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Still no debates in the 48Th Ward, does crybaby Osterman need to ask permission?

Harry Osterman Chicago's 48th Ward HIDING.jpg Many folks in the 48Th Ward want to know why Harry Osterman is scared to debate Patrick McDonough and Philip Bernstein. The Chicago Democratic Party is none the better thanks to Carol Ronen and the insiders that do not want to talk about issues. This is par for the couse in the 48th ward playbook. Man up Harry Osterman and talk about issues. I invited the sneeky boyz at the Edge Water Community Buzz to moderate. Lets see what they do. Did you see all the police on Broadway busting everyone last night? What a change of pace in the 48Th Ward.


not all wards have debates or need debates. Harry doesn't need to or have to debate you silly clowns. He has too much class to lower himself to your clown antics. and most people in the 48th feel that way. you're making crap up again. grow up! (Response) Man-up Adam. Man up. Same stuff Rham is doing. Same stuff. Cowards hide. If you run for office show some class. Just a low class thing to do. Philip Bernstein would eat him alive.