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John Garrido Aldermanic Candidate of Chicago's 45th Ward Video on the way

John Garrido Chicago Clout 45th ward 48th ward Please enjoy this picture of John Garrido, Candidate of the 45th ward. Rumors of Patrick Levar stepping down are all over, are they true? Nice picture if I do say so myself!


John Garrido is a rat who is out for himself and nobody else. I would vote for Levar over this POS anyday. Anybody is better than Garrido the RAT!

Pat, you better do your research before supporting a RAT like this. This guy hurt coppers and will do anything to advance himself.

This is not someone that I want as a city employee, let alone an Alderman.

OldSchool025, I am a concerned resident of the 45th Ward. These are strong allegations you have made against John Garrido. I have heard similar things from other people particularly police officers but have not heard specifics. Would you mind sharing the details here? I am sure alot of people would be interested in hearing them.

John Garrido is running for Alderman in the 45th Ward as a republican, but won’t share his republican agenda with voters. Why is that John?

For information on John history as a republican, visit:

Or, let John tell you himself:
(Response) Next time put your name.