Mayor Daley and Tim Mitchell of the Chicago Park District got caught with their pants down. How could they allow strippers at work?

Fran Spielman wrote a great piece on a Chicago Park District boss that got fired when a male stripper was entertaining ladies in another room at the Wentworth Park District near Mayor Daley old home in Bridgeport. The fired park boss will be on Chicago Clout in a couple of weeks. Chicago Clout promised more stories and we deliver. Mayor Daley is the boss of the Chicago park District.

Mayor Daley's Chicago Park District Patronage Machine exposed.

SEIU Chicago 73 Reps.jpg As one of the most recognized anti-crime reporters in Chicago, just the sight of my handsome face makes Union officials cringe. Today was no different when I was watching Mayor Daley’s friends rack up the loot on Western Avenue and Arthur. Kenny is lining sewers before anything is wrong with them. I think is the best racketing since Mayor Daley’s pals started the sewer restrictors. Many people are not aware of the powerful patronage army Mayor Daley has at the Chicago Park District. We have documented stunning video footage we will release around the time Daley and his clowns run for office again. The Chicago Park District is violating Federal Law by not having a Federal Monitor in interviews for promotions. Daley and his goons must have thought the Federal Judge was a dummy that would overlook every Department Daley controls. The Chicago Park District does not ever have Kronos machines to monitor employees when they arrive and leave. The Chicago Park District still has employees simply sign in and out. This works great when Daley wants signatures for his re-election. The largest joke at the Chicago Park District is the lack of an official Inspector General. Many employees from the Park District continue to use clout and aldermanic influence for promotions. I think it is time for the SEIU to demand proper working conditions for all Park District employees. These are my pals from the union, Dale Jackson and Taalib-Din Ziyad. I hope all you folks filling out applications for Chicago Park District jobs contact a lawyer; you got a good chance of a Shakman settlement. With Daley’s pals fixing the sewers on the cheap, look at all the money we will save for all the future lawsuits. Sounds like another pickle Daley got us into. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Park District Green Briar and Warren Park Holiday Hootenany

CPD Green Briar Park Holiday.jpg The Chicago Park District has a wonderful musical program at Green Briar Park and Warren Park. December 11, 2009 was the first performance for my son Patrick, a gifted young guitar player. I am happy Patrick will join the musical program very soon. Cutbacks in the Chicago Park District are very short sighted. These music programs are great for unity and fellowship for people of every background. The Music Instructor was Emery Joe Yost and the Park Supervisor was Timothy Gibson for the evening program. When I was a young lad, I was part of the City Wide Youth Orchestra, as a bass player. Money spent on these programs is well invested, they teach kids to work together and understand teamwork. Green Briar Park is located at 2650 West Peterson. I look forward to covering more of these concerts. One of the best parts of the show was watching ll the proud parents. Photo by Patrick McDonough