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March 31, 2008

City of Chicago Shakman Settlement Review on Chicago Clout

I made earlier posts on Chicago Clout regarding the Shakman Settlement; I hope you take the time to review. I explained prior, there would be many upset workers that thought they would get the $100,000.00 maximum. Many Chicago City Workers deserved the highest amount. More will be posted on the ins and outs of the settlement soon on the Shakman Monitor website, click here: http://www.shakmanmonitor.com/ a posting will be made in a day or two and than in about three weeks to a month, so please keep informed. I am sure many of you will continue to have deep anger and hate, but remember the deal was a pig in a dress from the start. Many workers did not fill out the paperwork correctly, lacked detail, and many employees withheld information as they wanted to avoid retaliation. Some employees were not informed until the last minute. Some employees had access to records and some did not. The bottom line is Noel Brennan had to do the best she could with what she had. The employees that wrote, "Just look at the overtime", might have meant it was so obvious all she had to do was look at the difference in the paystubs. I think if the settlement names and amounts are revealed, people might attempt to a create a conspiracy. If the same bosses are still in power, and they are, nothing will change. If they wanted to change things, everything should have been presented in a public forum. Let the taxpayers know what they are paying for and why. We need an Accord Forum, we need exposure. I credit Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times for her excellent coverage. And for all the guys that are hurt and crippled from the years of dangerous and dirty work, maybe you should have op-ed out. And that guy with thirty three years, set to get a check for $250.00, I am very sorry for you. And the Aldermen mad at Jay Stone?, shut up you knuckleheads, the settlement should have come out of your fat pockets and Mayor Daley's. Patrick McDonough.

March 30, 2008

New Chicago Clout Commentator James J. Laski's Video on his Book

March 29, 2008

Autism in Illinois Chicago Clout Frank Avila Peter DiCianni Video

How will this work out Chicago Inspector General?

Fired city worker accused of shoplifting is acquitted She left store with groceries to get her debit card, a lawyer argued... By Monique Garcia 9:46 PM CDT, March 28, 2008 A Chicago city employee who was fired from her job in the inspector general's office after being arrested for shoplifting was acquitted Thursday of the charge, her attorney said Friday. Tracy Buckley, 36, who was an assistant chief investigator, was charged with misdemeanor theft after about $100 worth of merchandise was stolen from a Whole Foods Market, 6020 N. Cicero Ave., in January. Her attorney, Ron Menaker, said Judge Stuart Katz found Buckley not guilty of the charge Thursday. Menaker had argued that there was an "innocent explanation" for Buckley's actions. She had inadvertently attempted to leave the store with the merchandise to retrieve her debit card from her vehicle in the parking lot, he said. Menaker said it was unclear if Buckley would try to get her job back with the office, which investigates misconduct by city workers. Contacted Friday, Inspector General David Hoffman said he had no comment regarding the case. mcgarcia@tribune.com Copyright © 2008, Chicago Tribune The real question is, will she need to use her pension to pay for a lawyer to get her job back? Watch the moves in this chess match. What if this happened to any non-clout worker?

March 25, 2008

Chicago Fire Hydrants Frozen Exposed by Dave Savini and CBS 2 News

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March 23, 2008

Good Bye to 2008 Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Queen and Parade.

Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Queen.jpg When I looked back at the photos of the Chicago Saint Patrick's Day Queens, this young women stood out the most. Why? She has a classic Irish look, light skin and black hair. This young lady reminds me of Jackie Kennedy. If you know who she is, tell her to enter the contest again. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago's James Laski "Chicago Clout" Television Appearance

I am asking all off my Chicago Clout fans to make sure you purchase the James Laski book, My Fall From Grace: City Hall to Prison Walls. Please purchase the book from Authorhouse,com, click here: http://www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/ItemDetail~bookid~50214.aspx Amazom.com, click here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1434362809/ref=cm_rdp_product or shop Barnes and Noble or Borders. In the conversations with Mr. Laski, I hope we will "Connect the Dots" in the Hired Truck Program and address other public issues regarding Chicago Government. The two hosts in the interesting show will be Frank Avila Jr. Attorney and Mick Dumke, a political expert. If you have questions and/or you would like a signed book, please let me know. This is turning out to be an interesting month after all. Patrick McDonough

