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What the heck is going on with the Chicago Public School photo ops?

Gloria Martinez of Peirce School in Chicago forgot to get back to Patrick McDonough a candidate for Chicago's 48Th Ward. I wanted to get some picture time and meet and greet the kids. Gloria said she would need to contact some higher ups. Geat how America works for some folks better than others. I better ask Mary Ann Smith to see what the holdup is!!! This pre- 8Th grade school is one of the better in the Edgewater area.


Hi Pat, Did you check out the Chicago Park District kids yet in the 48th ward? Maybe the Managers at the Park District would allow you to do a meet and greet with them, let's contact all 48th ward park superviosrs asap! You would be able to cross over to some of the parochial school kids by being at the park district.

Emery Joe Yost