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November 30, 2006

A Wonderful Evening with John Kass of Chicago Tribune

Tonight, I spent an hour with the famous columnist John Kass of the Chicago Tribune. I have always admired his work and last time I said hello was at the Sorich Trial. I did my best to get a picture with him, but he seemed nervous. Some top Chicago columnists avoid pictures for some unwritten rule. I was spellbound by John Kass as he is very down to earth and very compelling. I met and talked to John Kass prior on several occasions, but I was not ready for a very kind human conversation. From his writing, I was expecting a rougher edge. In the class everything is "Off the Record", so I will honor that. However, John Kass had the entire class in his hand. Thank you Tom Roeser. Very Impressive. John and I are going to have a cup of coffee one of these days, I cannot wait. Patrick McDonough.

November 29, 2006

Chicago Lawyers Lose at Personnel Board Again

Chicago Lawyers lose another case against another Chicago City Worker. Please read this article published in the Chicago Tribune today. Click here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chicago/chi-0611290058nov29,1,2323608.story Lawyers Thomas Aumann and Saira Alikhan of the Chicago Law Department still get paid by the taxpayers win or lose. The prior lawyer Kerry Jewel jumped ship a while ago into private practice, I guess she has brains. The big part of the story is Todd Lighty and Laurie Cohen, some of Chicago's best known writers, are at the hearing of fired Chicago City Employees. Go to enough of these hearings and you will quickly understand how Mayor Daley's Corrupt Administration works. I am happy that any fired City Employee gets a job back, but Mayor Daley, do not expect every City Employee to "Sorich" for the clout. Lets make Chicago on the fair and square, kinda. Patrick McDonough.

November 28, 2006

Update; Chicago Inspector General at Water Department Again

A City of Chicago Employee Perry Pearce was driving a Chicago City Van on June 30, 2004. On the orders of his Supervisor he parked the lettered van at City Hall and unloaded the contents inside the building. The Chicago Department of Water Management was issued a parking ticket. Someone at the Water Department took it upon himself to send Perry's name, address, and personal information to Mayor Daley's Department of Revenue. Perry received a bill for the ticket at his residence and in his name long after the original ticket. The Hearing officer wondered who placed Perry's name on the paperwork as this is fraud. The Chicago Inspector General was alerted via the new Internet site. Investigator Amy is on the case. I assure you many people are watching Chicago parking ticket 0045381237. As of November 28, 2006, the mystery remains unsolved. I understand Mayor Daley is concerned about money, but this smells like someone in Chicago Water Management is falsifying official records. I hope you know, Perry is sick to his stomach about this violation of his personal rights. Let see if someone steps forward and makes this right. Patrick McDonough.

November 26, 2006

Patrick McDonough Certified Producer November 26, 2006

Graduation Day Dad.jpg
Today was a milestone for Patrick McDonough and many class members that passed the exam for "Certified Producer". It has been a long road of learning camera techniques and the many aspects of Studio Production. I look forward to working with Frank Avila and Tony Joyce on many projects in the future. So far every production has been met with accolades. We are going to continue with the Issue Forum- ChicagoClout.com series that has opened the eyes of many Chicago citizens. It will be Co-hosted by Frank Avila and Patrick McDonough. So all you crime busters and Chicago City Workers, you have a voice and friend. Patrick McDonough

November 25, 2006

Chris Persons Chicago 48th Ward Alderman? I say Yes!

Chis Persons.jpg
Another Chris running for alderman in the 48th Ward? Yes and I like the new sound of checks and balances in Chicago politics. I was scheduled to meet Chris at 12:30 p.m. at Coffee Chicago today. At 12:30 and two seconds, Chris was running off to meet all the 48th Ward residents on Clark Street. Chris's manager Stephanie was there and we hunted down Chris and his large group of supporters. Please see Chris's web site at http://www.chrispersons48.org/node While I am upset this guy could not wait 30 seconds, I am impressed with the professionalism of his staff. I also noticed a man was bursting at the seams when he found out the petitions were not for Alderman Smith, he signed Chris's petition as quick as a wink. Lets get rid of the 48th Ward Daley Rubber Stamp, "Queen Smith" and put Chris Persons in as Alderman of the 48th Ward. Remember do not be a second late for Chris!! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

