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January 30, 2007

Chicago City Worker Tax Alert

The City of Chicago under the leadership of Mayor Daley might of made a major blunder. Since we received our back pay late, the back pay check you received was taxed at a higher rate. Our final W-2 might have incorrect information that makes your income higher than it should be. Please get a City of Chicago W-2 Correction Request Form for your 2006 wages. Fax the form to Mayor Daley's City Comptroller's Office. Fax number: 1-312-744-8407 Who are we going to blame for this mix-up? Dorothy Brown? Do not put this off. Patrick McDonough

O'Hare Airport Expansion Video, Connecting the Dots.

This first video is Connecting the Dots Version 3. It has Mick Dumke, a future writer on this famous web site. Please click here to watch: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3122662948731002910 Also the next video is Connecting the Dots Episode 7, also titled The Big Lie. This explains more lies we have been fed, and how Daley Political Armies invaded the suburban political scene. To enjoy please click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7679299344347876731 Also, Park Ridge Alderman wonders what Chicago Union Workers are doing in Park Ridge politicking. Patrick McDonough.

January 27, 2007

Chicago Building Inspector Charles Walker Fired Again

Charles Walker 1.jpg
January 26, 2007. Politics are so ingrained in the way the Daley Administration does business, a common sense solution to a problem is rarely possible. Charles Walker inspected a building and than a young child died shortly afterword. Charles is subject to double jeopardy as he was fired and rehired before, for the same issue. Also, the politics that are playing behind the scenes are so thick, I needed a coal shovel to get to the truth. Many of the people on the city witness list are on the Chicago Clout List and have a past. The attorney for Charles Walker is Karl Masters of Whitfield & McGann, the Carpenter's Local 13 is picking up the tab. (Journeyman Plumbers Local 130 does not, why?) Karl was careful not to play the clout card as the Local 13 had their fun with a high ranking union official's son Andy Ryan getting an Building Inspector Position. With all due respect, Karl Masters is doing a good job, but if my job was on the line, I would have Frank Avila explore all avenues.

I am also concerned as a City Attorney was trying to remove evidence and the Hearing Officer had to correct her of this most basic rule. I also did not like the Chicago Attorneys happy go lucky attitude. Chicago had three staff lawyers on this case and Charles only had one. This case must mean quite a bit to someone. (Daley?) I had to contact Karen Sarazen as the Hearing Officer would not allow me to enter the Hearing at first. Was it my showstopping good looks? Also Wayne Strnad had to give his name on the record as did I. So much for the open meetings act. I will comment on this case later as I have some interesting things to share with you. I will make this observation at this time, did the clout and corruption in the Mayor Daley Administration caused this girl to die? Chicago does not have enough inspectors, period. Many of the inspectors were promoted based on political activities, and not competence. Only Supervisory personnel in the Building Department are "Allowed to rate an inspection". That means a supervisor can make a political call on an inspection, scary right? Lets face the facts, much construction in Chicago is not closely watched, inspectors should be graded for quality, not quantity. Chicago needs to increase Union Construction and start making sure permits are pulled on all work. Scab contractors should be put out of business if caught breaking the law. I hope Charles Walker gets his job back and we need to start video taping the Chicago Department of Human Resources Hearings immediately. Make sure you attend Charles next hearing February 20, 2007. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Julius Anderson Leadership for Chicago's 24th Ward

Julius Anderson.jpg
Chicago's 24th Ward needs new direction and the right person for the job is Julius Anderson. Julius is an Award Winning School Principal and has provided a lifetime of achievement in the Chicago communities. Julius said, "after 11 years, the 24th ward is ready for change". Also Julius said, "Mike Chandler has not taken care of business". I assure you millions of tax dollars are not reaching this neighborhood. I agree that Julius has the background to steer this ward in the right direction. The 24th ward needs new leadership. Julius's office is located at 1859 (B) South Pulaski Road in Chicago. His phone number is 1-773-542-1443. to e-mail Julius, click here: juliusandersoncamp@sbcglobal.net Photo by Patrick McDonough.

