David Hoffman: a special moment in Illinois history February 2, 2010

David Hoffman February 2, 2010 I was downtown last night, a night of great expectation for all of Chicago and Illinois. I was looking forward to watching a man that I admire greatly in Chicago, David Hoffman. Within a few months he assembled a loyal, caring, classy bunch of loyal political fighters of the like I have never seen. I am proud of the work I did to help. I am proud to be part of one of the noblest adventures I have ever embarked. David’s work at the Chicago Inspector General, with a limited budget, and against all odds, is the stuff reformers dream about. The campaign I witnessed is one I will never forget, ever. I do not think I will really ever admire another public servant to the degree I have with David Hoffman, unless were talking about Patrick J. Fitzgerald. I can see why the people of Chicago and Illinois have a hard time voting, the results. I already miss all the e-mails from David Hoffman’s campaign, but I am waiting for the next battle. I picked my leader, who will you follow to make America better? Photo by Patrick McDonough

The Illinois Alliance Committee for Judicial Integrity November 5, 2009 I.G. Mary Melchor

Inspector General Mary Melchor and Judge Burrell.jpg
Jilly’s is a fancy place to have an after business cocktail, and to relax. The place is run by a real character and fun loving gentleman by the name of Ray Chase. Ray acted almost as a relations manager for Judge Anthony Lynn Burrell, but I could tell deep down he really meant all the nice things he had to say. I was very uncomfortable being in this Rush Street bar area with all the reputation it has, but this was an early evening. I was also watching the clock, as I was parking in these new Chicago metered spots. I was nervous about paying money for a parking violation, I counted every second. Tonight was a night for top Chicago Judges and Lawyers to honor Judge Anthony Burrell and Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown. I enjoyed meeting many of these fancy upper-class people that deserve recognition and making it to the Chicago Clout list. Taking the award for Dorothy Brown was Inspector General for Cook County Mary Melchor, an elegant and well spoken lady. Judge Anthony Lynn Burrell accepted the award from Vito Battaglia (an avid Chicago Clout fan) and my Attorney Ivan Tomic. Also in attendance was Marta Almodovar an Administrative Supervisor for Mandatory Arbitration, State of Illinois and Cook County. Also was Ray Chase the General Manager of Jilly’s bar on Rush Street, Chicago. I also enjoyed Chris Davis, a computer wizard and website manager. I did not take the names of many of the people in attendance since they are judges and not running for office. Judge Burrell also received the award for his work with kids, and famous show, “Have Gavel, Will Travel”, produced by me, Patrick McDonough.