November 23, 2006

Chicago Department of Water Management Safety Update

The Teamster Union Members working at the Department of Water Management have been fighting tooth and nail to defend work rules and Union Agreements. Chicago's management has been ignoring rules and laws for many years. High profile actions by Patrick McDonough and William Underschultz pushed back Daley's gestapo actions numerous times and forced the Illinois Department of Labor to look closer at the horrific working conditions. Illinois Department of Labor Again cited Chicago for unsanitary conditions, due to the possibility of staff infections from the new time clocks just installed. (see prior posts). Report No. C-S-2007-0185-LCI. I suggest a class action lawsuit and recommend all city workers to file a workman's compensation claim every time you get sick. Paper work in route to FEDS. Remember Chicago, you must post all violations in a conspicuous place, have you? Please watch us on Can-tv tonight at 7:00 p.m. channel 21. Patrick McDonough.

November 22, 2006

Gary Washburn grills Chicago Politicians on Burge

Gary Washburn at Chicago City Hall.jpg
Gary Washburn is pictured by me grilling some Chicago Alderman about the secret Burge meeting at Chicago City Hall yesterday. Click here for the story. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/northwest/chi-0611220100nov22,1,3913790.story Thank you for writing about this important story Gary Washburn. Gary Washburn is pictured doing what he does best, interviewing to get the story right. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

November 21, 2006

Alderman Areno Troutman of 20th Ward and McDonough Boys

Frank Avila, Alderman Troutman and McDonough Boys.jpg
Today's Jon Burge secret meeting was changed to another date, December 6, 2006. Chicago is a disgrace in the manner it has treated black and poor minority people. Alderman Troutman (20th Ward) is pictured with Frank Avila and Patrick, David and Michael McDonough. Alderman Troutman was very nice to me and spent time listening to my story. Chicago is lucky to have a judicial advocate like Frank Avila. Chicago Mayoral candidate Bill "Dock" Walls was noted in attendance. Also two candidates for 43rd Ward Alderman were noted, ( Both featured on this site) Peter Zelchenko and Rachel Goodstein. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Frank Avila and Alderman Hairston

Frank Avila and Leslie Hairston.jpg
A great conversation was in progress when I asked for a picture of Chicago Top Gun Lawyer frank Avila and Alderman Leslie Hairston at Chicago City Hall Council meeting today. Much of today's meeting was about Jon Burge. I spoke to the alderman, she is nice and very professional. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Mayor Daley snubs Black Folk in Chicago Jon Burge Hearings

Chicago City Hearing.jpg
On November 21, 2006, Mayor Daley was a no show at Chicago City Council. Many white alderman were also missing from the meeting, a show and tell of Chicago Police's new laws to protect rights of it's accused citizens. Superintendent Cline was less than forthright and was grilled by Chicago's Black Alderman. A possible violation of the open meetings act was uncovered. Alderman Burke said a quorum was not present. The City of Chicago did not post an agenda for the meeting. "The public needs 10 to 14 days notice and the Daley Administration broke the law again", declares Wayne Strnad, a 30th Ward Aldermanic Candidate. A City lawyer also testified on how they cannot stop Burges pension payments since he was on duty when the crime occurred. The meeting was full of upset black men. The security personnel earned their money. Everyone knows Patrick McDonough loves his Chicago Police, but we need to straighten out some old criminal actions a few Policemen administered to it's black citizens. Photo by Patrick McDonough

November 20, 2006

Chicago Water Management handing out more demotions.

Luci Pope was in the Central District today asking Chicago Plumbers and Caulkers to sign purple colored papers so you can have a chance to be an acting Foreman. I think we need a published list to keep track of this new policy. I am not knocking it at all, yet. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management should be more open and forward on these new policies and post everything. But, why would anyone sign a purple piece of paper, more to this than meets the eye. Back to you soon. Patrick McDonough.

Want to be on T.V.? Want to Voice your opinion?

