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Video on 50Th Ward, Bernie Stone, Tamara Edwards, Patrick McDonough



Pat it does not take much to show you are a hypocrite. You praise Stone on your video but just a few months ago on your own blog, in your own words you blast him as worthless. (see above link)

Mickey Mouse would be a better candidate for 48th ward Alderman than you(and would get more votes than you will next week).
(Response) People change their mind, I'm changing my mind about you as I sit here. First I thought you had something to write, now I do not know.

You do this all of the time say one thing and then 2/3 months later say it the exact opposite.

We wlll Rahm wins on Tuesday, you will atleast have another person to blame all of life's problems on (Response) Are you a crack smokin knuckehead? I mean a really nice person?