January 25, 2007

Chicago Water Management Contractors Update

Severn Trent.jpg
For quite some time, a contractor has sparked my interest. Severn Trent had vans in the 11th Ward. Chicago Department of Water Management has open ended contracts that make it difficult to monitor. (By design). While we will get into this subject in detail in the future, one company has certainly been under the microscope. Severn Trent has made it into my all time list of sludge as the company is non-union and provides plumbing services. Plumber's Local 130 has failed to watch these rascals and the company has been bought out by ADS Environmental Services. This Boston based company needs a closer look and will get one. I need to know, why Plumber's Local 130 is not attempting to Unionize this company. According to Anna of the ADS company, you do not need a Licenced Plumber to complete the skills as required by Illinois Plumbing Code. Business as usual. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

January 23, 2007

Alex of McKinsey Management

Alex consultant.jpg
Yesterday, on January 22, 2007, Alex and Patrick McDonough were joking about the management at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. I asked him about the hiring of politicians to run the department. He agreed about getting rid of the politicians. Oh, we laughed. I asked security if he signed in, he did not. I asked why this man is on Chicago City property, she said he is a consultant.

Today on January 23, 2007, Alex was back taking pictures at 3901 South Ashland. I asked Alex why he did not have a helmet, why he did not have a safety vest, and why he was not wearing safety shoes. I guess Alex does not need to follow safety rules. Alex went out with Union Crews and Alex does not know a single thing about what Cleveland (Investigator Truck))does for a living. But, taxpayers paid Alex to watch a 30 year veteran work. Alex works for McKinsey Management 21 South Clark Chicago Illinois 60603 1-312-551-3500. Today Alex did not sign in again and had no I.D. When I went to Mayor Daley's Chicago Vendor Web site, I saw nothing about McKinsey Management. Consultants, consulting, consultant's, consulting. How did this man get on Chicago City property with no I.D.? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

January 22, 2007

Chicago Water Department's Archie High Video

Archie High 2.jpg
On January 18, 2007, Archie High, a 33 year veteran of the Chicago Department of Water Management spoke up about his many attempts to get promotions. Archie High also told us which bosses had involvement in the campaign and promotion scandals. To see this video, click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7254399834411784984 This is only the first video, and we will dive into this corruption that still occurs to this day at Chicago. Workers still complain the new 11th Ward Calendars are in plain view. This video is produced by Patrick McDonough, and is co-hosted by Frank Avila and Frank Coconate. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

January 21, 2007

Patrick McDonough and Mayor Daley alert Media and Spin Departments

Chicago's Patrick McDonough and Mayor Richard Daley alerted their media departments to "take as much credit for the Chicago Bears Victory as possible". Please look in Chicago's newspapers soon for more credit taking as humanly conceivable. Also look for more banners (Political Ads) on light poles with Patrick McDonough and Mayor Daley's names. Also noted, Patrick Daley, Mayor Daley's son, is ready for troop withdraw from Iraq, so Patrick Daley can "declare victory". P.S. Nice job Chicago Bears!!! Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Residency Violations with Daley Family Member Exposed

January 21, 2006. Please click here to read this important story about Mayor Daley's treatment of his own family: http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/221538,CST-NWS-daley21.article Remember, Chicago Clout had this story on November 15, 2006, months before the Sun-Times. Michael Guilfoyle was a heck of a guy. Patrick McDonough.

Mob "Mechanic" Robert Cooley Video Interview

F.B.I. informant Robert Cooley exposed many of Chicago's Top Mob leaders including the D'Amico Family. Make sure to visit his web site, click here: http://whencorruptionwasking.com/ Robert was interviewed by Frank Avila, a top Chicago Attorney and Mick Dumke a columnist. Mick will be a featured writer at the web site soon.
This is must see video to understand the "Chicago Mob". To see this educational video, click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3890685002249706561 Patrick McDonough.

January 20, 2007

Mayor Daley's 11th Ward Corruption Exposed Again

11th Ward Construction.jpg
Mayor Daley's Ward, the 11th Ward of Chicago has a funny way of doing business. On this website we informed people of the shakedowns contractors experience every day. Also, I hate to tell you but this effects the Inspections that are performed by Chicago City Inspectors. Some Inspectors are informed to give preferential treatment to certain contractors that know how the game is played. It is nothing new for many contractors that payoff local Alderman so their project goes off will little or no friction. In this picture I took a while ago, you will see new multi-million dollar homes right next to railroads that separate Negroes in the Wentworth low income housing. If you look close you will see a Chicago Police officer behind the bridge keeping the Negros on the right side of the tracks. Welcome to Bridgeport, Mansions near low income housing, ghettos, pig and poultry slaughterhouses, and an Oder the stinks to high heaven. No accounting for taste in Bridgeport! Please read this article by Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times, click here: http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/217461,CST-NWS-degnan19.article Are you surprised the 11th Ward wanted the "Right" kind of people to buy those new houses? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chris Belz Chicago's 39th Ward Candidate Video

Chris Belz Studio 1.jpg
On January 18, 2007, Frank Coconate hosted Issue Forum Chicago Clout Show. Please enjoy this video that will introduce you to Chris Belz, the candidate for Chicago's 39th Ward. The 39th Ward has their hands full of many hot topics, such as Hired Truck Scandal involvement and Hiring and Promotion scams which involve Chicago's Daley Administration. Click here to enjoy this video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1620229397083992471 This is a fun photo as we were cracking jokes and poking fun at Chris's campaign manager prior to the taping. Bruce Randazzo, a Chicago Teamster and Chicago City Worker also joined in the show. Good luck Chris Belz. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Rachel Goodstein Chicago's 43rd Ward Candidate's Video

Rachel Goodstein.jpg
Please enjoy Rachel as she discusses the many issues in Chicago's 43rd Ward. She was interviewed by Frank Avila, a famous political activist and Attorney. To watch video, click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1301952404595888485 This show was made on January 18, 2007, and one of the first shows produced by Patrick McDonough. Thanks to all my friends that helped me including Tony Joyce. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Terry Boyke Chicago's Candidate for Alderman Video

Terry Boyke.jpg
Please enjoy this video of Terry Boyke as he explains his positions on the politics of Chicago's 45th Ward. Click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1794654996921696257 Terry was interview by Frank Coconate a Chicago political legend and Patrick McDonough the show producer. The show was made on January 18, 2007. Special thanks to Tony Joyce and the entire technical staff including Pops. Terry would make a fine Chicago Alderman and would provide the leadership the 45th Ward lacks. Photo by Patrick McDonough

January 19, 2007

Myra Young Chicago's 20th Ward Candidate and Archie High

Myra Young Archie High.jpg
Myra Young is a talented lady that is a Candidate for Chicago's 20th Ward. What is in the water in the 20th Ward? The women from that Ward are very intelligent and attractive. The men at the studio were fighting to get a picture with this classy lady. The 20th Ward Alderman has a handful of troubles at this time and Myra might be at the right place at the right time. Myra is pictured with Archie High, a 33 year veteran of the City of Chicago, Department of Water Management. Please contact her, call 1-773-317-7017. I will have more information on this candidate soon. Good Luck Myra! Photo by Patrick McDonough

Alderman Toni Preckwinkle Chicago's 4th Ward Video

Alderman Preckwinkle.jpg
Election 2007 was honored to have Alderman Toni Preckwinkle talk about the many issues confronting Chicago's 4th Ward. This show was hosted on January 18, 2007, by Frank Avila a famous political expert and a well known attorney. Click here to enjoy the video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9200136338675455406 This is the first show I have ever produced, so to have Chicago legends like Alderman Preckwinkle and Frank Avila was an event I will remember. Help support Toni by calling 1-773-924-5042 or by visiting her web site, click here: http://www.chicityclerk.com/citycouncil/alderman/ward4/index.html Photo by Patrick McDonough.

January 13, 2007

Please enjoy a blog by Top Chicago Political Writers

Please have another glass of wine after enjoying Chicago Clout and make sure you check up on two great Chicago writers and legends, Mike Dumke and Ben Joravsky. Their blog is smart, well written. Both class acts I know well. Both of these writers are columnists for the "Reader". Click here: http://blogs.chicagoreader.com/politics/ Patrick McDonough.

