City of Chicago 311 Center will need your calls on Sewer Cave-ins

Chicago Sewer Problems.jpg Please look at this picture of a Sewer Frame and Cover. The Chicago Municipal Sanitary Sewer Systems are called combination sewers, we mix storm water and sanitary waste. One of the major problems with the Department of Water Management was the political hacks that ran the system. Please look around when you walk around any curbs; you have a good chance of running into a sunken Sewer Frame and lid. The problems are multiplied when you have a Mayor Daley that feels he should spend money on wasteful things like the Olympics. For many years, Chicago has allowed storm basins to wash out, breaking discharge piping and allowing entire streets to cave-in. Chicago removed needed inspectors and fired Bricklayers. Chicago Union Bricklayers make the needed repairs to make our city safe. The result is sand and backfill needed to keep our streets solid and supported compromised. This is not a problem that will go away soon. This is a major infrastructure issue due to incompetent management. The City of Chicago has decided again to waste millions of dollars on new water main projects while the Sewers fall into disrepair. Mayor Daley’s Administration has hired more contactors to handle the projects as he gets ready to remove Chicago City Workers. (Political donations) Chicago is a major embarrassment to well maintained cities in other countries. Remember Chicago Clout fans, I told you a long time ago Chicago is broke and mismanaged. Remember to call 311 and report any broken sewers or any streets that are sinking, you might save a life. Photo by Patrick McDonough.