Chicago City Hall Sign.jpg
Be at Chicago City Hall tommorrow, November 21, 2006. Second floor at 9:30 a.m. You will be happy you did. It is about Burge, shhhhhhh.. Patrick McDonough.

Mineta in Chicago today, runs consulting company

Read between the lines Chicago Employees, will Mayor Daley find some consulting work as payback? More to this story than meets the eye...... click and read http://www.chicagotribune.com/classified/automotive/columnists/chi-0611200104nov20,1,6619214.column In the old days of Chicago politics, we would of had this slip under the radar. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago is Green? "Not at all", says Chicago Tribune Writer

Please read this great article by Michael Hawthorne of the Chicago Tribune in today's paper. I said on many different blogs and web sites the the City of Chicago is not green unless you are talking about cash bribes. Many yuppies said I was wrong, guess I was right on the money. Please, Chicago must improve the environment as we are next to a major source of the country's water supply. No more phony "Green Policies Mayor Daley. Click here : http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/chi-0611200197nov20,0,4714874.story?coll=chi-business-hed So all you eco-dudes, call Mayor Daley and tell him to tell the truth. Patrick McDonough.

November 18, 2006

Greg Brewer Alderman 50th Ward? Very Possible

Greg Brewer.jpg
Alderman Stone better hustle, Chicago's 50th Ward candidate for Alderman sure looks impressive. I ask all my friends in the 50th Ward including all Chicago City Workers to take a close look at Greg Brewer. I met Greg's staff at a Blogger Breakfast this morning at the Beef and Brandy Restaurant. Great idea, is that a first? Many of Chicago Top Bloggers attended and the first of it's kind event was a success. Greg is very nice and down to earth candidate, also I was very impressed by his staff, two top-gun political types. Please visit his web site, click here: http://www.gregbrewer.org The campaign phone number is (773) 559-5848. Greg would lead the 50th Ward with skill, finesse, and dignity. Remember, the 50th Ward is very diverse and the residents told me they are ready for change. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

November 17, 2006

Patrick McDonough and States Attorney Richard "Dick" Devine

McD and Devine.jpg
On November 16, 2006, I had the opportunity to ask several questions of Cook County State's Attorney Dick Devine.
As we all know, I hate to waste a chance to grill the high and mighty. I am lucky as I am not a member of the main stream media, and I do not need to face many of the politicians I meet, on a regular basis. I hope you understand, I have respect, but I do not ask soft questions. I was really queasy with Dick, because he does not make good eye contact, and I cannot stand that in a politician. My first question was about Jon Burge and a very long answer ensued. Dick brought up Aaron Patterson and I guess he was not as offended as I thought he would be at Jon Burge's actions. It seems he was relieved about the Statue of Limitations and he did not need to prosecute Jon's deeds. Next, I asked about the hiring of Alexander Vroustouris, a disgraced former Inspector General of Mayor Daley's Administration, the former Inspector General only chased low level employees and not the Clout heavy crooks that steal millions from Chicago Taxpayers. I also asked about his investigations into Political Corruption in Chicago. Dick said, He hired Voustouris, and Al was not able to catch the big fish in Chicago because the lack of money and Dick said he could not investigate political corruption due to the limited resources he has.

I am really offended by the hands off attitudes many Chicago and Cook County Politicians have regarding the importance of Clean and honest Government. In many cases, we chase a young person making a bad decision, but are not a concerned about millions of dollars stolen from the Taxpayers as the crime does not seem as personal. Well, I hope things do not need to bottom out before we get wise, and look closer than ever, to our elected officials. Patrick McDonough and thanks to Mr. Joyce for the great picture.