Elect Terry Boyke to Chicago's 45th Ward

Terry Boyke 45th Ward.jpg
We all know Patrick McDonough covers any candidate that shows integrity and determination to tackle the many problems a Chicago Ward faces. The best qualified candidate in Chicago's 45th Ward is Mr. Terry Boyke. His campaign is effectively run by Elizabeth Murry-Belcaster. Alderman Patrick "Phat" Levar is a poor choice as he spends too much time at the Taxpayers trough, gobbling up all the gruel, like a pig. In Levar's last mailer, Pat is pictured with a retired Chicago Department of Water Management employee that was accused in a bribes for overtime scandal. Levar has close Union ties and rewards many family members with lucrative city jobs, and jobs overseeing contracts. Does Levar use Chicago City Services legally, or does he skirt procedure with high ranking employees? A new prostitution ring with 11th Ward ties was just uncovered. In fact, allegations of tiny cameras were used on unsuspecting johns, and broadcast throughout the Internet. "We know Mayor Daley likes cameras to fight crime, but to make 11th Warders money?", said a source. Did you know many restaurants that failed heath inspections are in the 45th Ward. To look at Levar, he does not eat there as he keeps the food down! Is Patrick McDonough just picking on the slob Levar? Kevin Lamm, State Chair for the IVI-IPO said, "Alderman Patrick Levar is the antithesis of Good Government. Payroll scams of Streets and San, are tied to Levar. Union Corruption allegations are tied to Levar. Steve Neal wrote of Levar," But Levar, though pleasant enough fellow, is mediocrity at best". Frank Coconate said, "Terry is someone that knows the ropes of City Politics. He is the combination of experience and an independent voice in City Council". Enough is Enough 45th Ward. Learn the facts, check out Terry Boyke web site, click here: http://www.voteterryboyke.com I say VOTE TERRY AND CUT THE FAT OUT OF THE CHICAGO'S 45TH WARD. Call Terry's campaign at 1-773-774-6190 or e-mail click here: voteterryboyke@sbcglobal.net In Photo Jenny Simmons, Kevin Fallon, Terry Boyke, Brian Murry, Michael and Patrick McDonough. Please note the Chicago Union Plumber Jacket. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley Petitions Challenged by Black Candidate

Mayor Daley Petitions Challanged.jpg
On January 13, 2007, Mayor Daley's Petitions continue to by challenged by staunch supporters of the superior candidate, William "Dock" Walls. Line by line, signature by signature, the people that make America strong, make sure the rights of all Chicagoians to a fair voice in this election cycle 2007. Mayor Richy Daley, has been crippled and embarrassed by two candidates that are blowing him away, Bill Walls, and Dorothy Brown. Daley lost his best foot soldiers, the Chicago City Worker, when he cheated the workers out of a raise for two and a half years. Daley looks like a sucker with the low amount of signatures, but the mob and cash rich contractors know to pony up for this election. Enjoy this rare photo of the 6th floor of 69 West Washington. Special thanks to Lance Gough, Executive Director and James Allen, Spokesman, for the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners. Did you know Patrick McDonough is a Polling Place Administrator? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

January 11, 2007

Chicago Top 39th Ward Aldermanic Candidate Chris Belz

Chris Belz.jpg
January 10, 2007 gave me a chance to meet a 39th Ward Candidate that has no Mob Ties. Chris Belz is a very nice person that has always helped the community. His Father is an institution in the ward, an attorney that has fought for residents of the 39th Ward. Chris's office is at 4407 North Elston Avenue, his phone number is 1-773-494-5429. Please see his web site, click here: http://www.chrisbelz.com Let us hope Chris joins us on television so he can get the word out. Patrick MCDonough.

January 10, 2007

Alberto Bocanegra Jr. Chicago 12th Ward Video

Alberto Becanegra Jr.jpg
On January 8, 2007, Alberto sat down with famous Chicago Attorney Frank Avila, to outline the issues in his ward. Chicago 12th Ward has many concerns, please click here to watch video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8077406760328235287 I am very happy the Aldermanic races include many fresh faces. Chicago Alderman a.k.a. "Ho's" are fighting tooth and nail to kick political freshman off the ballot. Enjoy Issue Forum Chicago Clout series. Patrick McDonough.

Frank Avila, Jesse Granato, Chicago's 26th Ward Candidate

Jesse Granato.jpg
Frank Avila hosted "Election 2007" January 8, 2007. Mr. Avila's guest was Mr. Jesse Granato, an Aldermanic Candidate for Chicago's 26th Ward. Please watch video, click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6624193167448518701 This is part of Issue Forum Chicago Clout. Please contact Jesse Granato at 1-312-316-6646, or visit his web site, click here: http://www.electgranato.com/index.html I hope all of you Chicago Political types contact us if you want your voice heard. Patrick McDonough.

