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More Chicago Police at Suburban Starbucks on City Time

Chicago Police at Starbucks 1.jpg Thanks to Rich Daley and the 11Th Ward Goons, Chicago has a very high unemployment rate. When you have a high unemployment rate, you can count on criminal activities. This Chicago Police Officer was at the Starbucks in the 2600 block of Des Plaines/Rosemont in the Northwest suburbs. I admit when you have a job like a Chicago Cop, you might want to get away from the clout heavy knuckleheads in charge. But just like a U.S. soldier in a warzone, you shouldn't skip to another country for some peace and quiet. This happened September 24, 2011 at 3:58 p.m. Maybe the cop was getting Rahm Emanuel's coffee or a latte for Maggie Daley. Cop Car 2523 and License Plate M 169289 Photo by Chicago Clout Inspector General Team b.


Love the photos and trying to keep our city government honest. The more our city government knows we are watching the better. This includes in the comedy arena, where we haven't had sharp penetrating comedic humor since the days of Aaron Freeman and his "Council Wars" show. TVHams has been trying to change that with our "Rahms Hands" sketches. Check em all out at: https://sites.google.com/site/jeffburdickcomms/sketch-comedy