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Rahm Emanuel Witness Marge Halperin talks about Rahm in Washinton D.C.

Rahm Emanuel Witness Marge Halperin December 15, 2010 CBOE Objection Meetings Marge was punching away for Rahm Emanuel today. She talked about the things like where Rahm was for the last few months. I suggest this lady will become a Commissioner if Rahm ever wins the Mayoral Race. She is a communications expert, or so she says. Photo by Patrick McDonough.


This woman worked for Daley and the Chicago Park District.
Can she be compromised? Just asking.

This woman has been part of the Daley cabal since 1989! If we are stupid enough to elect Rahm she will probably become the minister of culture or the minister of misinformation.
Check out this link from '89.


Here is another link about Marge from her past with the Daleys


Money matters
February 08, 1989
|By Kathy O`Malley and Hanke Gratteau.

Money matters

On the same day that Mayor Gene Sawyer`s campaign was unveiling new commercials questioning Rich Daley`s intellectual capacity, two of Daley`s campaign aides were demonstrating a remarkable lack of knowledge about Daley`s campaign finance disclosure reports. Reporters wanted more information on the 22 donors who kicked in $25,000 or more, but aides Marge Halperin and Kelly Welsh said they didn`t have a clue-other than names-about who these mysterious benefactors were. That`s hard to buy, considering the campaign sent back $92,000 to donors of money they didn`t want. If you know whose money you don`t want, you must have a pretty good idea whose money you do want.