Mayor"

Patrick McDonough from the 48th Ward is calling all Northeast side democrats to vote on having Bob Fioretti as our choice for Mayor of Chicago. Tonight.


Your loser democrats are turning our country brown buddy. If the dems continue your kids will be flipping burgers cause all the jobs will be UNION, Brown Union workers paying dues and earning 3.75 an hour. Dems are dividing this country. Why don't you run for mayor pat. Your about the only dem that I could ever vote for. Oh, Daley told me to tell you "hi" (Response) I have been asked many times to run for Mayor. If you run for Mayor now, it means you have no concept of the actual debt Daley will leave the next Mayor. We figure over 1.2 billion dollars. That is a lot of new taxes. Big trouble in route. Thanks for the nice comment. Please get involved.

The 48th Ward is tightly controlled by a few on the public dole. Nothing will change, ever.

Boy Pat, for a guy who want's everyone to get out and vote to change things, and gee,