January 9, 2007

Patrick McDonough and Chicago's Hydrant Crew assist Major Fire

January 9, 2007. Thanks to Chicago's Central District Hydrant Truck, water was supplied to this major fire. 1300 West Exchange. Also great leadership by Central District Assistant Superintendent Kavanaugh. Chicago Stockyard fire assisted by brave Chicago Water Department Heroes, John, Tyrone, John H. "Chief", and Patrick "Deep Water" McDonough. Nice job, watch video, click here: http://www.nbc5.com/video/10707811/index.html Just another day for Department of Water Management Heroes. Also click here for Channel 7 report: http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=local&id=4918517 Channel 2 News story, click here: http://cbs2chicago.com/topstories/local_story_009103456.html Patrick McDonough.

Frank Avila, Harold "Noonie" Ward Candidate Chicago's 9th Ward Video

Harold Ward.jpg
The series Election 2007 is hosted by Frank Avila a famous Chicago Attorney and Political Analyst. One of his guests on January 8, 2007 was Harold "Noonie" Ward. Harold is a Candidate for Chicago's 9th Ward. Watch video, click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3699227825148479933 A movie named "Gangster with a Heart of Gold" is based on the Noonie G. Story. It was narrated by Kayne West and Common. Please contact Mr. Ward at 1-773-724-1805. Elect someone that knows what the problems are in the 9th Ward. Photo by Patrick MCDonough.

Salman Aftab Chicago's 50th Ward Candidate

Salman Aftab Randall Sherman.jpg
Make sure to watch Salman Aftab as he is interviewed by Frank Avila, a famous Chicago Attorney and Political Analyst. Pictured with Aftab is Mr. Randall Sherman a Chicago Political genius. Randall does not want Bernard Stone to be re-elected as Alderman Stone will, "Hand the 50th Ward to Stone's daughter. Randall knows politics and this is a Chicago trend. Please watch these two videos if you live in Chicago and make sure to watch if you live in the Chicago's 50th Ward. Video one, click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4858943746435707484 Video two, click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6573840191942834481 Well 50th Ward, at least Salman is giving his views. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

January 8, 2007

Chicago Alderman Troutman in Hot Water

Please see Chicago Channel 7 News, Click here: http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=local&id=4914814 Alderman Troutman was nice to me and is an advocate for her ward. I hope and pray the FEDS spend more time on Mayor Daley and not this minor stuff. The City of Chicago is losing millions from shady contracts, let us get the big fish in the corruption pool. Patrick McDonough.

January 7, 2007

Carina Sanchez Alderman of Chicago's 12 Ward? Yes!

Carina Sanchez.jpg
Please enjoy this video so you can learn about a very well educated community leader that wishes to become the next Chicago 12th Ward Alderman. Please click here to see video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6888764332419769813 Carina Sanchez also on January 2, 2007 found out she received the coveted endorsement from the Illinois Committee for Honest Government. Special thanks to Tony Joyce for getting this video on line. Frank Avila hosted the "Election 2007" series. Please go to Carina Sanchez's web site, click here: http://www.sanchezforalderman.com Or call Carina at 1-773-376-7214 Photo by Patrick McDonough

Alderman Joe Moore 49th Ward Video

Not long ago, Alderman Joe Moore made a video with Frank Avila so his Ward could better know his view on the issues. Frank Avila hosted Election 2007 a well known Chicago access cable show. I have spoke to Alderman Joe Moore for many years on many issues and he always returned my calls. We spoke about his Whistleblowers laws and I featured him on this site during the Chicago Big-Box fight that garnered Mr. Moore with national news coverage. Alderman Moore is not afraid to mix it up with Mayor Daley and is not a rubber stamp. Chicago would have less corruption with more free thinking Alderman. Please click here to watch video http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8118096040781085195 Patrick McDonough.

