Young man killed again in Chicago, Hirsh and Kildare

Hirsh_and_Kildare_final June 14, 2011 was another long day for City of Chicago investigators. A young man was killed in cold blood again. The intersection was Kildare and Hirsh. The newspapers took special interest in this killing despite the constant crime and murders on the west side. Just a couple a days ago, a shooter was left to die in the streets for hours, just blocks away. He was left to die because he was a well-known stickup man. This neighborhood has black folks sitting around most the day on the sidewalk and in front of their buildings drinking and smoking pot right out in the open. Jobs are non-existent here, just Negros driving around, looking for things to do. The Mexicans are muscling in and seem to find work. They are buying the run down homes and fixing them up. Rich Daley left these folks with nothing, not even hope. The building doors are left open and you can see the dirty walls. The money in Chicago is downtown; the jobs in Chicago are downtown. This is a lousy place to live. The young are killed in Chicago every day and that will never change. Chicago has a new Mayor and he will get the same results. Photo by Patrick McDonough