Fuc% You, I work for Kenny Construction

Kenny Construction Workers.jpg August 6, 2009. Today is my day off. I work a different schedule than most City of Chicago employees. I was down at 74th street and the Dan Ryan. I stopped to take pictures of Kenny Construction workers repairing sewers. This is part of Mayor Daley’s privatization to pay for the Olympics program. One worker was chasing me around; I think he was upset someone dared to take pictures of the crew in a public street. My impression was at least 5 guys standing around while the truck was doing the work. When this happens to non-clouted Chicago City Workers they get fired. Like the crew that got caught sleeping last weekend, if they only knew. The one guy on the right giving me the finger chased me around threatening me with two of his co-workers. The one guy in the middle physically assaulted me; I reported this incident to the Chicago Inspector General. I had my CPD Press credentials on. I think Chicago Taxpayers better think twice about Daley’s plan to privatize. Lots of work around 75th and the Dan Ryan heading east, is this an Olympic sized effort? Who watches these people, who do they know? Photo by Patrick McDonough. P.S. watch the store video footage. P.S.S. Kenny Construction Company is located in the suburbs Kenny In-Liner Office
5031 W. 66th Street
Bedford Park, IL 60638
Phone: (708) 594-6082
P.S.S.S. I did not see any black workers on this crew.