Chicago Department of Law Karen M. Coppa protects Rahm Emanuel’s Langdon Neal

Chicago Election Board Chairman Langdon Neal makes millions and millions of dollars from the City of Chicago and Cook County. Jay Stone is becoming a major thorn in the side of the Chicago newspapers big secret. Landon Neal’s legal deals stink real bad. A conflict of interest at the very least. Langdon was again hoping people in Chicago will register to vote for Barack Obama and that is what made the newspapers. What? Why will the Chicago Sun-Times keep a lid on Langdon Neal’s business dealings? I tangled personally at Rahm Emanuel’s residency hearing with Langdon Neal. If you want some great dirt on Chicago politics and Langdon Neal go to Jay Stone’s website.
Just recently Karen M. Coppa, Chief Assistant Corporation Counsel is riding shotgun for Langdon Neal threating Jay Stone with possible legal action. Is Langdon Neal too cheap to use his own lawyers? and again will the Chicago Taxpayers pick up the freight for ole Neal? WTF? Karen is putting the heat on Jay for disclosing Langdon’s massive tax returns. Langdon Neal had to disclose his tax information and make it public so the multi-millionaire can keep cleaning up on minority business set asides. The old no bid stuff Daley made famous… Karen is with the Legal Information, Investigations and Prosecutions Division and she made that abundantly clear to Jay. Karen would not return my phone call. Make sure you go to Jay Stone’s website….good stuff.