Chicago Union Teamsters Local 700 fight for their Workers

teamsters group 1.jpg Chicago City employees work hard and earn every dime. Daley has ruined the City finances with his multiple scams making it almost impossible for a City employee to make ends meet. Several sources have told me Daley is going to cut workers and take advantage of the mild winter. A consulting company is spinning the press to make the layoffs more plausible for taxpayers. What are the issues?
Repudiation of the Teamsters’ collective bargaining agreement;
Failure to process grievances in a timely manner;
Unilateral reduction in hours of work for hundreds of employees; and
Unilateral changes in working conditions and terms and conditions of employment.
The Chicago Teamsters are going to take the brawl to court and protect their workers. Many unions such as the Journeyman Plumber’s Local 130 are not protecting the workers and the grievance system has been ignored. Several workers have taken their fight directly to the State and Federal government for review and justice. Daley continues to pay millions to politically connect law firms instead of resolving workers issues. I support Teamsters Local 700 for fighting for their union members. I am surprised the Chicago mainstream media did not cover this informational picket. Daley broke the workers contract and he has the city broke. Photo courtesy of teamsters local 700 at 39th and Iron, Chicago Department of Water Management, March 19, 2010.