Daley covers for the mob, controls the Office of the Inspector General.

Another day goes by and the Chicago Office of the Inspector General is shortchanged by the Daley mob clan. I reported a long time ago, the Commissioners of Daley's Administration have the power to stop an investigation by the OIG. Simply put, if the OIG busts another one of Daley's rats getting a promotion, stealing, and acting illegally, the investigation is shut down. I cannot tell you how many reports we made to clean up city hall and nothing was done. The FEDS have allowed Daley and his goons to keep ripping off the public. Despite the fact the OIG insists employees report corruption, employees are finding out the Office of the Inspector General is a front. I am already on the record demanding the complete independence of the OIG, period. I personally saw confidential OIG reports on the desktops of Water Department employees. By why waste taxpayer's money investigating when the fix is in? It only invites retaliation. All of us at the Municipal Advocate General are working to improve the working conditions of city employees and taxpayers. Get involved in this election soon, Chicago is in dire straits, thanks to Daley and his crooked friends. Patrick McDonough Continue reading “Daley covers for the mob, controls the Office of the Inspector General.”

Hello again to all Chicago Clout Fans.

I have taken a few days off to relax and get some private time. A soon as I as took time off to recompose myself, several situations emerged. A current Chicago employee feels he is followed and is harassed by management. We a currently helping this person get the help needed. Some bosses think they can muscle employees, they have not been properly trained, just promoted because of clout.
Another issue indirectly involved Emory Joe Yost, a personal friend of mine. Kevin Long was allegedly attempting to take knives into a Daley Center in Chicago. Joe was mentally and financially tortured by Kevin Long for years. In Chicago, employees are denied promotions when they stand up and protect the taxpayers and the children. I believe the Chicago Park District behavior against Emory Joe Yost has been criminal and retaliatory. The Chicago judicial community is tightly wound and when Kevin Long pulled his tricks on one of their members, it was finally time to apply the long arm of the law. I think the Chicago Park District owes a great deal of gratitude to Joe Yost. If you review some videos we have on Chicago Clout, you will see we touched on the Kevin Long situation months ago. I thank the Sun-Times Staff for interviewing Joe.
During my rest break, I really noticed some differences in America. I noticed many signs for massages, x-rated material, and lotto sales. Many of the billboards are blank or in disrepair. Many of the hotels are out of business. Gas stations are filthy and the bathrooms stunk. Some the hotels and motels were partially demolished and abandoned. Route 41 in Sarasota was loaded with crime and felt dangerous. Many of the thriving businesses are gone and boarded up. Vacant land, abandoned homes and businesses, property values destroyed all over. I missed all the prefabricated homes and the new boats that were towed down the expressways. I was amazed by the lack of crowds at the beaches. The roads had dead animals and truck tires everywhere. The level of service has dropped. I wonder where America's wealth has gone.
When I got back to Chicago, I had a pair of fresh eyes on things that need to get accomplished. Chicago is clearly working in a panic as the impending ax must fall and City Workers will take the brunt of the blame and terminations. I noticed unmarked cars following crews with their clipboards taking notes. Bosses are harassing workers and Daley has every department clearly in a panic. It is hard to determine if the new management style of the new Inspector General will ever match the professionalism and independence of David Hoffman. The legal fees to Daley's private contracted law firms are going to go through the roof defending lawsuits as City employees mistrust of unions continue. The Daley Administration is attempting to discredit workers and play the blame game to cover the years of mismanagement. This is going to be a amazing year in Chicago politics.

David Hoffman for U.S. Senate meeting at the Chicago downtown headquarters

David Hoffman U.S. Senate.jpg Tonight was a very good start for the Chicago branch of David Hoffman’s organization in his quest to become the next U.S. Senator from Illinois. I admit I did not look very nice tonight when I arrived to his meeting but was welcomed. I have had such an untrusting opinion of Illinois politicians for so long; I never thought I could trust again. I really and truly trust David Hoffman and the group he assembled to get him into higher office. I was excited to see a large and diverse group of people that want David to succeed. I also noticed Alderman Joe Moore present; Joe was one of the earlier Chicago politicians to endorse David Hoffman. Alderman Moore was a great help in answering legal questions on David’s petition drive. David gave a great speech and pep talk to the troops. I want to give a disclaimer on this website, I intend to support David Hoffman’s bid for U.S. Senate in every way possible. He is the best candidate, but most importantly, he can deliver the victory for the Illinois Democratic Party. I was also very happy to see Chicago city employees donating their time for petitions and donating money. David’s mother Carol personally welcomed the supporters at the door of his headquarters. If you want to improve the system, contact Mr. Hoffman’s campaign office and get involved now, click here: http://www.hoffmanforillinois.com/index.asp Lets keep Obama’s former seat . Photo by Patrick McDonough

Good news from former Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman

I hope all the city workers during this difficult time can reach into their pocket and support David Hoffman in his bid for U.S. Senate. Please click here and help, http://www.hoffmanforillinois.com/ I met David Hoffman when three city workers spoke in front of the Federal judge regarding our mistrust of Chicago to implement fair hiring. It was Bruce Randazzo, Frank Anton, and I that told the judge the city is not to be trusted. I also asked the Federal Judge if the City of Chicago would provide the Office of the Inspector General with additional funding. David Hoffman enjoyed that request. I am going to make a contribution to David Hoffman and I hope everyone can dig in and help. Let’s reward people that respect the taxpayers. My bone to pick with the Office of the Inspector General is the taking of furlough days; I want a complete independent Inspector General in Chicago. Crime takes no day off in Chicago, neither should the Inspector General. Chicago Clout has some unfinished business with the I.G.; I hope these concerns are still a priority. Good luck, Mr. Hoffman. Patrick McDonough

What do Alderman Banks, Beny Garneata, and Mario Olivella have in common?

I think they made a famous Plumbing Inspector very mad! Michael McGann, Victor Crown and Patrick McDonough enjoyed the headline by Natasha Korecki exposing more corruption involving bribes for Chicago Plumbing Inspectors. I think Mayor Daley and Chicago Journeyman's Local 130 Union should be very nervous, scared even! I know why they did not allow me to be a Plumbing Inspector in Chicago, I don't take bribes! Nice job Chicago Inspector General! Patrick McDonough Continue reading “What do Alderman Banks, Beny Garneata, and Mario Olivella have in common?”