Chicago Policewomen scam at Starbucks in Park Ridge yesterday

Chicago Police 20110915 final.jpg Two Chicago Policewomen weaseled out of Chicago to enjoy Park Ridge. We all know Chicago Police should stay in the Chicago City Limits in case of an emergency. I waited several times for Chicago Police to attend to an emergency. Many coffee venders are happy the Chicago Cops are out of Edison Park because the Chicago Police still think they are entitled to free coffee. Many Chicago Cops still flash the badge and get free McDonalds in Chicago. These two ladies should be immediately fired for dereliction of duty. A formal complaint was filed with the IPRA complaint Number 1048555. The police SUV number was 8411 and License Plate MP 6194. This happened at 100 South Northwest Highway in Park Ridge September 15, 2011 at 5:40 PM. Maybe they were getting Rahm Emanuel’s coffee. Photo by Patrick McDonough