Plumber blames city (Chicago) for Trench Collapse by Fran Spielman

Fran Spielman wrote an article that exposes a problem with the City of Chicago and Chicago Department of Water Management. Please enjoy this article, click here: http://www.suntimes.com/news/politics/140318,CST-NWS-water17.article I am an unabashed fan of Fran Spielman, as she cuts through the red tape when writing about Chicago Politics. I hope when you read the Chicago Sun-Times you also read the business section as Fran writes business articles on a regular basis. She writes about Chicago City Hall and it's effect on Chicago Business. Bottom line is every Chicago City Worker can count on a fair reporter with Fran, she is very impartial, and will report the facts. Thank you for the article, and I hope it makes well needed trench safety a priority. It was an honor to be mentioned in this important article. Patrick McDonough

November 16, 2006

Watch this video Chicago Union Workers

Shoring anyone? http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=local&id=4766581 When will the madness stop? Thank you ABC 7 Chicago News. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago City Workers Must See Video

Please watch http://www.nbc5.com/news/10331654/detail.html Well, where is the trench box? Patrick McDonough

November 15, 2006

Chicago Residency Law Update More I.G. Scams

Dear Chicago City Workers. Last week another Chicago City Plumber was sent to Mayor Daley's Inspector General to be investigated for residency violations. The Chicago Inspector General's office is across the street from Chicago City Hall. When you enter the Inspector General's reception area, a picture of a youthful Mayor Daley is hung on the wall. So much for the Inspector General's independence, right? The Plumber told me yesterday he went to the I.G. after they attempted to pick him up in a city car on the job-site about a week ago. (More Gestapo Tactics). The plumber was "represented" by a Plumber's Local 130 Business Agent. The plumber resigned last week but was allowed to work until today, his final day. The Plumber also told me what I already knew, he was threatened with his brother's termination unless he resigned. The family allegedly involved is the Guilfoyle Family, direct blood from Mayor Richard J. Daley's wife's family. Ole Man Daley took pride in helping in helping family, this Mayor is disgusting. Mayor Daley's Administration spends billions of Taxpayers money on contractors located outside the city limits. It was just in the paper months ago, residency investigations were on the back burner. Trust me on this, Mayor Daley is cleaning out the closet of any possible embarrassments, between TIF's and O'Hare expansion, and the contracts, Daley and Money are "Job One". Please call that 20 year Plumber and wish him the best. Time to terminate the political Chicago Residency Laws.

November 12, 2006

Salman Aftab Chicago 50th Ward Alderman?

Salman Aftab 50th Ward Candidate.jpg
Bernie Stone has competition for alderman of the 50th Ward. Salman is pictured with members of Tony Peraica's family. Salman has a web site, click here http://http://www.salmanforalderman.com/. Salman is very well educated and approved by Illinois Committee for Honest Government. The Frank Avila family are endorsing this candidate. Good luck Salman. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

November 9, 2006

Patrick McDonough Tom Dart

Patrick McDonough Tom Dart.jpg
Tom Dart is the next Sheriff of Cook County, Illinois. I enjoyed my conversation with him today and I wished him the best of luck in his new job. Tom Dart is a very intelligent and brilliant person. He is a "Hands on" type of leader, and his style of management will be tested soon. Tom is taking on a very difficult position and I had fun talking about his nomination that made the papers. Of course, I cannot go into details of our conversation, but the entire class was impressed with him. Tom Dart won the election with 78% of the vote. He ran against Peter Garza who was featured on the web site before. The insider politics Tom talked about is priceless.

Peter G. Fitzgerald and Patrick McDonough

Peter Fitzgerald and Patrick McDonough.jpg
One of the best spent hours of my life was with Peter G. Fitzgerald. Senator Fitzgerald served Illinois from January 1999 until January of 2005. In those years he fought tooth and nail for Illinois residents for good government. One of his greatest achievements was the appointment of Patrick J. Fitzgerald as the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois. Patrick Fitzgerald has exposed more clout, corruption, and crimes, than anyone to date. Peter G. Fitzgerald is a fan of ChicagoClout.com. What an honor. Enjoy this picture, I know I do.

November 7, 2006

Patrick McDonough Voted Today November 7, 2006

Patrick McDonough Votes.jpg
Today at the North Shore Baptist Church, I cast my vote, so I am legally entitled to bring my opinions on the Chicago Political scene. The corner of 5244 North Lakewood was littered with Mary Ann Smith's crew that asked me to sign a petition so she may run for office again. I took a pass. They remembered me well, but their memories got hazy at my Chicago Residency Hearing, I am not real impressed with the 48th Ward Clique. Also, we need to look into the TIF's real close, For the "Long and Short" of the issue. (Wink). I hope everyone voted. A nervous poll watcher took this photo, and I was asked what I was doing with a camera by several nervous other poll watchers. Sorry about the poor picture of Patrick McDonough, the camera adds about 60lbs.

November 5, 2006

Tony Peraica Fighting to the End

Well, the election day is almost here. November 7, 2006 will settle the brawl. Tony Peraica and Todd Stroger take the last few swipes. May the best man win. God luck and God Bless. Best of luck to the next President of Cook County. Tony Peraica's "Final" Rally
When: Monday, November 6th, starting at 6:30 PM
Location: Red Ivy (3525 N Clark St)
Price: This is a free event
Details: The Reform Revolution is starting to sweep across Cook County. With neck-to-neck polling results (and a rumored Durbin and Obama Rally for Stroger on Monday night) it is important that we show our support for Tony Peraica. Tony will be on stage at 7PM so please come on-time! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

November 4, 2006

Todd Stroger Campaign Wrap-up With Chicago McDonough Family

Todd Stroger.jpg
Michael, David and Patrick McDonough enjoyed a chat with Alderman Todd Stroger at Plumber's Local 130 in Chicago. I must say Todd Stroger, (Alderman 8th Ward Chicago) the son of former Cook County President President John Stroger Jr. was very kind to my sons and I. Todd is in a very difficult race against Commissioner Tony Peraica for Cook County Board President. This is a typical Chicago Political Clout and Democrat Machine Candidate vs. a credible outside reformer. Unless the ballots are again rigged, I think we will have a great race. Since I did most of Tony Peraica's photography used in his campaign, I know Tony Peraica brought the Political fight into Todd's neighborhood. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

November 3, 2006

John Daley gets a real Catholic Competitor for 11th Ward Cook County Commissioner.

Please read this article by William S. Bike and Mark J. Valentino "Gloves off in 11th District Commissioner race. Good reading. Also look for the 11th District recommendation, I could not get a direct link, sorry. http://www.nearwestgazette.com/Archive/1106/Editorial1106.htm#11th_District,_County I respect Carl Segvich for speaking his mind on the issues. But remember the Daley family are special roman catholics. Ole Cardinal George type catholics. Politics first, God second.

November 2, 2006

Frank Avila Saves Chicago City Workers Job Again

Daley Center 2.jpg
I went to court today as the Chicago Law Department wants to overrule The City of Chicago Department of Human Resource's (Personnel Board) decision to rehire me. (Patrick McDonough) It is a status of the case City of Chicago v. Patrick McDonough. Court was held in Judge Stuart Palmer Courtroom today at 10:30 a.m. Eileen Geary, Chief Assistant Corporation Counsel, made it seem as though Mr. Patrick McDonough was blowing off court dates. The truth is Patrick McDonough, the Whistle-blower of the Hired Truck and Hiring Scandal, which continues unabated, was left at work with no transportation to court. Another trick used with McDonough's witnesses at the Residency Hearing that sparked more investigations by the Federal Government. After explaining to my boss this morning, I must appear in court, my boss knew nothing about my required appearance. After Judge Palmer listened to Mr. Frank Avila, he ruled to give us the time to resolve issues that conflict our Federal Court Lawsuit. After court, I went back to work and found out the Chicago Department of Water Management will not pay me for appearing in court, despite the Judges demand to appear. I am happy to report, I called the Inspector General to investigate and the Personnel Department is now involved to make things right. Thank you Frank Avila, Chicago City Workers best choice in lawyers. Next court date: January 12th, 2007 at 10:30 a.m. patrick McDonough at the Daley Center.

November 7, 2006 Election Day Update

I am very happy to get the exclusive on this. Our next election in Chicago and Cook County will have 17 election polling places with video out side the entrances to monitor the exact amount of people actually voting and the results will be reviewed, tabulated, and sent to the "Appropriate Parties" for review and inspection. Wink, Wink. Also 35 people will wear wires and mini cameras while they perform their duties as Poll watchers. Gee, technology sure evens out the playing field. So to Chicago, Vote early and often, at your own risk. Patrick McDonough.