Rahm Emanuel spins the Elston and Foster Avenue auto disaster

Elston-Foster Sewer Cave-in Chicago Clout Let’s watch what happens as Rahm Emanuel spins the auto falling into a massive hole at Elston Avenue and Foster. Saturday morning I arrived to work and found a Chicago Police officer loading his SUV with Barricades for the North District Department of Water Management facility near Montrose and Cicero. I was surprised the private security guard allowed this policeman to take barricades without permission. The Leak Desk was trying to everything they could to keep the car falling into a hole from me, a typical un-educated response form that employee. I suppose the Leak Desk wanted to keep it a secret a car fell into a massive ditch. A newly made foreman with political connections fresh off from a night of overtime quietly snuck into the yard to again swipe in to get a nice 16 extra hours of overtime. Members of his family also showed up to work on the same crew to gobble up the overtime. This foreman was promoted while he was on a workman’s compensation claim, a real fraud if there ever was one. So far the Shakman folks are still doing nothing about this; just continue billing with no results.
A car fell into the ditch and my informant said the driver car had no insurance, a possible fact the newspaper and TV crews forgot to mention. The night investigator crews were kept on overtime despite a new crew was on the payroll for straight time. This crew was not relieved.
The management from the Jardine Plant did a pretty good job handling this situation and kept the overtime under control. I think the city workers for the most part did a very nice job. Some employees from other districts also showed up to assist because many of the guys in the North District are not able to handle these emergencies, politics has a way of doubling the cost. I think the Sewer guys did an outstanding job and should get credit. Daley’s phony contractors took over the project after all the real work was done and were pictured in the ditch breaking every safety rule known to man. If you think City Workers are screwing the taxpayers, look at the picture in the Chicago Tribune. The amount of non-union, non-resident labor on that project was amazing. Make sure you get an accounting of Rabine and the rest of the private contractors screwing the pooch on the tail end of this project. This bill will blow you away. Rahm Emanuel used the project to sell the gambling and casino and light a fire under Quinn’s azz. Rahm, this happened because an investigator crew went out on a low pressure call and did not check the mains and the services. The investigation was another drive by; costing taxpayers tons of money, almost cost a life. Some crews make as many stops as they can to look good, some do not. Rahm needs to look into the history of this intersection and forget the gambling in Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough.