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Mayor Daley sends City Workers home early, his contactor pals keep looting the City.

The City of Chicago needs to review the lack of oversight with mayor Daley's trucking and towing contractor pals. By the time the 'review" is made, we will be broke. How can contractors work and City workers sit a home and stave? The Daley family eats well and the middleclass eat table scraps.


while i was out doing snow here is mt transit digging out the alley in 24 ward non union drivers and a wanna be operator using a end-loader not knowing what the hell he is doing this city has done to shit

Where are all the Aldermen who are getting union money? What are we getting for all the money we spend in union dues? but yet our union's keep giving these people our money to work against us,and why are city workers helping candidates who are anti-union? It is time to wake up before it is to late,VOTE!