Bob Fioretti Candidate 2nd Ward Alderman Video

Please enjoy this video that is part of Chicago’s “Election 2007” series brought to you by the Illinois Committee for Honest Government. The host of the show is Frank Avila a top Attorney in Chicago. This is also part of the Issue Forum Chicago Clout 8 video series. Please see Bob’s Video, click here: Please also see the Chicago 2nd Ward challenger’s web site, click here: Call call Bob at 1-312–263-9273 Patrick McDonough

Vilma Colom Alderman Candidate Video with Frank Avila

Vilma Colom.jpg
On January 2, 2007, Vilma Colom spent time on “Election 2007” with host Frank Avila. Enjoy this half hour video as Vilma fights to become the Alderman of Chicago’s 35th Ward again. Please click here for video: This video is sponsored by the Illinois Committee for Honest Government. You can contact Vilma’s campaign at 1-773-276-3535 or check her web site, click here: Also her campaign office is located at 2820 Diversey Avenue, Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Alderman Daniel S. Solis and Frank Avila Video

Solis and Avila.jpg Please click here to see video: On January 2, 2007, Frank Avila hosted “Election 2007” a series of videos showcasing Chicago’s top politicians and candidates. Please enjoy this video sponsored by The Illinois Committee for Honest Government. Daniel Solis is the current Alderman of the hotly contested 25th Ward. Mr. Solis is also Chicago’s President Pro tempore. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Michael "Libby" Libert Alderman 42 Ward Chicago!!!

Michael Libert.jpg
Michael Libert is a Candidate for Chicago’s 42 Ward. Please enjoy this video he made with Chicago’s famous lawyer Frank Avila Jr. Michael “Libby” Libert is a very humble intelligent person with a passion to serve the Chicago’s 42nd Ward the way it should be represented. Please see the video, click here: After watching this gentleman on the video please help him by calling 1-312-719-4242, or visit his office at 345 North Canal Suite c-202. Michael also has a web site, click here: Michael is endorsed by the Illinois Committee for Honest Government and the Jewish Political Alliance of Illinois.( Web Site ) Video made January 2, 2007 and Photo by Patrick McDonough

Martin P. Cooney Alderman of Chicago's 47th Ward? Yes!!!

Martin P. Cooney.jpg
Dear Neighbors in the 47th Ward, Please take the time to watch the video of Martin P. Cooney. Martin and generations of his family have been an institution in Chicago. Martin was interviewed by Frank Avila, host of Election 2007. This video proves Martin is an asset to the 47th Ward and the City of Chicago. Martin and the entire Cooney Family, are a major blessing during difficult times. Please call Martin at 1-773-275-3515 or visit Please click here for video Photo by Patrick McDonough.