March 20, 2008

Thanks for Saving Duff's duff Mayor Daley

Please make sure you read this extended post. Todd Lighty and Laurie Cohen expose more of the Clout and Corruption at Chicago City Hall. Ever have the feeling Daley just don't get it. Chicago City hall is broke, flat broke. Time to sell more assets so Daley's pals can live high on the hog. Patrick McDonough 12:07 AM CDT, March 20, 2008 Mayor Richard Daley's administration has banned the head of Windy City Maintenance and two others convicted of contract fraud from doing business with the city for three years, despite a recommendation from the inspector general that they never be allowed to do work for City Hall again. James Duff, who cheated the city and insurance companies out of millions of dollars, should be subject to the stiffest penalty outlined in policies drawn up in 2005 following a series of contracting scandals, Inspector General David Hoffman said Wednesday. Duff, a member of a mob-connected family with strong ties to the mayor, became the face of contracting fraud in Daley's administration after creating phony minority-owned and woman-owned businesses to get city work. A federal prosecutor once called Duff "the epitome of greed" and a city official previously gave assurances that City Hall had no interest in ever again doing business with Duff-related companies. After Duff was sent to prison in 2005 for racketeering and fraud, Hoffman recommended in late 2006 that Duff and two co-defendants, William Stratton and Terrence Dolan, receive lifetime bans. "Allowing the defendants in this case to be eligible for city contracts in the future sends a message that is inconsistent with deterrence and integrity in the system," Hoffman said Wednesday. "If racketeering, fraud and money laundering only merit three years' debarment, then it will be hard to convince other contractors that their misconduct will result in a powerful financial sanction." Montel Gayles, the chief purchasing officer, did not explain why he decided on the three-year ban when he notified Duff and the others this month. Karen Bates, spokeswoman for the Department of Procurement Services, said current rules do not allow for a lifetime ban and that no contractor has ever been banned permanently from doing business with the city. Rules adopted after the Duff and other contracting scandals allow for a contractor to be cut off from doing city business for a specific period of time or "indefinitely." Bates said Gayles relied on a city statute that sets a three-year ban for those who make false statements about their use of minority- and women-owned businesses. Hoffman insisted that current contracting rules allow for companies to be banned permanently. He said the City Council should consider whether the municipal code needs to be amended to explicitly allow for permanent bans. "When someone is convicted of a massive racketeering, fraud and money laundering scheme involving city contracts, in which the city taxpayers are the victim," Hoffman said, "the city should say to that person, 'You have forfeited your opportunity to compete for city contracts.' Period." The city revoked Windy City Maintenance's favored status as a woman-owned firm in 1999 after a Tribune investigation found that the janitorial firm was controlled by male members of the Duff family instead of by James Duff's mother, Patricia Green Duff. In 2003, federal authorities charged that the Duff family used Green Duff and Stratton, a trusted black associate, to pose as fronts for sham minority- and women-owned businesses in a massive fraud that garnered more than $100 million in city contracts. Duff, 49, was sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison. He is in the Yankton federal prison camp in South Dakota and is eligible to seek city business in 2011--three years before his expected release from prison. His lawyer, Terence Campbell, said he was unaware of the city's decision. Campbell said he did not know Duff's future plans but added, "I don't think he has any intention of ever doing business with the city again." Stratton, 66, was sentenced to nearly 6 years behind bars and is in the federal prison at Leavenworth, Kan. His lawyer, Michael Sher, said he does not know what Stratton's plans are when he is released in 2010. Dolan, 56, former operations manager at Windy City, finished his 21-month sentence in November. He now helps run a Hinsdale-based janitorial firm called Custodial Plus, state records show. Asked if he would try to work for the city after three years, Dolan said, "It's the farthest thing from my mind right now." tlighty@tribune.com lcohen@tribune.com

March 17, 2008

Saint Patrick's Day Parade Chicago 2008 Tom Durkin Union Leader

Tom Durkin Plumber's Local 130.jpg I was happy to see Tom Durkin, a Business Agent from Plumber's Local 130, and a co-chair of Plumber's Local 130's Politicial Action Task Force. http://www.plumberslu130ua.com/site/section/1/8 Remember, the licensed union plumber protects the drinking water in Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Airport Expansion Scandals exposed again soon Yips!!

James M. Houlihan Cook County Assessor Picture

James Houlihan Cook County.jpg James is on the left. James Houlihan made it to the Chicago Clout list. http://www.cookcountyassessor.com/ James is the Cook Cook County Assessor. I enjoyed this picture when the leadership in the County sits back and enjoys a great Saint Patrick's Day Parade. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Tom "Skillful" Skilling at Chicago's 2008 Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Tom Skilling WGN News Chicago.jpg I was told the Tom Dart Supporter to the left, is an old friend. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Mr. Food of Chicago's ABC 7 News Fame at St. Pats

Mr. Food Chicago WGN.jpg When you shop at Jewel or watch Chicago's Abc 7 News, you will find Mr, Food. I bet he had a corned beef and cabbage meal this Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Parade. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

March 16, 2008

Brigid McDonough and "Pebbles" the Green Irish Dog

Brigid and Pebbles McDonough Photo by John J. Kim Chicago Sun-Times.jpg I hope you enjoy this picture by the Chicago Sun-Time staff photographer John J. Kim. This is my daughter and my dog. I had fun this Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Parade 2008. Enjoy Patrick McDonough

March 15, 2008

Mayor Daley and James Sullivan Talk at the 2008 Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Mayor Daley and James Sullivan.jpg I was happy to see Mayor Daley talking to James Sullivan, Business Manager of Plumber's Local 130 in Chicago. It is good for a Union Boss to have the Mayor's ear. Mayor Daley's motorcade came screaming up in his fancy gas guzzling Lincoln, lights flashing, and sirens wailing. I was hoping Daley would ride a bike to save gas. I hope everyone enjoyed their Saint Patrick's Day in Chicagoland. It is a shame Daley will not shake hands anymore. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago's 2008 Saint Patrick's Day Queen Kaitlin Basic of Gaelic Park

