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February 24, 2011

Now the Chicago Press need to shut the funk up about Jewish Rahm Emanuel

Many of us know Rahm Emanuel is Jewish, during the campaign the schizoid press was looking for any hint of anti-Jewish sediment. In fact, when Rahm was in his residency challenge at the Board of Elections, one press outlet was attempting to sell me on the idea someone was making anti-Jewish comments. Now the press will not shut up that Rahm is Jewish. Rahm is a Jewish Mayor, etc. Chicago elected Rahm as the next Mayor of Chicago because we do not care Rahm is Jewish. Now it going to get shoved down our throats he is Jewish. Please stop doing that. Good luck Rahm Emanuel, that dumb Catholic Mayor Daley left you a dirty diaper. Patrick McDonoberg.

February 20, 2011

Illinois Committee for Honest Government endorses Patrick McDonough

Thank you to Tony Joyce and his staff for the endorsement. We will also miss Randall Sherman that ran the committee for many years. The 48Th Ward might want to take notice these non-political endorsements. The 48Th Ward has been greatly shortchanged by a lack of debates with all the candidates. Some of the building boards have not allowed any candidates except their personal favorites. That is the way it is in the 48Th Ward.

February 19, 2011

Before you Vote for Rahm Emanuel, Watch this Video on Chicago Clout

February 18, 2011

If you think Daley got religion, watch this video by Dane Placo.

Why Were City Trucks Idle During Blizzard While Private Firms Hired?: MyFoxCHICAGO.com

February 17, 2011

4228 North Hermitage Chicago, Rahm Emanuel's rental property

4228 West Hermitage Rahm Emanuel Home This is a picture of Rahm Emanuel's property in Chicago. The address is 4228 North Hermitage. Jeffrey Joseph Black stands across the street from Rahm Emanuel's rental property. Today, I prepared a long overdue story on clout and privilege in Chicago. Jeff was Emanuel Objector NO. 11. I, Patrick McDonough was Emanuel Objector NO. 007 in the Rahm Emanuel Board of Elections Hearing. I asked Jeff if he would allow me to video his interpretation of a story I kept for a long time. I am a licensed Plumber and evidence Rahm Emanuel produced during hearing opened a large can of worms for the mayoral candidate. I hope the Office of the Inspector General might take a second look at a Chicago Plumbing Inspector that squirmed off the hook in Operation Crooked Code. He worked under an indicted and convicted Plumbing Supervisor. I am not telling this story to pick on any one candidate; I will post another story on another candidate that is worse. I thank everyone for their assistance. I will have a video very soon. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Mayor Daley calls St. Patrick's Day queen "Dago" not long ago. Was Daley an Anti-Italian?

"Rahm Emanuel doesn't live it. He's nothing but a Wall Street Judas," Jim Sweeney said on Tuesday. Well here you go in Chicago Politics with a Union Leader talking a lot of crap to stir up all the City Workers that never figured the Local 150 Operators sold out the City Workers long before Rahm ever did. Local 150 was one of the first unions to cave in to help with Mayor Daley's budget mess. Local 150 made tons of overtime and loaded up private non-union trucks during the snow storm. Local 150 workers load up non-union scab trucking every day on city property. So I think Jim should look in the mirror before he takes the stance he did on Rahm. Am I supporting Rahm Emanuel? A solid NO. Was Daley a phony and a hypocrite again? Yes. Folks, this is not an anti-Semitic issue. It is one of the pot calling the kettle black! Patrick McDonough

Good Luck to all 48Th Ward Aldermanic Candidates The Chicago Sun-Times take..

Candidates blast political insiders By Stefano Esposito Staff Reportersesposito@suntimes.com Feb 17, 2011 02:08AM "Harry, could you please tell me how you think we could change the 48th Ward and make it better?" asked candidate Patrick McDonough, turning to the freckle-faced doll, a stand-in for state Rep. Harry Osterman. The ensuing silence was a funny moment in a race with a nasty edge. McDonough, a Department of Water Management worker who hosted the debate as a feature on his political website, and wine merchant Philip R. Bernstein say the ward has been governed for too long by political insiders. They point to the fact that Mary Ann Smith, the current alderman, once worked for the late Kathy Osterman, who was Harry Osterman's mother and was alderman here until 1989. Harry Osterman said he's his own man and is focused on talking directly to the voters -- as he has for the last 11 years as a legislator. "I'm out engaging the voters and running a campaign that's focused on the issues that people care about in our community," said Osterman, 43. Both Osterman and Bernstein, 63, said expanding Andersonville's thriving retail to other parts of the ward is key. Bernstein said the powers that be haven't done enough to either encourage quality retail in struggling areas or shift lower-quality shops elsewhere. "They need to be relocated to areas where they're better supported," Bernstein said. "You don't take up a major thoroughfare like Broadway and populate it with used-car shops." Bernstein said he would use his business background to reach out to thriving businesses in other neighborhoods and encourage them to come to the 48th Ward. Osterman said, among other things, that he would work with existing neighborhood businesses, offering them tax-increment financing funds to encourage them to expand elsewhere in the ward, a tactic that he said already had some success . McDonough said he's focused on shaking up the establishment and making sure all basic services get delivered to residents. "It's not glamorous, but that's what people are paying taxes for," said McDonough, 50. "You're not paying taxes for pretty flags and all sorts of other pretty things." Candidate Steve Chereska, a juvenile detention counselor, said he would seek federal funding to boost tourism in the ward, which also includes part of the lakefront. Chereska said his lack of political experience is an asset. "I'm a fresh face, a young guy who can't be influenced," said Chereska, 35. "I'm able to say no. It seems to me that a lot of people haven't said no for a while. That's why we have a lot of deficits and mismanaged money." The election is Tuesday. Thank you Chicago Sun-Times. I wish all the candidates in the 48Th Ward would debate the issues. We have some fine candidates and the voters want to know where we stand on the issues.

