The Chicago Fire Department salute Chicago Plumbing Investigators

Chicago Fire Investigators at work.jpg April 18, 2009. When City of Chicago Fire Department Engine 56 encountered a defective Fire Hydrant, an emergency situation was at hand. The hose for filling the Fire Truck was stuck on the fire hydrant. When the CFD called the City of Chicago Department of Water Management, Chicago’s greatest Investigators were sent out. Due to the skill of the crew a major disaster was avoided. Precious time would have been wasted calling a Hydrant crew out on this emergency. Thanks to the skill of the crew and years of proper training, a major repair was made on the spot. Special thanks to Patrick McDonough, Ronald Bober, and Julio Luna for a job well done. The Hydrant crew took all the overtime selfishly the entire winter and now wants to take the leak crew’s overtime. Please call James Sullivan at the Plumber’s Union, ask why we pay thousands of dollars a year in dues and fees, and the same bunch of goons still get the overtime. I think if we get the Chicago Mob to provide protection, we will pay less and get a piece of the overtime once in a while. There must be a loophole in the Shakman agreement. Photo by Know Overtime.