Martin P. Cooney Chicago's 47th Ward's Best Candidate

Martin P. Cooney2.jpg
I brought my children to meet one of the most ethical choices for the Chicago's 2007 Election cycle. I am asking all of my fellow Chicago City Workers in this Ward to work heart and soul for this candidate. Martin is a member of the Irish-American Heritage Center, runs a Union business, and is a tireless advocate of issues that matter the most to Chicagoan's. This is a third generation businessman that has served our community for years with impeccable honesty and dignity. Also in picture, Patrick Jr. David and Michael McDonough. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Wallace "Gator" Bradley (Burge Torture) Avila Video

Wallace  Bradley.jpg
Please watch this Video for information on the Mayor Daley Burge Torture case. Click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8817816638316774747 Many of Chicago's black youth were forced to admit to crimes they never committed. Wallace "Gator" Bradley was a Chicago Gang Member and turned his life around to become a "Urban Translator". Many Chicago Black youth become gang members due to Mayor Daley's lousy school system that stacks the deck against the children. Contact Gator at 1-312-371-6914 or e-mail him, click here: lagatorb4peace@yahoo.com The civil case of Aaron Patterson is handled by Chicago's top Attorney, Frank Avila, also the host of the Issue Forum Chicago Clout series. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

January 6, 2007

Bob Fioretti Candidate 2nd Ward Alderman Video

Please enjoy this video that is part of Chicago's "Election 2007" series brought to you by the Illinois Committee for Honest Government. The host of the show is Frank Avila a top Attorney in Chicago. This is also part of the Issue Forum Chicago Clout 8 video series. Please see Bob's Video, click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2737976063005104221 Please also see the Chicago 2nd Ward challenger's web site, click here: http://fiorettiforalderman.com/ Call call Bob at 1-312--263-9273 Patrick McDonough

January 5, 2007

Vilma Colom Alderman Candidate Video with Frank Avila

Vilma Colom.jpg
On January 2, 2007, Vilma Colom spent time on "Election 2007" with host Frank Avila. Enjoy this half hour video as Vilma fights to become the Alderman of Chicago's 35th Ward again. Please click here for video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3820869856953582511 This video is sponsored by the Illinois Committee for Honest Government. You can contact Vilma's campaign at 1-773-276-3535 or check her web site, click here: http://www.vilmacolom35.com Also her campaign office is located at 2820 Diversey Avenue, Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

January 4, 2007

Ambrosio Medrano Candidate Chicago's 25th Ward

Ambrosio Medrano.jpg On January 2, 2007, Ambrosio Medrano was the guest of "Election 2007" hosted by Frank Avila and The Illinois Committee for Honest Government. Please enjoy the video click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3463296447119115643 The 25th Ward is contested with multiple candidates. Please enjoy this well made video. Contact Ambrosio Medrano at 1-312-666-7901 or http://www.ward25.com Photo by Patrick McDonough

Alderman Daniel S. Solis and Frank Avila Video

Solis and Avila.jpg Please click here to see video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7355218146061866484 On January 2, 2007, Frank Avila hosted "Election 2007" a series of videos showcasing Chicago's top politicians and candidates. Please enjoy this video sponsored by The Illinois Committee for Honest Government. Daniel Solis is the current Alderman of the hotly contested 25th Ward. Mr. Solis is also Chicago's President Pro tempore. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Michael "Libby" Libert Alderman 42 Ward Chicago!!!

Michael Libert.jpg
Michael Libert is a Candidate for Chicago's 42 Ward. Please enjoy this video he made with Chicago's famous lawyer Frank Avila Jr. Michael "Libby" Libert is a very humble intelligent person with a passion to serve the Chicago's 42nd Ward the way it should be represented. Please see the video, click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6716632353412621690 After watching this gentleman on the video please help him by calling 1-312-719-4242, or visit his office at 345 North Canal Suite c-202. Michael also has a web site, click here: http://libby2007.com/ Michael is endorsed by the Illinois Committee for Honest Government and the Jewish Political Alliance of Illinois.( Web Site http://www.jpai.us/ ) Video made January 2, 2007 and Photo by Patrick McDonough

January 3, 2007

Martin P. Cooney Alderman of Chicago's 47th Ward? Yes!!!

Martin P. Cooney.jpg
Dear Neighbors in the 47th Ward, Please take the time to watch the video of Martin P. Cooney. Martin and generations of his family have been an institution in Chicago. Martin was interviewed by Frank Avila, host of Election 2007. This video proves Martin is an asset to the 47th Ward and the City of Chicago. Martin and the entire Cooney Family, are a major blessing during difficult times. Please call Martin at 1-773-275-3515 or visit http://www.cooneyforalderman.com Please click here for video http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8999135471741808221 Photo by Patrick McDonough.