February 16, 2011

Video on 50Th Ward, Bernie Stone, Tamara Edwards, Patrick McDonough

February 15, 2011

Looks Like Mark Brown outs Harry Osterman 48Th puppet for Caron Ronen

Quote for Mark Brown's article... Notably missing from this list is Harry Osterman, an aldermanic candidate in the 48th Ward, who was the beneficiary of a campaign mailing sent this week to 48th Ward voters on his behalf by For a Better Chicago. For a Better Chicago indicated earlier that it might mail out campaign materials "independent" of a candidate, which arguably would not trigger a disclosure requirement. Such mailings are very expensive and could make For a Better Chicago a major player in the closing days of the campaign. Some opposing political operatives believe the group is holding back the bulk of its money to make a stronger play in the April 5 runoff. Unquote. Dear 48Th Ward Voters, you have 5 candidates for Alderman in the 48Th Ward. Please stop the machine.

February 14, 2011

Looks Like Dane Placko busts Rahm Emanuel at O'Hare Airport

Workers Question Emanuel's Visit to Secured Airport Warehouse: MyFoxCHICAGO.com

February 13, 2011

The Tom Roeser Show on WLS with guests State Rep. Jack Franks and Patrick McDonough

Deborah and Jack Franks with Patrick McDonough This is a picture of Deborah Franks, Patrick McDonough, and Illinois State Rep. Jack Franks (D-McHenry). Jack is a class act and a great radio personality. Thanks for the nice time Tom Roeser. Make sure you watch Can-TV February 14, 2011 at 8:00 pm channel 21 and February 16, 2011 4:00 pm channel 21. We talk about Chicago's 48Th Ward.

February 12, 2011

"Ask Your Plumbing Inspector" TV Show with Michael McGann and Kristina Lee

The All New Chicago Clout and Ask Your Plumbing Inspector Shows

Can-TV McGann, Lee, Edwards on Chicago Clout I am happy to report, we are assisting Tamara Edwards to take over more hosting on Chicago Clout. As long as she stops calling me a snitch and remembers it is called a Whistleblower!!! I am sure this will give me more time to produce shows. Michael McGann will host "Ask Your Plumbing Inspector" with Kristina Lee. Please enjoy!

February 6, 2011

Mayor Daley brings back his "Hired Truck" pals with bogus supervision

Daley's Hired Trucks Return for Blizzard 2011 The 2011 Blizzard was another feast for Mayor Daley's "Hired Truck" pals. Nothing like an emergency to rape and scam the Chicago Taxpayers again. Chicago has never learned its lesson and continues to make the non-union scabs and suburban trucking companies millions while Chicago residents sit at home and starve. What a going away present for Daley and his 11Th Ward goons. This weekend was a prime example of union city workers sent home while members of Local 150 continue to load the "Hired Trucks". Chicago Teamsters get part-time work thanks to paying for the excess and debts Daley piles on the back of folks struggling to make ends meet. Daley leaves poor blacks and Hispanics with no future or job while the suburban trucking companies prepare to pillage the city to bankruptcy. What did the Union Teamsters and Operating Engineers do about this? Much of this work is under supervision of union workers/ What are you doing? Now some unions think Rahm is the answer, better think that one over again. Will the Office of the Inspector General investigate if prevailing wage, living wages and benefits are paid to these scabs? We also need to watch out for kickbacks. Photo by Chicago Clout Inspector.

February 5, 2011

What the heck is going on with the Chicago Public School photo ops?

Gloria Martinez of Peirce School in Chicago forgot to get back to Patrick McDonough a candidate for Chicago's 48Th Ward. I wanted to get some picture time and meet and greet the kids. Gloria said she would need to contact some higher ups. Geat how America works for some folks better than others. I better ask Mary Ann Smith to see what the holdup is!!! This pre- 8Th grade school is one of the better in the Edgewater area.

Mayor Daley sends City Workers home early, his contactor pals keep looting the City.

The City of Chicago needs to review the lack of oversight with mayor Daley's trucking and towing contractor pals. By the time the 'review" is made, we will be broke. How can contractors work and City workers sit a home and stave? The Daley family eats well and the middleclass eat table scraps.

The Chicago Sun-Times crosses the ethics line in Chicago Politics

The Chicago Sun-Times has been in a Rahm Emanuel stupor for far too long. The Chicago Sun-Times has been outrageous in its blatant support of Rahm Emanuel for mayor of Chicago. I have watched the newspaper threaten appellate court judges and press the Rahm agenda. They forget they have a duty to inform the public. The public was never informed of the real technicalities in the Rahm Residency case, selling the ignorant on making the case "let the public decide". The newspapers have not given a fair chance to the public sponsoring the debates we all need. The Sun-Times endorsed a candidate in the 48Th Ward without giving a single compelling reason. Today, I got a phone call from a Sun-Times writer, Stefano Esposito. He asked me, 'What about my lack of vision for the 48Th Ward"? He asked that before asking my vision for the 48Th Ward. The Sun-Times and I go back for over a decade, I assisted in many stories. I kept away from the Sun-Times because of possible ethic violations. I am a member of a professional journalistic society. The Sun-Times has blown any credibility in Aldermanic races and the 48Th Ward with splendor. Their choice in the 36Th Ward is a farce. I think the Sun-Times is trying to sell the snow job on the 48Th. The Sun-Times should demand debates in all wards.

February 4, 2011

Is political army of Rahm Emanuel back at the Department of Water Department barking orders?

The Office of the Inspector General and the Shakman Monitor were answering the phone again as employees' ramp up the allegations of fraud and misconduct. Several current employees complain the old warriors of Rahm Emanuel's congressional race were looking and receiving promotions like there is no tomorrow. In the days of old, people knew the promotions would go to certain workers, but the reward was overtime. Now, the campaign workers want the promotions because the O.T. is a thing of the past. At Chicago Clout we reported Daley's contractor pals are raking in the cash which could funnel loot into Rahm's campaign. In fact, Chicago Clout has received complaints from City contractors about phone calls recommending a donation to the mayoral campaign. "You like how things are going now", said the caller. In the January 2011 pay envelope, employees were given the notice from the Shakman Monitor. I again remind the City workers to call and get things on the record. I want everyone to know, nothing has changed for the better at the City of Chicago. The Chicago Taxpayers are on the hook for millions more in lawsuits. I have a feeling if we vote for Rahm, we will have a Daley incarnate. Patrick McDonough (Shakman Monitor Phone number 1-312-422-0001

February 3, 2011

Chicago Firefighters dig out Fire Hydrants during Blizzard 2011

Chicago Firefighters dig out Hydrants 1 During the Chicago Blizzard of 2011, Chicago Firefighters were looking for Fire Hydrants in case of a fire. They were also digging them out of the snow drifts. Many of Chicago's Fire Hydrants are frozen solid and do not work. I guess more people need to die before the problem is fixed. I am glad Daley is leaving, the next mayor of chicago has a mess. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Matthew Farmer "Rahm Emanuel Rap" Big Pimping Video and Song

When did ABC 7 News figured out Clout decides who gets snow plow service first?

Chicago Clout reported these scams years ago with Alderman Pat "Phat" Levar stories. Alderman Sandi Jackson wanted the Office of the Inspector General in investigate. Chicago will not give enough money to the OIG so it goes on and on. Remember; see tomorrow's stories today on Chicago Clout. Vote the same people in, you get the same results. Patrick McDonough

February 2, 2011

Mayor Daley calls "HIred Trucks" to help with Blizzard 2011

Blizzard Chicago .jpg Mayor Daley let everyone down again with the side streets in the worst condition ever. One lady said, "Only Rahm Emanuel would handle the storm worse than Daley". Chicago is a disaster! If I was Mayor Daley, I would ask the private trucking companies to pony up for a going away gift. Now is the time to steal the city blind! The Office of the Inspector General will never find all the money getting looted now! Emergency or no emergency, the OIG needs to audit these companies to make sure the private truckers are paid prevailing wage! What a mess. I would like to thank all the teamsters union drivers for working so hard.

February 1, 2011

Please pickup your campaign signs Harold Osterman in the 48Th Ward

Bess in Mary Ann Smith's 48Th Ward office got another call because Herman osterman is leaving his campaign signs in the public way. Harry try and show some class for once, keep your signs off the public way. I know in the Conrad Suerth in streets and Sanitation yard will make sure the signs are taken down right away. Looks like another Shakman Violation.