Chicago 2008 Saint Patrick's Day Queen Kaitlin Basic.jpg I approve the choice of the Gaelic Park's Saint Patrick's Day Queen. Her name is Kaitlin Basic. The runner up is another stunning Irish Lass by the name of Caitlin Bekta. Thank you to Joe Morrissey for all your help. I must admit the South Side ladies are very pretty. I also hope all the South Side Irish join Gaelic Park, learn more here: http://www.chicagogaelicpark.org/ Photo by Patrick McDonough

Alderman Brendan Reilly enjoys Chicago Saint Patrick's Parade

Chicago Alderman O'Reilly.jpg I was happy to see Alderman Bendan Reilly from Chicago's 42nd Ward. Now that is Irish. I also had a giggle when I saw "Libby" with him. Amazing what you can do when you work together. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Terrence J. O'Brien President of MWRD 2008 Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Terrence J. O'Brien.jpg I was again happy to see a Chicago Clout regular Terrence J. O'Brien. I was also pleased to meet his classy wife Julie. I think these two make a happy couple. The young man next to the President of the MWRD might be one of their kids. I was looking for Commissioner Frank Avila and his wife Sherry, but he was out of town and she was at a different Irish event. Thanks for the nice picture President O'Brien. I might add the agency is rather well run. Learn more about Mr. O'Brien, click here http://www.terrencejobrienmwrd.com/LinkedFiles/Biography.htm Photo by Patrick McDonough

This Chicago Irish Dancer enjoys the Irish music

Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day 2008 Dancers.jpg I hope you enjoy this picture of a young Irish dancer that I stunned after she enjoyed clapping to her Irish music. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Joliet Police Department at Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Joliet Police at Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Parade.jpg This Police Officer seems to enjoy his day away from the Brass at the Joliet Police Department. I see nothing wrong with enjoying the famous Chicago's Saint Patrick Day all day party. I am glad to report Chicago's finest did a great job protecting us today. Thank you for the great job Chicago Police officers. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Green Irish Dog "Pebbles"

Chicago Saint Patrick's Day Green Dog.jpg Chicago's only green dog "Pebbles McDonough" enjoyed her T.V. time on NBC 5 News today. Pebbles showed her Clout when she marched with Plumber's Local 130. Enjoy the video, click here: http://video.nbc5.com/player/?id=229440 Photo by Patrick McDonough

We need to bring light to Lincoln Park Latin School Soccer Scam

Jane Doe Lincoln Park Chicago.jpg Chicago Clout had a very productive meeting today with a bunch of very classy ladies. To describe these women I would use words like, attractive, very prim and proper, well educated. You could tell they are very determined to keep Lincoln Park as traditional as possible. They told me quite a different story. I assumed this was some yuppies picking on a bunch of Hispanics that want to play soccer in the park. God knows those rich folks do not need old dodge caravans rumbling into Lincoln Park and Hispanics jumping out to play soccer games and leaving a mess. (What people really think, but don't say) This is a story of clout and privilege; this is a story of a wealthy private school, using its powerful connections to use public land for private use. This is a story about giving control of public land to private schools. Latin School is a private school that costs tens of thousands to attend, they brag of 62 different zip codes, children are sent in from all over. This is not a Chicago Public School with poor minorities. Well, who set this deal up Mayor Daley? Who signed off? Is the Chicago Lakefront going to turn into a cheap carnival? Do we want a park of buildings and signs? The reason many wealthy people move to Lincoln Park is for the open area, area we can share. Mayor Daley should stop this land grab now; does he want these citizens to move out of the city limits? I want everyone to rethink this; the west side of Chicago could use a nice soccer field, after the elite Latin School kids hop onto a bus and return back to school, the poor black and Hispanic kids could use the fine field. Let's build jobs and industry in the Westside of Chicago, it is their turn. I bet that Lincoln Park Lady in the picture will be famous soon! Contact http://www.cklpp.org for more information, or call 312-276-5165 Photo by Patrick McDonough

March 11, 2008

Chicago Department of Water Management (Safety) Shoring Update

January 17, 2006 Reform started in Chicago

March 1, 2008

Patrick McDonough John McDonough Chicago Icons

Patrick McDonough John McDonough.jpg In Chicago, Patrick McDonough's name stands for Chicago Clout and the various scandals exposed in the Daley Adminstration. When you think of the name of John McDonough, you think of brilliant leadership at the Chicago Cubs. Now when you think of John McDonough, you should expect his leadership to put some polish on the Chicago Blackhawk Hockey team. If anyone can make it happen, it is John McDonough. If you need tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks, ask someone else. I am going because a McDonough is taking charge. Also expect Bobby Hull and Stan Makita to return to a place of respect in the new team. Make sure you get back to the Stadium, things are on an upswing. Photo by Brigid McDonough.